Friday, July 30, 2010

Administration Trying To Close Websites: Obama Pal Filing Rash of Media Lawsuits Against Bloggers?

Group launches 80 copyright infringement claims against websites, bloggers.
A company working on behalf of a Las Vegas newspaper has filed a spate of copyright-infringement lawsuits against as many as 80 individuals and publications since March, and now bloggers reveal the CEO may have crossed paths with Barack and Michelle Obama during their stints at a Chicago law firm.
According to, copyright group Righthaven has filed more than 80 federal lawsuits against websites and bloggers who posted articles from the Las Vegas Review-Journal. has described the copyright suits as a new "business plan."
The media site said the strategy is to "monetize news content on the backend, by scouring the Internet for infringing copies … then suing and relying on the harsh penalties in the Copyright Act … to compel quick settlements."
According to his online work profile, Steven A. Gibson, CEO of Righthaven, studied law at the Chicago-Kent University of Law and graduated with honors in 1990.
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Google, CIA Invest in ‘Future’ of Web Monitoring
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  1. The Right should use the same strategy against all Obama supporters and Liberal websites. This goes both ways.

  2. Donations better pick up or this site is hootched

  3. Go figure? Our False Messiah is trying to snuff out dissent. Is anyone really surprised by this?

  4. Go figure, our Messiah w Bush was a total failure, who could have seen this coming? Doh!

  5. Only Mr. Um um um Obama was uniquely qualified in the unprecedented act of making an idiot like G.W. Bush look good.

    I never thought it would happen in my lifetime if ever.

  6. Mr um um um loser bush was uniquely unqualified to be president, now obama has to clean up a mess bigger than the gulf of mexico, it cant be done, bush incompetence has caused the fall of the once mighty usa.

  7. the messiah w loser bush bought a home in paraguay as he knew he was going to ruin the country and he did.

  8. w bush was and is bad news & he should've stuck to bourbon and oil the 2 things he knows something about.

    But at least he didn't have the fucking audacity to appear on the View.

    Only a dickbag without testicles would do that - and guess what -- we got "him" for another 2 1/2 years!

    Oh Jolly !

  9. Bush did stick to oil and look at the gulf of mexico and his and his criminal partner Cheney the death master whose haliburton helped ruin the gulf, so he does not even know oil, as his lousy corp arbusto went bust, he has been a failure at every endeavour he has ever attemped and his dumb ass father knew it. And he sat on his ass on 911, with a dumb ass look on his face with my pet goat in his hands, talk about a loser.

  10. Pitiful Bush bashers still don't get it - the Dems were in control for the last 2 years of the Bush administration and were responsible for the financial crash (Barney and Dodd). Of course Bush bashers are ignorant of the fact that a President doesn't spend any money. Congress has that responsibility and the party for the last 4 years has been?? You guessed it - the Dems!! And guess what again, the Dems now under the Obamao leadership has put America into a debt 'death spiral' that we will never recover from and our grand kids will have a lifestyle of serfs. Thanks Dems!

  11. um um um barrack Husein obama
    um um um barrack Husein obama
    um um um barrack Husein obama

    Bush bad, Obama good

    Public education and dumbed down SAT tests are yielding their rotten fruit.

  12. wow I thought only ppl that knew at least a little bit about whos in charge and who is on top of the pyramid is on here commenting but, I smell nothing but sheep shit on this string of comments if you all are fighting about 2 presidents that are working for one goal. damn go tell your farmer to give you some different sheep food, maybe some barley or wheat......baaahhhhh baahhhh, omg we are doomed!

  13. I miss Bush so much - and Bush was mediocre. Obama is a VERY dangerous man.

    He is racist, a communist, he hates his country, he's a bigot, he's threatened law abiding citizens numerous times and now he's trying to call for the power to murder them, he's denied Radical Islam (which kills Icke's theory) as he wants to punish Israel and aide countries that want us destroyed like Iran, Russia, China, Venezeula, etc., and he tried to cause our soldiers to die by not giving them the reinforcements they begged for. He's a traitor on that alone. A king used to fight and die with their men! All he had to do was sign a piece of paper... just very busy, not on purpose?

    He's just destroyed congress and can now start pushing for things that aren't voted in like Healthcare and Wallstreet Reform, Cap and Trade, and that's just the start... thousands of pages filled with the entire Fascist rapsheet and the final strain on the economy to destroy it. THAT'S JUST THE START.

    "... thousands of pages filled with the entire Fascist rapsheet and the final strain on the economy to destroy it."


    Make one thing clear - Obama is not a democrat, he is a Communist, forget Liberal, forget Progressive - just offsprings of Communists which is the mark of extent of his Marxist beliefs. Marxists - Socialists - two kinds: One want gradual increase in government power, these are Progressives and Liberals, they are the politicians of the Socialist Agenda. The other want an utter destruction where hundreds of millions die, these are Communists. Obama is not like Clinton or other Socialist democrats (fake democrats), he is more like the peaceful hippies (ha) that went around blowing up buildings in the sixties. He is like them - he has insidious plans and nothing less.

    Any democrat still with Obama is clearly not a democrat. Your party died along time ago, your party has been infiltrated and replaced without you even knowing. No more of this Liberal (Marxist) identification. Call yourselves democrats and then realize that the party is gone - be Americans. If not that then just come out of the closet and call yourselves Commies.

    If someone is gay they should just accept it and admit it, if someone is a communist they should just fucking say it!

  14. Stupid sheeple, it doesn't matter who is president, they are all the same. The president barely has any control to begin with, the banksters and corporate America have long owned this country.

    If people even on this site are babbling about presidents then there is truly no hope for this decaying empire.

  15. Well it's a toss up for worst president...Bush killed more but this idiot will destroy the country with his spending.

    Choice between 2 evils...A man who through force slowly destroys the military and economy OR the idiot who spends and spends and refuses to cut anything making the words "Revloution, Anarchy, Food Riots, Great Depression, Hyper Inflation, State Secedetion" actually start to be mouthed on people's lips.

    Not to wax poetic but...I fear not of what may come since we richly deserve it as a country and a people...But I fear of what we have become to let it get to this point.

  16. This is not some conspiracy, so get over it. It's about people who reprint things other people wrote. I'm an author and if I found parts of my books were appearing on different web sites--without my permission and without me being paid for it--I'd be really pissed and I'd want it stopped.

  17. sharon if parts of your book was published without a link to your site? Or stolen and someone stated that they were the author? Yes I would be mad. But reprinting a story with a link to the author? NO.

  18. People come on here constantly and call others sheeple for trying to hold a president accountable for his actions and then wrongly stating that a president has little or no power.

    I think anyone who says that has never met a president face to face or been to the white house; it is an awe inspiring and humbling experience and when the man speaks

    People listen

    It's what he then DOES

    You give me Patrick Buchannon for 4 years and I'll show you exactly what kind of POWER a president has.

    Will we do it ? No way man - we're now to busy going down the river without a paddle which makes reaching shore really, really difficult

  19. 6:45

    AMEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would add; look at who they surround themselves with ! How in thee hell can Obama make a decision that is deemed good for this country when half his cabinet are freakin' communist?

    The other half are fuzzy thinking progressive elitests who believe we are evil and need to be punished.

    The president might have his strings pulled, but the smart ones surround themselves with people of strong moral conviction and ties to the constitution

    Not this hope and change shit.

    And contrary to what these people like 4:12 belive - there are people in high levels of government who cannot be bought like a Paul or a Buchannon

    Will we further them ?

    Sadly no & therefore it is not Wallstreet or the corps

    It is us; we cannot band together long enough behind a good force to get it done; but boy, we're good at re-electing the Kennedy's and the Byrd's and the rangels and the kerry's and THAT'S
    really why nothing ever changes - those are the people wuth the real power! 6, 7 and 8 term friggin' congressmen have more damn tentacles that an octopus

  20. to 5:46--you do not understand the copyright laws. What I wrote belongs to me and no one is allowed to reprint any parts of my book without my permission. Printing my stories and posting a link to my website does not excuse anyone from breaking the law.


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