Friday, February 25, 2011

Libya Now, Iran Then: How Close Are We to 1979?

Today, the UK’s Telegraph is reporting that British government drones in Whitehall are figuring out the legal means to seize Muammar al-Gaddafi’s assets in Britain, which are said to total some £20 billion. 

Notice that’s pounds sterling—the equivalent of US$32 billion: Enough cash to plug up California’s and New York State’s deficits, and still have enough left over for a very respectable weekend at The Palms in Las Vegas. 

That these assets are going to be seized is, according to the story, a done deal: The only issue seems to be the legal means by which to do so—
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The Silver Bullet And The Silver Shield


  1. Wow! Gaddafi must have had a very successful wait...he was a great pioneer inventing something Well then he must have been very lucky in the stock market.

    If we are going back to 1979, then the Dow will take off in the next 10 years and people will make a ton of money.

  2. 10:13 if we go back to 1979 and the dow takes off, it will be like ZIMBABWE. It won't be worth a cent.

  3. Note these big figures are not simply Gaddafi family private stash, but as you can read in the story include ‘the Regimes”money , that is to say the Libyan governments investments and national reserves held in Britain.

    Thus Britain with these planned illegal seizures of a sovereign nations wealth
    only proves is that Britain is still ‘perfidious Albion” and its Rothschild and “City” dominated imperialist banking system cannot be trusted to manage Third world investments.
    As they are now clearly subject to political seizure in coordination with the Americans for Anglo/American empire control purposes.

    Britain is no longer the industrial workshop of the world , Britain’s entire economy is simply mainly functioning now as a giant financial hedge fund ,with one in four workers employed in jobs related to the finance sector, banking, insurance ,real estate property commissions etc
    This is THE national business in a UK services based economy .

    It specializes in world Banking services. Thus Britain is just cutting its banking based economies own throat, as it is seen to be run by untrustworthy imperialist thieves.

    The UK banking system like the Americans is already bankrupt bailed out and in the UK has been partially nationalized to socialize past losses in the global financial crisis

    A great deal of Britain’s economy is based on managing and re-cycling the cash of Third world dictators and puppet elites back into the dollar hegemony system .
    E.G. Investments by the Sultan of Brunei ,the Saudi and Bahraini kings, or the Nigerian elites billions in oil loot revenues etc.

    In recent decades the comrador Nigerian elite for example, have looted probably $400 billion in oil revenues ,while the people live in dire poverty .
    Many children die from lack of medicine or malnutrition in Nigeria And Africa under these western backed elites. But , no real concern or action by the Rich West for the “human Rights” of Nigerians by the Rich west has been shown,Except to provide these elites with Armaments and military alliances “to defend their countries” . The profits of the banking business and oil backed dollar hegemony system are more important.
    British bankers play the main roll in managing the Third worlds elite money for a fee and a commission or two .

    Every tin pot dictator or elite class millionaire in the third world will take note their investments are now not safe in Britain, as the US and British government have developed a new found concern for ‘human Rights in the Arab part of the third world.

    Many will suspect such Billion dollar seizures of Libyan Government money as simply an excuse to lock up and not pay interest or dividends on these investments ,for a few years. As part of the bail out of insolvent UK banking and to prop up the reserves of the Pound.

    All this is part of the collapse of the US and UK Ponzi economies and the dollar hegemony system in world trade and finance.

    On top of the inflationary open printing of money ‘Quantative Easing” by the Central banks in both the insolvent UK and USA ,investments denominated in the Fiat currencies, Both Pound and dollar denominated investments, now openly subject to the political whim seizure by government and government owned banking system ,over ‘human Rights” will appear to be pretty unsound.

    They may start to feel that their loot might be safer held in China in Chinese Yuan reserves, or simply held in physical Gold national reserves.

    Many Libyans believe that with this British attempt to deny the central government access to its money, that the are being subjected to an Anglo /American plot to divide and break up their country on provincial and tribal lines ,similar to what happened in Yugoslavia ,in order to get cheaper oil from Libya for the west.
    By using divide and rule tactics with “Human Rights” as justification for a NATO or even a UN sanctioned military war to divide the country.



    I plead :
    No contest!
    Just ask Bush ,Cheney or even Obama ,the american MSM or The descendents of the former slaves ,the greatful American Indians or the Iraqis or Vietnamese!

    Today ,clearly the country with the military backed ethical paper dollar world usury investment empire system .

    As Rumsfelt would say 'these are known truths"

    No contest!

    why ,as we can see they will probably try and help out the Libyans "human rights" to food soon ,with an oil for food program miltarily backed by no fly zones ,in order to keep the oil flowing.

    Uninterested, internationalist,ethical aid at its best, just like it was in Iraq!

  6. You hypocritical sonofabitch - tell ya what jackass; I want to see your overpaid, underworked, deadbeat ass make it one week with said flow of Oil.

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    You fucking peoploe don't think past your own rectum

    Your ENTIRE existence revolves around OIL OIL OIL

    It's in everything you touch and take for granted everyday


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    After all - it's only costing you 600 bucks a month on the easy payment plan

    Dumb Prick


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