Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bank Holiday Coming? Prepare?

From Harry Schultz:
Dear Bob:
Bob Chapman’s Int’l Forecaster newsletter revealed (5/20) this startling intelligence (from within US State Dept & embassies):

”Some US embassies worldwide are being advised to purchase massive amounts of local currencies; enough to last them a year. Some embassies are being sent enormous amounts of US cash to purchase currencies from those govts, quietly. But not £’s. Inside the State Dept there is a sense of sadness & foreboding that ‘something’ is about to happen, unknown re a date—just that within 180 days, but could be 120-150 days.”

Bob quotes another source that “Panasonic has told their people to be back in Japan by Sept 09.”

Harry Schultz, dean of newsletter writers, has quoted the Chapman letter of May 30 regarding US embassies being sent large amounts of cash with which to buy local *currencies, to last them a year. Here is Harry’s remarkable take on the situation:

“My HSL suspicion is that the elite plan another FDR style “bank holiday” of indefinite length, perhaps very soon, to let the insiders sort-out the bank mess which is getting more out of their control every day.*Insiders want/need to impose new bank rules. Widespread nationalization could result, already under way. It could also lead to a formal US$ devaluation, as FDR did by revaluing gold (& then confiscating it). But devalue against what? The euro? Doubtful. Gold? Maybe. Or vs. the IMF basket of currencies (which seems more likely)—& much in the news recently. Any kind of bank holiday will push the US$ lower, which may be a bonus benefit to their ongoing scenario of letting the $ fall. Such a fall would get the devaluation they want without having to declare it. In sum, the insiders want more bank & system control, fewer banks & a lower US$. A bank holiday would suit all their needs.

Obviously, U can’t open safeboxes if the banks are closed, so plan accordingly. All this is speculation, but we have to go with what we’ve got, scraps of info that point to certain possibilities. In any case such a closure will, IMO, come sooner or later, as the worst of the embedded derivatives are still to be faced. We are years away from solving them because the controllers don’t want to; their fingerprints are all over them. ***

PS: during the FDR bank holiday, thousands of banks never reopened; it was a face-saving way of shutting them down. I would guess the same would occur today; thousands have little or no net value, loaded with debt, bad mortgages.

••• *PPS: A Bob Chapman subscriber reported overhearing 2 FEMA jacketed men talking to a police chief in Calif. They wanted to federalize the police across the US. They (govt) would be closing banks in late Aug, early Sept & that it will get ugly.” Prepare for worst case, as any good Boy or Girl Scout would do. J”


Follow the Twitter of the Iranian Conflict:

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  1. Wasn't there a closed door session in Congress in March 2008 that said this was suppose to happen in Feb-March of 2009. Well it is now June going on July of 2009 and nothing. Like I've said, If you are going to throw around specific dates either you are an insider who wants this information out not for the benefit of the masses but to confuse them or you have no idea what are hell you are talking about. Yes, I'm aware that the Fed is delaying the envitable...All the more reasons not to use specific dates you pull out of your ass.

  2. Blue Collar and ProudJune 21, 2009 at 9:07 PM

    There is very little we can depend on now from the banks or from the economy as a whole. Instead of relying on the former economic system, we are all going to get used to relying on what is real – such as a home, the earth and the food that can be grown, canned goods and the basics of life.

    I posted on this blog in March under the name “I Used to Be a Corporate Suit”, after I lost my white collar job and found myself, like so many, up against the pressure of debts and bills that could not be paid. Three months later I no longer use that title. My former life and career as a corporate executive belongs now to the past, along with the house, the car, the office and the pinstriped suits. The adjustment to the new reality of American life is one that many are making with me, as we are crushed beneath a load of debt.

    We are somehow making ends meet. My new job as a part time warehouse worker pays a small salary and my wife works part time as well; so we keep going. I have found, though, that my new blue-collar identity is not merely a poor substitute for my old white-collar corporate success story. It is a whole new start.

    My wife and I are learning to grow food; we walk far more and drive much less; we read instead of paying for cable or videos. My budget for clothes is one tenth of what it was; a pair of work boots from Kmart cost me $20, compared to a price tag of $460 for the Brooks Brothers wingtips I once wore. One of the business suits that I used to put on every day costs twenty times what the coveralls I bought last week cost. When I stopped mourning the loss of status and privilege, I realized this is a whole new life.

    Would I have chosen it? No – probably not! It chose me. We were able to sell our home at a loss, but have found a small apartment. Before we moved, we had a yard sale – and we are now able to buy food and gas with the money that came from selling much of our furniture, paintings, my golf clubs and exercise equipment and every one of my treasured suits and ties.

    We found what many people know - that trading and bartering are back in style! We needed new tires for the pick-up and I was able to barter my woolen overcoat and my wristwatch for them! I traded my tuxedo for a lawnmower (not much need for a tux anymore!) and my briefcase for gardening equipment. In the trade that has produced the most results, I swapped every pair of my leather dress shoes for an old freezer that is great for keeping a supply of meat.

    I even save more money by not shaving or getting my haircut. My ponytail and beard were grown in response to unemployment and replaced my old clean-cut executive look. Now they stay and are part of the new life.

    We are finding our way. Is it easy? No. But we are determined to make a new life.

  3. Ever think that by people mentioning dates that SOMETIMES the elites are forced to pull back a bit or risk far more exposure?

    Most of the times dates are worthless but sometimes date dropping can do some good.

    Maybe someone should point out to you that the author of this article will never read your comments. Maybe you should visit those people dropping dates so you can "enlighten" them with your wisdom.

  4. My comment was for Anon so as to avoid confusion.

  5. to the admin:

    thanks for the article, could you please provide a link for this article?


  6. Former suit: great story thanks for sharing. I am a former suit myself. Former by choice.

  7. No link for the article it was emailed to me.

  8. Blue Collar and ProudJune 21, 2009 at 10:51 PM

    Thanks anonymous - I appreciate it.

    Interesting to hear you chose that road.

    I probably would never have gone the blue-collar route if I hadn't been forced into it!

  9. digital.hero7 said...
    Ever think that by people mentioning dates that SOMETIMES the elites are forced to pull back a bit or risk far more exposure?

    Most of the times dates are worthless but sometimes date dropping can do some good.

    Maybe someone should point out to you that the author of this article will never read your comments. Maybe you should visit those people dropping dates so you can "enlighten" them with your wisdom.

    You're joking right? The elites as you call them control mass media which basically means they dissemenate information to the masses. The 1-5% who see through the bullshit, the elites aren't concerned with. The other 95-99% never see it coming. Therefore, they never "pull back" because of what the "enlightened" know they are up too.

  10. The information above was more than likely pieced together from various sources. A 'bank holiday' has been discussed in alternative media for quite some time. If you are looking for sources, start here: .

    You can also go to Chapman's site: , where he has discussed this on a number of occasions.

    This is also discussed by Trend forecaster gerald celente. go to (shameless plug) and do a search for bank holiday.

    In regards to dates, it is unrealistic to think that anyone other than those executing the bank holiday will be able to pinpoint a date, so why get worked up over it. The point is, if you believe a bank holiday will occur, take steps now to prepare. the date is irrelevant - today, tomorrow, 2 years from now... in any case, if you are not prepared you'll be screwed.


  11. Out of all the articles posted here over the years this article really has me worried. Alot of things could go wrong in the next months triggering a collapse or war or whatever. So I wouldn't be surprised if something does happen in the next couple of months.

  12. To be honest. I've been wondering for a while why things are acting like live high on the hog now cause why worry about tommorrow. Its like why worry about anything just go into debt hugely cause the end is coming. I wonder if the people in the know aren't telling us everything that is just about to happen.

  13. the "revolt" by the so-called "opposition" is nothing more than an "Iraq has WMDs" pt 2-ie" IRAN held fraudulent elections".

    The whole thing seems just too "staged" and directed by people having nothing to do with freedom in IRAN-assuming they even need to revolt

    Israel has whined and bitched and threatened to take their toys home if we dont play ball FOR them- we didnt so this : election fraud fiasco is "plan B"
    There is something they want to take our minds off of-I would think this is all being done covertly by Israel

    Cannot believe how easily people have been RE-SUCKERED into this

    "fool me once-shame on you-fool me twice-shame on me"

  14. I see very little evidence that the Iranian revolt is any kind of conspiracy. That kind of people power movement is just not going to be fomented by us or Israel without large amounts of firearms entering the country. These people are throwing rocks and bottles, not firing M-4's...unfortunately. The Iranian regime desrves to be SQUASHED by their people. Frankly I wish someone had been arming these people.

  15. The elites are not all powerful as they want us to believe they are. They are human and are thus prone to a myriad of mistakes just like the rest of us. The elites wanted their NWO in 1984 and then again in 2000. Neither happened, they do not get what they want all the time.

    Information dispersed within a small percentage of people can and does change what the elites do. I do agree that most people will fall into the giant trap never seeing their impending doom. The world has always been like this.

    People have been warning forever and some do listen. I'm far more concerned with those who will listen but if any small piece of info can cause the elites to hold back for a bit or change course unexpectedly I am all for it.

    The NWO has been planned out for a very long time. It is a very detailed plan and timing for events and what not is important. So if they miss a "window" they could end up losing quite a bit. That's why good solid information is important. You never know the damage a single piece of truth can do.

  16. I'm a retiree and others I know are baffled has to why the elite didn't "pull this off" by now; we're a nation of whimps and losers.. If people in business, churches, education, and working everyday folks took a stand 50 years ago, things wouldn't be in this mess; the few patriots worked in vain as America is too far gone for any hope; young people have no future.

  17. Anyone that wants to know what is really happening in Iran should watch 'The Revolution will not be televised' Google video.

    Before we go to war we (and by we I mean Israel and its stooge the USA) attempt to manipulate the media to reach the same goals. Most of it started in '53 Iran when the CIA stirred the masses into a frenzy to depose their democratically elected leader back then --- nothing has changed - we are doing the same thing in 2009.

    As far a bank holidays you have to love wording and how well that simple manipulation works on the masses. Our Empire invaded Iraq, conquered it, tortured, raped, killed, then put an illegal occupation in place all out of love. To call it a war just is a vain attempt to legitimize it.

    Fighting for freedom, evildoers, and all the other word nonsense ... during this 'holiday' the ignorant will be robbed blind. No, FDIC won't save you!! A claim takes 5-8 months. By then, your FIAT dollars will be inflated into pennies.

  18. Retiree; you are absolutely correct. Sadly it is too late. The zionist banksters run it all now. Media, money, and military all locked down. Lies are truth, truth is lies.

    I believe the point of no return was in '96 when the corps were given absolute control of the media, just five years before 9/11, which was no mistake.

    You time has passed where you as an individual can try to save the world and wake people up. Too late anyway. Now is the time to focus on saving yourself the best you can.

  19. There might be some hope from local law enforcement; i.e., the County Sheriff, if martial law is imposed (when the banks go bust, etc.). Sheriff Richard Mack is distributing a small pamphlet to every County Sheriff in all counties in America. The book endorses the constitutional right for the County Sheriff to claim his state's soverniety against federal tyranny. It is an excellent read, very short and to the point. He reminds these law officers that they must honor the oath they each took to defend and uphold the Constitution. If anybody would like to order a copy of the pamphlet, you can send $9.95 to:

    Richard Mack
    P O Box 971
    Pima, Arizona 85543

  20. I also agree that it is too late. The last administration was the time to react, now we will reap what we have sown as a collective for the past many years.

    I do believe much good can happen during this time as well so all is not lost. We are coming into a time of great evil in the USA but there will be great good as well. We only have to look back and see that during the darkest times heroes did rise up and do good. I believe we will see some good with this tremendous amount of bad.

    I'm glad that many posters here see the writing on the wall. It's nice to converse with people who aren't controlled.

    Hope you are all well.

  21. It is interesting to see the difference in how one views his old suit-world after he's been "discarded" and is now living in the true reality of life. If you've been fortunate enough to really see what's going on in the States and the world, the pompous aura of suit-life seems unnatural. Maybe that's why on a gut level it was so unfulfilling at the end of the day, as it was for me until ten years ago.

    Couple with that the breaking away from daily TV and MSNews, and it's like you're able to see life more clearly, and to actually think about "stuff" and reason on what's happening while the masses keep on dancing.

    Whether this article has a valid sense of timing or not, and as others above have also mentioned, it is logical that this situation in some form will come to pass.

    The dancers don't see it and don't even want to rationally discuss it, so just press on and be prepared.

    I guess the greatest example of this mentality, the most blatant display of change, that nearly everyone I speak with is unaware, are the lines in the sky. Call them whatever, they are there almost constantly, all over the world, in the movie scenes, in advertisements, and yet no one looks up and "sees" them until you point them out.

    And then, with no further research or effort, they want to poo-poo the lines and you away.

    Maybe just so they can get back to their dancing, unfettered with new responsibility for themselves.

    So what I am saying is I am glad to read of others who are thinking and reasoning and seeing the world as it truly has become, and they don't like it.

    Thanks for being in the canoe with me. It helps me know I'm not nuts...

  22. You are right they are in movie scenes now. I have noticed it in 2 movies in the last month.
    I thought I was crazy until you had mentioned it.

  23. Interesting article, although the buying of currencies seems a bit out of date now. I see the dollar getting more and more power against the Euro every day. But anyways, thanks for the article,

    take care, Julie

  24. Julie get back to your make believe selling of houses to the poor first time buyer scam. Understand economics and how the dollar buys less and less every day as it diminishes its power throughout the world.

  25. "I have noticed it in 2 movies in the last month."
    Can you pass along the movie titles due to the fact some of us are a little 'movie deprived'

  26. Blue collar and ProudJune 23, 2009 at 6:19 PM

    Anonymous - You are right about the "pompous aura of suit life", but I must admit I didn't understand that until I was on the outside looking in. I had to have it taken away from me.

    You left taht life by your own decision. Good for you. I had to be shown the hard way.

    Life is a lot saner now. Yes - I have lost a lot that I never thought I would lose. But I have health, a wife, enough to eat and a place to sleep, which is a lot more than many people have.

  27. people who think that the iranian revolution is so good are overlooking one 'little fact'

    people like this are constantly looking for truth, so if/when they do overthrow the regime there, and put their own in, then they will start looking to "further/deeper truth" and will remember that the usa had previously overthrown a democratically elected iranian regime in the past- the democraticaly elected shah. and then the usa will still have the same problems with iran as we do they say, "there is no free lunch" and there will not be this time either.

    altho the good part is the usa gov't criicising the use of force there, as they will then have to bite their tongues when that happens (street revoulution/riots) here in the usa, probalby before the summer is over because there isnt going to be any recovery form this finance mess. the derivative amounts are in the hundreds of trillions of dollars.

  28. A good read here re:Iran

  29. Don't worry about the suit...Its time for us all to be realistic in preparing for any type of situation that might change our lives in anyway. From carrying two bandaids and a safety pin in your wallet to beefing up your firstaid kits into a survival kit to storing a little more dried foods that could help during a short term crisis. Just a hurricane or snow storm can do that let alone an economic meltdown in California. Just think of what will happen when the food basket of the US---California doesn't have enough water to grow our crops...That is already here. It is time to have a Family Plan that somewhere your larger family could survive out of the cities. Remember, what you store up might not be for you, it might be for your kids or family member that didn't. Will you share?

  30. Check out "Larry Bates" on Google. Just heard him speak in Phoenix. Very good speaker and well qualified to speak on the condition of our economics.

  31. "I see very little evidence that the Iranian revolt is any kind of conspiracy."

    Look this up for yourself: During the 1992 CIAs failed overthrow of Venezuelans Hugo Chavez.. CIA assets sniped and killed innocent non violent protesters. News stories quickly used the exact same characterization that pro govt snipers, and Chavez himself, were to blame.

    I might not believe it was the CIA, except that the corporate media has been masturbating the story to excess.. a sure sign of "wet ops".

    Recall how the corporate media labeled Seattle WTO protesters, US citizens, as anti-govt trouble making hooligan scum? yet Iranians doing the exact same things are righteous freedom lovers.

    When the WTO "hooligans" were summarily beaten, gassed and repressed by police.. it was totally fucking called for and cool. When Iranian police take similar actions..sigh, its a henious affront to "freedom" by a brutal regime.

    You might also Google "Kay Griggs", x-wife of USMC colonel George Griggs.. she relates stories from his personal diary about operations just like this.

  32. Watch the video 'The Revolution will not be televised" if you want to know how the Mossad and CIA love to start 'revolutions' in countries in order to put in place a puppet government/leadership.

    What is happening in Iran right now is a carbon copy of what is happened in Venezuela in 2002 and 99% of Americans are falling for it all over again.

  33. And now for the SOLUTION to the problem....

    Wednesdays 9 - 11 PM Eastern

  34. Out of all the posts above there is one consideration that has not been mentioned. Each of us surely remember being engrossed in a TV show as a youngster as our mother or our father tried in vain to get our attention. They did eventually get it with the simple flick of the off switch. God is desperately trying to get our attention. He will do whatever it takes to get our attention and listen to Him. He will use the off switch on whatever device that is taking us away from him. There will be wise people who will make it through the hard times ahead with no fear, others will suffer greatly. It is all about who you will turn to in your time of need. There will be many plans layed out before Christ returns in the clouds and all these plans will fail if they aren't of the will of God. There is only one plan that makes sence in these times. That is the plan for our salvation.

  35. Well said. We are ALL from God and most are trying to do this on their own without Him. Yet is it not obvious that we are failing on our own? Its much easier with His help, if only our egos will let us.

  36. Which "God" are you referring to? There are many around the world, many names and most with lot's of followers willing to kill or die for the ancient mythologies that are the basis of the major religions of today... and if all of the religious "nut jobs" would float up to the clouds (where heaven is, of course) the world would be a much better place. Forget about "Satan", the real demons are the multi-national corporations who have wreaked havoc on the world for years, through their pawns, the high placed government officials. The latest Cheney/Wolfowitz/Bush cabal is a primo example.

  37. I believe your crisis timeline is going to be a little late. Last week it was reported that May shown a net reduction in overseas bond buying. This is a slap in the face. Our media has been pumping the massive overseas bond buying by China. As of the MAY reporting period this is a damn lie. It would be educational to get safe and than look at a 10 year bond chart. We are doomed and it is starting to show above the lying. Iran is too far gone to survive. We are going to see something tragic evolve out of the Middle East.

  38. tragic is right, when isreal bombs Iran. It will not be long. They do not believe in waiting.

  39. Well I just read the letter from Harry Schultz for the first time, it was sent to me by email. there were other sources in that letter also. They went on to say about other stuff preparing for October with the military. Now I know not everone here are going to agree with me... but it's one of those times where, when it all ends we will know.... In the bible it talks about ending of what we know the world, it has to come eventually, we are suppose to be that generation to see it, because of the date with Israel (1967). So I always thought it would happen much sooner, I am 50 now. But it will happen, we need to prepare and to listen to God (the Real God) The Bible One!! We need to HEAR GOD like we have never heard before!!

    I hope someone out there knows what I am saying and says AMEN!!

  40. I don't care about anyone's "God" so please please please stop talking about it! Please? JUST STOP!

  41. Youre not the ONLY one here!

  42. By the way, i am not pushing God on you, I am clearly stating a fact. Its up to you to respond or pass over it.

  43. Can we see some kind of documentation that the State Department is forseeing collapse? A memo? An e-mail? Something besides third-hand rumor?

    How about this person who "overheard" a police chief in California-which police chief? How did he hear this? Where was he and what was he doing? Was he in jail? Or were men in FEMA jackets just hanging out at the local bar, loudly discussing the collapse and this patriot just happened to be sitting there?

  44. The signs of collapse are right in front of u Trillion dollar deficits, high unemployment, commercial real estate/alt a implosion, failed banking sector, failed US bond auctions which equates to higher interest rates/dollar decline. The writing is on the wall. Google royal scam to see how this game is played. We the people need to wake up!

  45. Anonymous said...
    I don't care about anyone's "God" so please please please stop talking about it! Please? JUST STOP!

    @Anonymous - The Truth(God'sWord) is the truth whether you believe it or not. Nothing that you believe can alter the standard -the inerrant, infallable Word of God. So, regardless of whether you belive rest assured that you'll bow sooner or later to King Jesus. Don't delay, now is the day of salvation. He loves you and died for you. If you choose not to, you will bow in condemnation to an eternal punishment in the pit. He will not make you choose him, it is your choice. In His love alone do we have any hope. "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free". Blessing

  46. hi, thanks a lot.

  47. I believe that there are people that will see the end coming it is our choice to listen or dismiss.This was written to egnore would be foolish as not believing in a higher power!
    It is your right tobe foolish but I truely hope you dont. We will need everyone working together,may you be enlightened.Blessing on all thank you very much.

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  51. Game is over folks. The masonic/zionist cabal have it all wrapped up. We are all slaves, and will be eventually eliminated. The best part is, we allowed this to happen to us and our country without a fight. God help us.


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  59. TO THE EDITOR: Would this mean a moratorium on foreclosures?

    What other things might be instituted? Perhaps you could address this.

  60. Wow, this is a hot thread!

  61. So far no bank holidays two years later. I think the insiders will not do what is being announced by whistleblowers. They only do the unexpected. Although i think there will eventually be a holiday when the dollar crashes.

  62. May Bob Chapman rest in peace. Why Why did he have to go before the crash..i wish he was here to guide us all through the collapse.

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