Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tax Crisis Coming Jan. 1

A "tax crisis" will slam taxpayers on Jan. 1 if Americans fail to stand up and confront Congress. So says Ginni Thomas, founder of and wife of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.
"Democratic policies are pushing the country to the brink," Thomas told WND in an interview. "That's why Liberty Central is helping to educate and activate people now.
"Their perception of real people is so off," said Thomas of the Democrats running Congress. "They think we're all sitting on big bank accounts with extra money to send to Washington if they would only tax us." is running a petition drive, "Help Stop the Obama Tax Hike," demanding that Congress extend the Bush tax cuts scheduled to be canceled Jan. 1. Opponents of Obama's plan have described the move as a massive tax increase, because the Bush provisions have been law for nearly a decade.
Thomas warned that many Americans are not aware that the nation is facing massive across-the-board tax hikes at the beginning of 2011.
"There are many types of taxes that will go up," said Thomas. "The death tax will go from 0 (percent) to up to 55 percent, the marriage tax, business taxes, expensing. The alternative minimum tax will hit millions more taxpayers. There will be over 20 new taxes just from the Obama health care bill."


  1. Hail Obama!!!! This is just what the country needs. The public employee unions must be protected at all costs.

    Everyone MUST vote Democrat on November 2nd. Obama and the Democratic party will change this country forever. The white man will be made to pay for his crimes!!!! Once we give instant citizenship to all our undocumented Mexican brothers and sisters then we can change the Constitution. We will repeal the Second Amendment and make it a crime for the white, tax cows to be able to defend themselves. Then they will be our slaves forever. It will be paradise. The beautiful thing is that rich, ignorant white liberals are leading the way to this new world!!!

  2. @9:52 Don't take it so hard. You guys had a nice run.

  3. Was this article written in 1900? I think the tax crisis has been here for a long time or does the author mean TC2 (tax crisis 2) is underway?


  4. Why didn't Bush make his own tax cuts permanent?

  5. LOL. Black people are funny.

  6. Will you please pay attention to facts? These are the BUSH tax cuts which were only to last 10 years and the tax cuts are up in January. The Dems tried to get some of the tax cuts extended, primarily for the middle class and small businesses--but the Republicans blocked the vote!!

    World Net Daily (WND) is a far right wing rag with an agenda. If you believe them, I have a nice alien baby to show you.

  7. sharonsj is being mendacious. The Republicans wanted a roll call on extending all the Bush tax cuts. Instead of a roll call, Pelosi cast the deciding vote when the House voted, 210-209, to adjourn. Thus leaving the vote of extending or sunsetting the cuts until after the election in a lame duck session.


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