Thursday, September 16, 2010

$192 Million Splurge-Fest For Signs?

House Republicans are collecting photos from citizens showing how the Obama administration is using nearly $200 million in taxpayer money to plaster every possible highway with signs touting how stimulus cash is "Putting America to Work" with infrastructure projects.

Rep. Darrell Issa, the ranking Republican member on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, published a new video today inviting citizen watchdogs to send in photos of the green "Projects Funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act" popping up around the country.

Entitled "Signs of a Failed Stimulus: Be a Citizen Watchdog," the video seeks the investigative help of Americans "fed up with both President Obama's failed 'stimulus' programs and the taxpayer-funded propaganda signs used to promote this $862 billion boondoggle which has not fulfilled its job-creation promises."
In a statement released by his Washington office, Issa put out the challenge: "Seen a sign? Take a picture and send it with the address and location to
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  1. Republicans create the problem, then make fun of the solutions....

  2. 6:06 grow-up. The Dems have been in charge for 4 frickin years!!! There is NO Republican majority. If you're unhappy, blame the Democrats. They have ALL the power. They have drafted ALL the crappy legislation. Obamacare, Democrats! Stimulus I, II, III, Democrats! Cap & Trade, Democrats! Bailouts, Democrats! I'm disgusted with all of them and would love to see a complete turnover of the political elite. Quit whining, we're all sick of it!!!

  3. I have a sign, HANG THEM ALL.

  4. We haven't seen the Healthcare, Immigration, or Wallstreet Reforms put into action yet. People have no clue these bills along with Cap and Trade are going to create thousands of laws and regulations to annihilate the economy.

    Today the Democrats are the Socialists while the Republicans are the new Democrats. The country has been hijacked and is being destroyed. The "Patriots" are all compromised, totally incognito as to what is even transpiring.

    This Socialist conspiracy, the roots going back 150+ years, is not so much a philosophical conflict against capitalism - it is the capitalists.

    Corporate America owns the media, early in the 20th century the Progressives used psychologists and other intellectuals so they could learn how the human could be controlled by simple images. Social engineering is the way they control the masses.

    The education system is designed to create impotent thinkers, while the media is designed to mock thinkers altogether. They push fear, sex, drugs, insecurity, mental stupors, and the pursuit of things everyday people can't ever attain (un-reality) all the while getting rich and more rich.

    The Socialists are these same psyche designers. Corporate America is Socialism. Is this absurd? How could that be seeing how they seem to be in polarity?

    Banks, Media, and Education have been conjoined in the 19th century and growing in power ever since. All these could converge at some point. All that is underneath would be snatched by the wealthy... the capitalists (socialists).

    How many people are charged against "Redistribution of Wealth"? Notice how the rich aren't having anything taken from them? Notice how the wealth is being taken through taxes of the middle class and given to rich people? Poor people are getting worse and worse, while the middle class is becoming poor. Marxism is just a method a government adapts when it is ready to consume the nation.

    "Capitalism leads to Socialism, and Socialism leads to Communism. There are those who haven't even reached a Capitalist System, it would be beneficial to have these primitive kinds of people exterminated from the planet." - Karl Marx

    Eugenics anyone?

    Well that's all good and dandy. Nothing like that would ever happen. Now I'm going to go watch Project Runway so I can increase my IQ.

  5. You may blame 'progressives' and confuse "Marxists" with capitalists and their paid for fake "leftist" agent Obama all you like.

    But, as you say, and its true , 'redistribution of wealth" is only going to the rich .
    In a corporate state where people are brainwashed and conditioned since childhood.

    But lying by spreading a false "quote" from Marx does not help either to educate people, or
    your anti-socialist - anti-communist aim .
    No more than a false quote ,from say, Ludwig von Mises would .
    Stick to explaining the real facts ,but do not invent them as propaganda 'quotes" ,in order to boost your own ideological ,political,and economic aims.

  6. @anonymous
    You make quite a few interesting points there anonymous...
    Here is your SIGN:
    The current RECESSION is more serious than all previous recessions since the early 1980s. This time inflation, unemployment, and a credit crunch are cutting into Demand.
    Demand, in the economic sense, is the combined desire of Consumers to spend and the availability of the Cash they need to act on that desire. Recessions with declining demand tend to be self-reinforcing as falling demand leads to Falling Consumption leading businesses to reduce labor costs by LAYING off employees, leading to falling Incomes and further reductions in Demand.
    Well one way to STIMULATE demand is to HYPE up FEAR...

  7. The greedy corporations which assume they own everthing, are looking to 'We The People' as capitol assets, and thinking, it is time to liquidate the assets (maximize profits), because people who 'wake up' cease to be never ending money making assets that no longer allow their families to be plundered by corporate greed.
    Ladies and Gentelmens, I know ish is bad right now... but I got a SOLUTION!

  8. I see these signs on the highways I drive, with cones merging us into one lane, but I NEVER see any people out there working. Early morning, afternoon, evening, wee hours in the morning- NEVER SEE THE WORKERS. Are they invisible?


  10. 192 million on signs and billboards, thats gotta keep at least a few people in a job.

  11. Darrell Issa is a tool.

  12. well once programed to absorb info visual only I guess signs and perfect haired talking heads and nice suits on stage are all people need, meanwhile suppose they'll move further north on those warning signs in AZ


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