Monday, November 16, 2009

Acorn Going Bankrupt

As its financial resources dwindle, radical advocacy group and organized crime syndicate ACORN may have to file for bankruptcy protection before Christmas, ACORN insiders say.
"They may have to file for bankruptcy if they don't have several big pending grants approved or get emergency loans," a highly placed ACORN source told me over the weekend. This information bolsters Rep. Darrell Issa's (R-Calif.) claim last week that ACORN is in turmoil amidst internal power struggles and on the verge of bankruptcy.


  1. It is about time some crappy organization went belly up.

  2. Acorn a crime syndicate, give my a break! if they were a crime syndicate they would not be going broke ie(Goldman Sachs).

  3. No worries, the US Government will bail them out!

  4. Awww, couldn't happen to a better group! This is the best news I've had in weeks.

  5. Best news I've heard this decade!!

  6. Many of you guys seem to have a right wing bent... Am I to understand that you believe that you blame regulation for the crisis?

    My question is not related to the above story... but bear in mind countries that have much stronger banking regulation (like Canada) don't have the severe banking, insurance, financial issues that the US does.

    Of course, the US could bring down the Canadian economy, and the Cdn Gov may have created a housing bubble.

    Just wanted to know who I'm dealing with on this site...

  7. @7:10am

    I will speak for myself but I think many here are coming from the same place.

    I am a recovering Republican. After 8 years of financial chaos created by Bush and now the financial ruin being perpetrated by Obama, my eyes have been opened. There is NO difference between the two parties. This country is run by the Federal Reserve and the big banks on Wall Street. The evidence is overwhelming and undeniable. Regulation was NOT the problem!! Failure to enforce existing regulation was ENCOURAGED and risk taking by the banks was sanctioned by the politicians (Frank, Dodd, many others).

    I think you will find most people on this site are recovering Repubs and Demos but basically financial conservatives that recognize that our government is spending this country into bankruptcy and devaluing our currency. This nation is about to pay and very high price for the financial incompetence in Washington DC.

  8. There is no doubt that our Government is full of self-serving morons who have not the slightest notion of democracy, freedom or capitalism. Indeed our dollar has been sold down the river by this pack of idiots.

  9. Cheers to 8:11am. An intelligent person at last!

    Clinton was Mister Rotten, sending our manufacturing to china, and allowing chinese nationals to steal a laptop with all our most sophisticated nuclear weapons designs on it from Lawrence Livermore laboratories. That's trillions and trillions and trillions of American taxpayer dollars spent to develop those weapons stolen in the blink of an eye under Clinton. Liars, theives. Garbage!

    We don't owe the chinese diddly squat, they owe us their entire country right now!
    I say we invade them..we LEVEL THEM completely right now. I'd like nothing more than to completely wipe china off the map right now! Theives! Lairs! Garbage!

  10. Well said 7:56. Many of finally have seen the truth about our two headed one party system. As a former dittohead I looked back at the them vs us in shame. All manipulations. All fake.

  11. Hey 7.10 , we seem to have a respectful research group here @ the coming depression , we are not fools ! The world is headed for a Massive Fascist World system , i am sure , we all agree on that , .

    Oh BTW , have any of you guys read that Copenhagen treaty ?this treaty is the last nail in the coffin of the U.S and Canada i have it on my pc , just email me or msn me

  12. That and the BS global carbon tax. The funds will go right into the swiss banks and then right into the Rothschilds back pockets. Who will pay the vast majority - the US stooge taxpayer.

    Many people are now aware that man made Global warming is a hoax and a scam. It remains to see if enough know to stop the carbon tax fraud though.

    The banksters global media empire will pimp that lie to the hilt.

  13. @7:56

    I too was a Republican bootlicker and an Israel bootlicker at one time.


    I'm so embarrassed with my past sometimes.

  14. 7:56 am Nice job on that post! You are a very smart! You hit the nail on the head. the bankers and the fed love to see both party's at each other neck. The love for us to fight each other. That way all eyes are off them! We are Americans first! We need to remember that! Semper Fi

  15. There will be no fascist system!

    Total complete anarchy shall rule and destroy all equally!

    Satan, bitches.

  16. At least two government agencies were in bed with ACORN; Census and the IRS. When two persons making a documentary went to ACORN offices and started talking about tax evasion, prostitution, and pedophilic prostitution, ACORN employees not only failed to call the police, but engaged in substanitive conversations about tax evasion, prostitution, and pedophilic prostitution. Our government failed to exercise due diligence before getting involved in what is clearly a criminal organization. I now realize our government is corrupt and we are, as a nation, finished.

  17. Anarchy now.

    Death to the monarchies, death to nationalism, death to patriotism, death to banking and trust, death to elitism, and death to religions of control.

  18. I love to read most a the post on here !
    its refreshing to see that not all Americans are brain washed media wave riding morons !
    I like people that have their OWN mind !
    and that do not believe everything that they are told to by their Government/TV/Liars/Politicians,ass kissing reporters/actors that suck on the corrupt tit of our corrupt Gov.
    Good people aren't Stupid and don't take any $H!T ! and their not Afraid to speak their own mind ! politically correct or not.
    Hell you'd have to be a complete Moron to "Believe" the Gov. Crapaganda being forced on us !
    visa be a Dem or a Rep ! a liar is a Liar and a Thief is a Thief !
    P!$$ on all of em ! and Hoorah for the rest a ya !


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