Monday, October 11, 2010

Food Stamp Nation With Massive Inflation

The number of people in the United States needing food stamps to survive is trending toward 45 million. Those living on fixed incomes or government assistance are being ravaged by exploding inflation. Year over year pork is up 68%, coffee 45%, sugar 24%, salmon 30%, oranges 35%, barley 32%, beef 23%, and the list goes on. U6 (unemployment) just soared to 17.1%, and as what Art Cashin calls "the tale of two economies" persists, it is leaving behind a trail of tears.
A global food crisis is brewing and with it massive inflation is arriving at a time when we have the most people on government assistance since the Great Depression.
When people recall the suffering 80 years ago in the last depression in the United States, we conjure up images of bread lines.
In the modern world, people push carts at Wal-marts across the country looking to purchase staples like baby formula and milk. This shopping often occurs near midnight at the end of each month, and for the first few hours after midnight Wal-mart's sales soar because the government assistance cards have been activated.
By "the tale of two economies," Cashin referred to the suffering that was happening on Main Street even as the stock market rallied. I don't care that the Dow has crossed 11,000 when so many families are living in motel rooms, cars, and tent cities. Now these families will be struggling to feed themselves and their children because of the irresponsibility of the central planners and bankers.
The question now becomes: In a civilized society, when will these central planners and bankers be held accountable for the destruction they have brought on the United States? It is time to end the culture of corruption if only because, as inflation explodes, the people simply cannot afford it anymore.
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  1. makes me think if anything in a global scale happens by coincidence or the natural way of how history flows, but it seems like everything is being deliberately driven to a dead-end and to be accepted as it is.

  2. In the months before the start of the Civil War, the southern states had far more blacks (slaves) than white people. The slaves knew they outnumbered their white owners 3-1, and yet they did not turn on their owners like a starving, angry, rabid, cornered dog. They could have killed every white person in the south at any time and the white folks knew this.

    It will soon be 2.5 years since I lost my job. When honest, law abiding people can no longer feed their kids, they will resort to more extreme measures. I have this vision of people walking into Costco or Sam's Club, pushing the flat bed carts, making their way to the food section. They will fill the cart as high as they can manage, 25 and 50 pound bags of rice, flour, sugar, beans and then the #10 size cans on top. When it's time to pay for the items, they will quietly push the cart out the exit door. No one will have the courage to stop them.

    We saw the looting after Katrina hit. We saw the looting of department stores during the Los Angeles riots of 1992. People walked right past the live, news cameras and said nothing, or commented that "everyone is doing it".

    It's gonna happen again my friends, soon... real soon.

  3. I certainly filled my flat bed cart today at Sam's, but I paid for my $300 in food! I bought a freezer over the weekend at Costco and just stocked it up with food. Yes, I'm stocking up...if food inflation isn't enough of a reason then the coming collapse certainly is!

  4. Not it at all

    The negros of the south were just like the jews of Germany.

    THEY HAD NO GUNS and when one of them did have a gun, they were not skilled with said weapon and had precious little ammunition for same.

    The right to OWN real estate and the right to keep and bear arms

    Those 2 little items separate us from 90% of the rest of the globe

    Don't ever forget it

  5. Hope that freezer can operate without electricity!

  6. When you don't have a gun and proper training, you resort to more extreme options. The slaves had picks and axes and other tools available. One hard blow to the back of the head with a tack hammer will do the job. I have a tack hammer. It means you must get face to face with the person you are about to kill and you might not want to hear his screams for mercy.

    In Band of Brothers, disk 2, we are reminded that a perfect solider kills without mercy, without remorse, without compassion.

    We may someday find ourselves invading Washington DC. We might kill, injure or capture all the members of Congress, The White House will be next, followed by the Supreme Court.

    An interim Constitutionalist government will need to be set up and it will take time to sort out the crimes committed by the Congress, POTUS and SCOTUS and punish them for their crimes against the Constitution.

    We'll need to pull our troops out and bring them home. They will be stationed on the US/Mexican border, our biggest threat to our national security.

    The illegals and their anchor babies will be sent home. They are Mexico's problem, not ours.

  7. lol 4:16 none of that is ever going to happen. What will happen is people will continue getting more angry, things will get worse and worse, and finally...

    I don't know but there will be no revolution.

  8. never let a good crises go to waste, of course they have to crash it, how else will the people except their world order unless they're afraid, poorer, losing hopes, and impossible to have one country of such prosperity and they rest on a lower playing field, and as long as there's an appearance in exchanging freedoms and liberty for peace and pleasures they'll willing go..just give'em an iphone gadget
    funny when they removed the bible from the country they thought to retain freedoms but that's impossible without a moral constraint and now evidenced by the vast frauds and sheer greed and personal selfishness with lack of self disipline on one hand and control freaks on the other, it's the me in us, and me now with no thoughts of tomorrow or consequence is rampant and if it feels good do it etc...reap what we sow, chickens home to roost
    the future is foretold for those who wish to see it
    america is made up of people and apart from the minority who do right is simply becoming it's natural man, without constraint


    De-industrialised but militarized Americas’ consumption of wealth /value , was greater than what its own industry and labor produced profitably .
    It was running on transfers of wealth financed by credit supply.
    Under the dollar hegemony system of world trade and finance, the once profitable American Ponzi economy was a services based consumers of wealth shopping mall economy ,that was running on credit fueled by economic bubble creation.
    As long as the credit supply and vendor finance lasted a share in that transferred wealth was available to working people too, on credit .
    This is why under free trade globalism the high waged bankrupt economy that America seeks to “recover” by using money printing for fake profit stimulus and with the plan to impose “Austerity” on the working peoples incomes to regain profitability for American capital ,is bound to fail for capitalism unless the wages of American working people accept their fate and are reduced to competitive third world level wages.
    The top 10%that own the bulk of Americas assets are still doing O.K.after bailouts , but unless proper austerity levels are established they say . America ,(meaning themselves )will be bankrupted .
    Some of their pet ideologist economists say that the current economic problems for profitability were only created by government interference in the “free market” with minimum wage laws unions and the like and that everything would be lovely for profits. if the government just stopped interfering with regulating the relations between labor and the representatives of capital . Especially with the increasing costs of benefits for the pensioners ,the unemployed and those on food stamps. So, under the Obama Democrats. There will be no COLA cost of living adjustments again this year .
    The “freest economy in the world” known to capital is Hong Kong. H.K is no longer a poor third world country. The ideologists say America could be free just like Hong Kong once the “socialists” are cleared out.
    But in HK under great deregulated capitalism there are two economies one each for the rich and the poor …
    ”Poverty Worsens ..
    The number of people living in poverty in Hong Kong rose to a record 1.26 million, or about 18.1 percent of the total population, in the first half of 2010 from 1.2 million last year…
    That increase came after the city already recorded in 2008 the biggest wealth disparity in Asia, with a Gini coefficient of 0.53, compared with 0.22 for Beijing and an average of 0.39 for the region, according to data compiled by the United Nations. The coefficient measures inequality in a range from zero to 1, with zero referring to total equality.”

  10. "In the months before the start of the Civil War, the southern states had far more blacks (slaves) than white people. The slaves knew they outnumbered their white owners 3-1, and yet they did not turn on their owners like a starving, angry, rabid, cornered dog. They could have killed every white person in the south at any time and the white folks knew this."

    This was the economic and cultural basis for a Black nation in America Now dispersed since the Northern republican carpetbagges arrived and set up the White Democrats back in power and by integrated the Blacks as "free labour" into the then industrial north .
    It took nearly a hundred years for "civil rights" including voting rights to be restored in the South by Black peoples struggles , led my Martin Luthor King and backed by the pressure of the Black Panther nationalists .

  11. At the beginning of the civil war the total black population was about 600,000-1,000,000. There were about 7 million white Southerners.

  12. In all fairness to all the non-black people who struggled to restore civil rights; it was mostly whites who brought it about. And the black panthers were more of a negative then a help in that process.

  13. Ya know; herein lies a real problem for this country.

    Ya got somebody as stupid as 4:16 to suggest that a fucking tack hammer will save his stupid ass.

    And then goes on toquote some fucking T.V. movie

    Holy shit but we're in deep shit Batman

    A tack hammer?


  14. Ever consider that the head of a tack hammer is about half and inch square? All the energy you can muster will be transfered to that 1/2 square inch area of the skull you want to crack.

    Another consideration in war is to understand it's better to wound your enemy than kill him outright. If he's dead, he's dead. If he's wounded, that will take him and two others, a medic and another solder out of the fight.

  15. "At the beginning of the civil war the total black population was about 600,000-1,000,000. There were about 7 million white Southerners.

    This is whitewash

    As well as the 'South" considered here as a whole as population ,there was also the concentration of Blacks In the "Black Belt" States.
    Examining population in the different states gets different result.
    Some southern states specialised in directly employing masses slave plantation Labor other borderline states specialised in "breeding" for supply .


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