Sunday, March 27, 2011

Worse Than Chernobyl and No End In Site

Statement is at 3:00 Mark


  1. This chump is a typical psychobabble government clown...He could easily fit in with the DC crowd...

  2. Why haven't the reactors been covered in concrete?

  3. 9:39---have to cool them to the point where they can be covered

  4. You all in big troubleshima because of the radiation heading your way-sisan....

    Imagine millions of invisible radioactive godzilla's ready to blow fire into your thyroids..

    It will make those naysayers a believer really fast-isan.


  5. Crony Capitalist Corporate governments in bed with corporations are useless in national emergencies a we can see in Japan where a known corrupt company, with regular past
    fines for proven negligence in the past by government ‘regulators” ,was left and remains in full charge of the growing nuclear disaster that it and its US ‘safe” nuclear industry technology and plant suppliers caused .

    A company whose main interest is first, protecting the companies and the US Japanese partnership on the nuclear industries bottom line, even while millions of lives and the entire Japanese economy are threatened.

    The dumb captured government has turned into a public relations agent arm manipulating and interpreting the companies information and its reassuring lies on progress in managing a slow safe release of radioactive materials , as supplied to the government
    as cheerleader for the companies private shareholders.
    It is clear that neither the company or its government public relations arm has a clue on what to do.
    The people are kept like mushrooms in the dark, as information on the radiation levels and full extent of the damage to the plant are repeatedly lied about ,in order to prevent panic.


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