Saturday, July 25, 2009

National Debt up 400,000 Percent since 1913!

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The corruption became more insidious with the creation of the Federal Reserve and the institution of the Federal income tax in 1913. The levers of money printing and raising taxes gave the select few (Pigs) the wherewithal to control and manipulate the working class population. Debt and taxes are the friends of a corrupt politician. The Cabal of bankers who control the Federal Reserve has been printing money for 96 years to such an extent that the U.S. dollar has lost 96% of its purchasing power versus gold. But, with Orwellian irony our government leaders proclaim a “strong dollar policy”. This is a lie. The only way out of the current colossal debt dilemma is by allowing our currency to depreciate even more so that the debt becomes less burdensome in dollar terms. The National Debt is now $11.6 trillion. The National Debt in 1913 was $2.9 billion. Therefore, the National Debt has gone up by 400,000% in 96 years. FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND PERCENT! I had to go back and check my calculation three times. The people we elected to Congress have spent $11.6 trillion more than the government has generated in revenues, with $10 trillion of it accumulated since 1981.

Despite this “investment” spending by our elected officials, the country’s infrastructure is crumbling, we import 66% of our energy supplies versus 28% in 1982, our public education system is on par with a Third World country, our healthcare system is bloated, expensive and corrupt, and we have racked up another $56 trillion of future liabilities for unfulfillable promises made by our myopic leaders. The Bills passed by Congress (written by lobbyists) exceed 1,000 pages, with payoffs and pork to constituents, corporate contributors and other influential allies. These Bills are not even read by our leaders before being passed. Hundreds of pages of amendments are added at 3:00 am.


  1. That Burning Platform site is very good. A lot of George Orwell related info. The specific info on how the Health Care Crisis is being misrepresented is great.

  2. I should have known that if the Goldman Sachs Puppet (that would be BO to the uninformed) was raging about how important it was to shove through health care right now, without delay, go go go - there would be something devious behind it.

  3. Our public education system is so good that 99.99% of Americans actually beleive whatever bullshit you tell them. I'd say for a Pavlovian conditioning expirement, that's a pretty good outcome.

    "They call it the American Dream because you'd have to be sleeping to believe it" - George Carlin (may he rest in peace).

    ps. It's actually "BS" , Barry Soeto of Kenya

    "Kenyan Gays gone wild"

    Have some more flouride with your aspartame.
    Now with Free squalene in your mandatory flu shot!

    * This message Zionist Approved!

  4. "It's a big club and you and I are not in it"

    "They want obedient workers. Obedient workers, those that know just enough to do their menial jobs, but not do too much thinking." "That is against their interests."

    "There will never be real education in this country because our owners don't want that"

    FAV: "The politicians are there to give you the impression that you have freedom of choice. You don't. You have owners, they own you."

    Best Prediction: "They are coming for your savings and social security money so they can give it to their criminal friends on Wall St."

    George Carlin - yes RIP.

  5. Why all the glum faces? The "minimal" wage just popped all the way up to $7.25 nationally!
    Whooooweeee now we can ALL buy us a Lexus SUV!
    And after we buy that we can buy us one of them Stucco McMansions with the granite tops and stainless steel apps. Gosh!!! Imagine what $7.25 an hour will do for your finances! I am all giddy now. So with us all better financially, who the hell cares about a "National Debt"? We can have ONE HELL of a debt on our own without the governments help!

  6. As the premiere resident conspiracy nut, I'd like to offer my personal estimation of the situation.

    Sometime around september something bad will happen financially. Uhm...not sure what but the finance situation is just dank..there's no hope in sight really..they're doing a great job of trying to paper over a giant gaping burning hole..a nuclear pockmark crater of worldwide proportions. It ain't gonna work and they know it..

    Also..there's the little thing about Isreal attacking Iran about october with all it's repurcussions coming down the pike.

    So there you have it.

    Martial law before Christmass, I'm sorry to say. It's coming as sure as rain in florida in July.

  7. Yes we are looking towards a rather gloomy fall of 2009. As you read your selected blogs, they all agree that the 4th quarter of 09 will make the 4th quarter of 08 look like boom times. I am not saying that I know anything on it, other than what I read, so that simply means that anyone who can read knows as much as I do. Its just a collection of gut feelings amongst all of us, As to your being a "conspiracy nut" pop over to the last post Economic Analyst made about Financial Collapse and you can see the mulling over we all gave that one, quite a thread. Actually the term Conspiracy Nut has lost its previous value as that idea has begun to disapate into a new term simply called "THE conspiracy". (As the "Nut" part of it no longer really applies). However if you wish, we will gladly welcome you as a resident conspiracy nut, and you can join the growing thousands of the rest of us. (Smile)

  8. I find great satisfaction in the fact that if you believe the US Economy is on the brink you are in fact a conspiracy nut.

    Anyone that can think outside the box, think for themselves, etc is a nut. It goes beyond being an economic forecaster because you must see that those in authority are in fact conspiring to lie to you, to steal from you, etc. Hence, the nut factor. If you are not waiving a flag and singing God Bless America, you are outside the box.

    You see, if you openly and loudly talk about other official-story conspiracies like 9/11, you may be tarred and feathered. How dare you think? ABC news and the History channel already ink-stamped their approval of the official story. To have the balls to disagree is a reality leap far beyond the average sheeple's boundaries.

    However the one thing you can say loudly is we are in/entering a depression, proclaim that the Fed is robbing you, etc and that is a message that people may disagree with, but you can get away with saying it.

    I have found that the hardcore Obama-savior types are the exception to that of course. In order for the misinformed to understand that they are being lied to, robbed, and manipulated you have to loop back to the unthinkable - that criminals and their play-actors are in charge. Murderers, thieves, scumbags, maniacs. With suits on. Plus titles and authority.

    Seeing the economy for what it is is like Nut 101. Perhaps that baby step may need to move critical thinking for many people. There is always hope. To be able to think the unthinkable. To not be an 'obedient worker' as Carlin would say.

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