Monday, January 3, 2011

George Soros: The United States Must Stop Resisting The Orderly Decline Of The Dollar, The Coming Global Currency And The New World Order

In the video you are about to see, George Soros talks about "the creation of a New World Order", he discusses the need for a "managed decline" of the U.S. dollar and he talks at length of the global need for a true world currency. So just who is George Soros? Well, he is a billionaire "philanthropist" who came to be known as "the Man Who Broke the Bank of England" when he raked in a staggering one billion dollars during the 1992 "Black Wednesday" currency crisis. These days Soros is most famous for being perhaps the most "politically active" (at least openly) billionaire in the world. His Open Society Institute is in more than 60 countries and it spends approximately $600 million a year promoting the ideals that Soros wants promoted. Soros and his pet organizations have played a key role in quite a few "revolutions" around the globe over the last several decades, but these days the main goal of George Soros is to bring political change to the United States.

So exactly what is it that George Soros is trying to accomplish? Well, in a nutshell, what he wants is a Big Brother-style one world government based on extreme European-style socialism, strict population control and the radical green agenda. It would be a world where the state tightly regulates everything that we do for the greater benefit of the environment and of society as a whole...

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  1. When will someone off this asshole. International Jews like this George Soros née Schwartz are a blight on humanity and world peace.

  2. I agree -- SOMEONE KILL the old F-ing GOAT.!

  3. The world would instantly become a much better place if this piece of dung on legs would suffer a massive heart attack and croak!

  4. to all you Card-carrying Democrats out there:

    This is the guy who controls Obama and tells him what to do.

    Are you still proud of your vote?

  5. He forgets that global economy is getting bankrupt and there is no hope to repair it.
    Hence his objections are impossible to meet now and in coming decades.
    And yes, such comments may cause general retaliation against Jews as a sort of all evil.
    Have any new Hitler in making listened to this interview?

  6. Greetings,

    I admire Mr. Sorros desire, and I do see a controlled demolition of all Old World Order institutions such as the war torn religion/political system, the debt based monetary system, nationstates and infrastructures currently taking place in order to make way for a renewal of what most consider a dreaded New World Order.

    However, while residing within this current 3D realm of consciousness under the suggestion of various learning exciter/catalyst, Mr. Sorros ideals are, for now no more than wishful thinking.

    His ideals are much congruent with my own. However, must save them for the coming 4D positive realms of consciousness, that some will begin to experience once they take leave of their current 3D earth-suits in order to begin experiencing a 4D realm with far less negative exciter/catalyst.

  7. quote :
    "It would be a world where the state tightly regulates everything that we do for the greater benefit of the environment and of society as a whole...

    should more properly read.

    "A NWO world For the benifits of the international financial elite oligarchy ,including big criminal Zionist speculators like Soros ,who often hide their own class role and economic interests behind a protective neo-liberal or liberal religious/racial 'free trade" "democratic" freedom for capital, facade ."

    Deiberately or not, getting all ordinary Jews a bad name and fueling a popularist "anti- semitism" as well as fear amongst the ordinary jews that they have to stand together with their own sector of the international elite criminals and zionist Israeli colonialism as a refuge for their own self protection ,from ignorant other "races" and even anti usury religions and Fascism .

  8. Why are you guys making this a jewish issue? I think his use of new world order is to refer to the coming, inevitable reordering of economies and how we do business. Do you think we will all get new debit cards and bank accounts after the fall? I don't think so. Prepare for a new way of life, long term.

  9. My 2 cents..... 4:29 seems to get it and 4:10 needs to stop smoking that stuff, it must be really good stuff :) LOL

  10. “Why are you guys making this a jewish issue?”

    Who has been actually responsible for making “ this a jewish” issue?

    Whether deliberately done or not , the American financial elite has puts the “Jewish” oligarchy sector role in international finance / globalism/ and the politics of that ,right in your face .

    You may choose not to see that as it is considered politically incorrect “racism” .

    From Soros to bazooka Paulsen, to Geither and Benjamin after a financial coup over Treasury led by GS alumni.
    From the Central bank to the MSM story telling and on to American economic aid to the Zionist entity with the latest and threats of imposing wars on an already bankrupt America .Clearly at the behest of Zionism.
    War for America, against Iran.
    Who needs that?
    Dual citizens and “jewish” names often dominate in the homeland security and other departments of the US government and in neo-liberal “think tanks” promoting that anti-Muslim religious “ war against terror”agenda.
    Now it may be, that they are just on average the smartest money making patriotic sector of the American people and good luck to them in that .
    But If seeking interest on invested money was once seen under Feudalism to be the exclusive province of elite “jewish’ usurers and non-Christian But,Under capitalism we are all liberated Jews in our everyday life, every time we collect our invested money with interest at the bank.
    Some Christians are now bigger and better usury interest collectors than many ‘jews”

    Most Jews are middleclass not elite Zionist bankers and just go about their ordinary business like the rest of the American middle class and have made great contributions in American life.
    But big ‘jewish” criminality is not unknown either as we see in the Maddof and other cases of Ponzi fraud.

    But ,in these IN YOUR FACE circumstances It is only natural that questions will arise if it is only just the result of normal mutual tribal back scratching that may not be in the interest of the majority of Americans and that in the current economic crises the taxpayers bailout money socializing past losses may be directed to mostly serving the financial TBTF where Jewish names are prominent out of all proportion to their population.

    People may start to believe in an economic crises of capitalist debts that they are the economic victims of only a particular “Rothschild’ tribal finance banking sector that are manipulating the economic crises for their own ‘jewish” benefit .

    Some conspiracy theorists say that being prominently “jewish”and Zionists in this way is a role played by “Illuminati Satanists” more interested in love of more money through usury as a religion and way of life ,than pious Judaism , their prominent “Jewish ness” a front , a means to promoting a tribal /racial and religious solidarity as protection for themselves with Jewish people.

    “Jewish” Iluminati usury worshipers like that have a long history of being expelled from countries often with the ordinary Jewish people being blamed and suffering for the crimes of the elite usury money power worshipers too .

    Just as the cosmopolitan ‘Jew” Soros who first made good money under the Nazis latched onto a billion pounds from speculating against the English peoples currency, and some only see this as the role of a “Jew ’ not that of the jew sector of the inbred illuminati family elites of capitalism, not all of whom are ‘jewish”.

    Indeed those were the IN YOUR FACE conditions that Hitler claimed to exist in Germany, before he rode to power by manipulating a populist wave of racist anti-Semitism, with a disastrous result for ordinary German Jews while the rich elite ‘jews” were mainly able to buy or bribe their way out of trouble and escape .

  11. You're just ranting. The US uses Israel just as much as it uses the US. It is a handy wedge into the Middle East and have been very useful in dividing it and allowing to militarize the area in a controlled fashion of opposition. Now YOU may choose not to see that, but the fact remains that the number one underlying reason for this is control of resources and global power. It is less a matter of the "big evil jewish oligarchy" as it is useful racism driven against palestinians and arab countries and state terrorism delivered to the third world by the first world.

    There is no need to read between the lines that do not exist, namely this plot in your racist thinking that boils down to jewishness.

  12. You have a progressive Chomsky like view on apologizing for Zionist colonialism, blaming every thing on American created racism and picturing the colonialists Israelis along with the rest of the middle east as poor manipulated non racist victims of American intrigue for resources and empire.
    you claim
    "The US uses Israel just as much as it uses the US."
    Typically you accuse me as “racist” thinking and of promoting a view of society as dominated by a conspiracy of an evil Jewish oligarchs as a global power conspiracy.

    When in fact the opposite was asserted by me .
    i only see capitalism and imperialism with oligarchs of differnt "races" That the “jewish” financial oligarchs elite were just only one sector of an oligarchy system including non jews ,but with “Jews” like Rothschild , particularly active historically by specializing in the banking sector ,including central banks and even doubting that the prominent ‘Jewish” oligarchs had little to do with religious Judaism or were even motivated by jewish “racial” ideas .
    Just motivated by oligarchic Money power and economics, with ordinary Jewish people often getting the blame and suffering as victims because of the role of prominent ‘Jewish” oligarchs in claiming Judaism as their own religion of usury.

    I did point to the extraordinary amount of power and influence now exercised in America and American government and banking by supporters of Zionist Israel ,an apartheid like state that justifies its existence and necessity by racist ideologies with ancient religious trappings for racist colonialist settler ideologies that were invented by modern Zionists and not by the Americans government at all.
    Most American Jews reject this crazy racist justification for Israel as their “ JEWISH State” and stay away from Israeli and its racist “Zionist Judaism’ in droves.
    Although Chomsky visits from time to time in an apparently unsuccessful atempt to civilize them.

  13. Either way you paint it now, you were making it a racial issue about Jews. And what does Chomsky have to do with it? He is often the most critical of Israel's policies anywhere in academia or mainstream press.

    And how is it that I "apologize" for Zionist policies while I am the one criticizing them? I am simply putting them into the perspective of the world stage. It should be visible to all but the blind that this relationship is one with mutual benefits to the two colonialist nations. You are one of these patriots that are blinded by your own flag. Perhaps you should go wipe your tears with a xerox copy of the constitution.

  14. Mr. Soros owns Barrack Hussein Obama and has since 1999 when he "donated" 24 Million Dollars to a grassroots nobody named Obama. Mr. Soros found his puppet 11 years ago. My oh my how the little obama has grown.


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