Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Five Million Hold Protests in Egypt

Over five million Egyptians have taken to the streets across the country to pressure President Hosni Mubarak and his government to step down.
Large crowds have massed in capital Cairo for the biggest anti-government protest in Egypt's recent history.

The demonstrators have flooded Cairo's Tahrir square, calling on President Hosni Mubarak to step down.
Men, women and children from all walks of life are attending the rally which has so far been peaceful.
Some reports put the total number of protesters across Egypt at about eight million.

Tanks and troops have been stationed along the route of the march, but the army has promised not to use force against the demonstrators.
Security checkpoints have also been placed all across Cairo.

Reports say the government has restricted access to the capital by shutting down all roads and public transportation. 

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  1. We're at a psychological tipping point. The dollar fell quite a bit today 76.88, and is continuing to fall. It may reach it's lowest value which was in Nov at 76.353. With the protests in the Middle East and the inevitable effect it will have on the transportation of oil, we can expect a severe increase in oil prices. We know the massive ice storm is also going to have a big effect on consumer confidence. We might pass the tipping point if people are unable to get out to buy supplies due to the ice storm.

    Watch for the blood red sky that Stalking Wolf, Tom Brown Jr's mentor predicted.

  2. The United $tates failed for decades to get behind even one road to peaceful change or democracy for the Mideast.

    Tell me one good non criminal thing the US has acheived?

    From opposing palestininian rights to supporting The filthy theocratic backed rule of the saudi royal family to propping up its military puppet and agent Mubarak in Egypt.

    The US and its dollar hegemony free trade system and its military and CIA has worn out its welcome.
    Militarily it is a failure and could not enforce its will and Empire in Iraq or afghanistan nor will it be able to sucseed in Egypt with its trained puppet army.
    The muslim Christian and other people are now more inspired by Iran ,hamas ,and hezbollah as a way forward out of the American trap.
    The secretive Muslim (sunni) brotherhood ?
    Hey not so much inspired by more of the same .
    But the americans now want to hold talks with them as a last ditch hope to maintain the status quo!
    Even Americans are fed up with thatcorrupt free trade for capital system that de-industrialised their economy.

    Throughout the middle east we see the rise of an awesome force for real change and national independence emerging and the US will not be able to confine things and puppet politics on its old tracks much longer.

    People want real economic development to replace the permanent underemployment of the US free trade dollar hegemony system.

  3. Yes 1:01,

    I know you and your Communist friends just can't wait for Sharia Law to spread across the globe. I can't wait either. Women all dressed from head to toe, only to undress in front of their husbands, unless they want to get beat half to death for disrespecting the holy figure of the household.

    It will be great with Islam on the rise and Christianity a thing of primitive people. Then of course the immitation Pagans pretending to be Buddhists who walk around celebrating drugs and free fucking help increase the amount of STDs and loss of genuine spirituality.

    Some evils go away and even more start popping up. I can't even find an analogy for that. I suppose entory bringing about more possible states (choices), man will have too much to choose from and will continue to feel empty even though he's left distracted by the millions of material gadgets and conceptual choices he has.

    The more there is, the worse things feel. At this point that's all I can really come to.

    No amount of Yoga, Prayer, thrills and actions, sex, drugs, charity, discoveries, or books will ever fix anything within the individual and especially world.

    That is, except the total destruction of self and the corresponding destruction of the world. If we can let ourselves dissolve as the world keeps crumbling brick by brick, sector by sector, then maybe someone/people guided by the Spirit will attain the Truth and be able to transform the world accordingly.

    BTW 8:56, I read this:

    I think that's the right link. Freaky. 1920 the guy came up with those visions?

  4. "I suppose entory bringing about more"

    I meant *entropy*

  5. Speaking of entropy, Obama is reaching out to the Muslim Brotherhood, obviously. Also the Muslim Brotherhood has changed since it formation in 1928.

  6. re http://www.wolflodge.org/visibiliti/prophecy/redsky.htm

    Yes, he predicted Somalia, AIDS, and the next thing to happen will be the blood red sky. It's part of the prophesies that Tom Brown Jr. talks about. I heard him speak over twenty years ago, and it was chilling.

    Mike Ruppert is going to do a joint seminar with him soon.

  7. Make that Ethiopia


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