Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Plot To Destroy The Constitution


In questions of power," he urged, "let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution." Unfortunately, America's government has long thrown off those constitutional "chains," resulting in its cancerous growth, massive welfare state, ruinous public debt and freedom-destroying intrusions into every area of the lives of its citizens. And that was before Obama.

Today, the practice of ignoring, distorting and perverting the Constitution has become a high art. It is, in fact, literally the modus operandi of Barack Obama's presidency, as stunningly documented in the September issue of Whistleblower, "THE PLOT TO DESTROY THE CONSTITUTION."

"President Obama is America's Captain Ahab," said WND Managing Editor David Kupelian. "He's steering the ship of state toward destruction, without regard to the reliable compass of the Constitution. He maniacally pursues his obsession to transform America into a European-style welfare state, seemingly oblivious to the fact that European welfare states are currently imploding all around us, one after the other, descending into bankruptcy, chaos and anarchy." Kupelian added, "This issue of Whistleblower documents the disgraceful – and impeachable – extent to which Obama acts with total disregard for the Constitution he swore a solemn oath to uphold."


  1. This is all that gadamn Bush's fault !!!!

  2. I AM NOT AN OBAMA SUPPORTER!!! But the ship is owned and controlled by the international bankers. If he is steering the ship into the rocks it is irrelevant. The ship is flawed and sailing in the wrong direction anyway.

  3. Hey Pssst...stupids... I got a secret for you, come here....

    The constitution is already toilet paper, we're in a crushing police state and you are wasting your energy complaining about it. Its already here and in your face.

    You need to take the example from Germans in Nazi Germany and the Russian people during the Soviet Union(USSR). Be quiet, don't advertise, and don't volunteer.

    You are all going into lockdown now. Multiple random searches of your homes and cars will happen soon. They're coming to confiscate weapons under the excuse of disasters, national security, and gun smuggling allegations..

    Pucker up pu$@#$#. You're going into hell on earth. Stop squirming. It's done and they did it already.

    Don't waste anymore time venting...

  4. Our leaders no longer follow the Constitution, except Ron Paul. They waged wars (Vietnam, Iraq, Yemen, etc.) without even asking Congress. Why do we even bother to vote anymore? It is not like the politicians care about the voice of the people. America is no longer a country of rules. It is all about greed and power.

  5. Bush, Obama, Clinton, Bush 2 -They're all the same, as they work for the same master. It's called Divide and Conquer - Republicans vs. Democrats. Nonsense, The Elites vs. The People


  6. Charles, you're a very smart man, but there never exists a case where it comes down to the people versus the rulers (in actuality).

    People cannot get along period in most places. They divide themseves up into groups based on their viewpoints. We seek others of a like mind and avoid those of a different mind. When you hear others calling for putting away our differences to unite for a common goal, it only goes so far and lasts for so long.

    Once the elites are destroyed, in a hypothetical example, we would employ another group to rule the stage. At first it might seem to be an improvement, until a few within start making favors for friends or targeting specific enemies. After very little time the ruling group would become brutal tyrants pushing their weight over the rest of the masses.

    That is human nature. Until ALL people become enlightened/saints; killing off types of people, revolutions, charity, schools, religions, drugs, sex, and any other self centered activities will fail to solve THE "problem" which has always been caused by our separation from the One Life.

    9:21, you might as well throw yourself off a cliff then right? I'm sure "they" enjoy it when people give up just like that.

    As far as the constitution goes, I can't say there is an attack against it. The constitution gives congress power to do almost everything. As long as it's pushed through it's legit.

    If the people have a problem, they can sit in a lengthy, few year process with the courts to try and change something while underqualified abusers of power like Judge Judy mistreat them.

    The ignorant puppets who might come in the executive positions and demand this and that would only help agitate an already shaken nuthouse.

    This continues as some of the politicians have ties to a much worse enterprise outside of their own country of which they follow through serving their every whim. That has been the case since the Civil War, but has become worse and more dangerous in scope each time frame. Obviously 1913 was the year they sealed the deal on our fate.

    The constitution is a farce for a simple reason: it can be amended. Fiat currency is fake too, so now the banking industry, monetary system, wallstreet, and anything else held up by them (which includes almost every other industry and business) are crashing down. The Fed can't fix the mess they've made, so now they have to buy time for their close friends and family to get sheltered.

  7. This stuff makes me laugh. Our Constitution was shredded by Bush and Company and few people complained at the time. Vincent Bugliosi, a criminal prosecutor, wrote an entire book about what Bush did and how he should be impeached, but the Dems refused to do anything when they came to power in the next election. That should tell you both parties are complicit and corrupt.

  8. interesting the mentioning of similarities with europe. there's the thing to watch. we won't stand apart from europe and notice the strong statements on sovereign issues lately from there. a western centric order with northern and eastern regions associated. until that too falls apart.

  9. Told Ya!!!!!!

    It's all that gadamn Bush's fault !!!!!!

  10. Ok folks, this is possibly the most important fact that needs to be made as widely known as possible:


    Now before you jump all over me, call me names, etc. READ the document. First off, George Washington could not have been 9 years a citizen of the United States until July 4th 1790. Yet he became "President of the United States" and "President of the United States of America" (Two of the three different Presidents the Constitution describes). However, he did not take the REQUIRED oral and WRITTEN article VI oath to "support THIS constitution." This was the requirement for adoption. Instead, he fabricated an oral oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States (OF not FOR). This is simply the Federal borders or territories.

    So the upshot is, NO president has ever taken the article VI oath to adopt the constitution or assume the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT (the third type of president described by the Constitution). There is no citizenship requirements for the POTUS or POTUSUSA, only the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT. It is why the whole Obama birth cert thing is a red herring. Who cares, if WASHINGTON was not elligible.

    Forget the political theater.


    for more info, go to the website of the man that is bringing this all to light. Ed Rivera,

  11. Sorry, the above should have read "14 years a citizen of the US," which is the requirement of assuming the Office of President.

    Born on date for the US was July 4th, the math.

    9 years was the requirement for most other offices.

    DO the research. The Constitution of 1787 only applies to Federal Territory...which is:

    Washington DC
    Court Houses(!)
    State Government Buildings
    National Parks and Forests

    That's it. Nothing else.


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