Thursday, July 8, 2010

BP In Financial Big Trouble Or Just Another "Disaster"?

Hundreds of fishermen from Lake Charles to Moss Point, Miss., were supposed to get checks from BP on Wednesday but didn't.

Wednesday night, their lawyer wanted answers.

Jeffrey Briet represents more than 500 fishermen, and he said the payment system he set up with BP required his clients to be paid every 30 days. Now that process has suddenly changed without warning, Briet said.

"Not only did they spring it on us that the process has changed, but the people I've been dealing with for six weeks who've done a good job said, 'We don't know what the process is going to be. We're not authorized to talk to you about it. Someone from BP will contact you,'" he said.

But Briet said he hasn't heard from BP or its lawyers. He said the claims people have been given so much conflicting information about the process that they can't provide answers.
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  1. Did anyone in their right mind think for one minute that BP was going to take full responsibility for this disaster?

    Why pay these people? The toxic air and water is gonna soon kill them anyway. Then comes the wrongful death claims and then bankruptcy.

  2. Why would BP want to pay these people? They're all going to drop dead soon anyway.

  3. These fisherman have absolutely nothing to worry about. Presidente Soetoro extracted $20B from BP which will be paid out by an independent third party. They just need to be patient, the governmant has their back.

  4. Where's that criminal lawyer that handled the 911 claims that Barry hired for the bp catastrophe? Oh, I would guess he's vacationing on some island somewhere way away from the Gulf.

    So, they are not being paid, the gulf is totally destroyed, everything dead, and soon the gulf residents will start dropping and there are no activist doing anything? Man, the mind control tv and MSN have done an amazing job of brainwashing the sheeple slaves.

    Watch for gulf gun confiscation coming soon, I am sure the gulf residents will be happy to give up their guns, after all, they have given up their lively hood, their environment and soon their lives, with no complaints.

  5. If it weren't for people like this guy swimming in oil, we wouldn't need all these warning signs. Stop signs, yeild, merge, no trespassing, no fishing and NO SWIMMING MORON.

  6. Watch for gulf gun confiscation coming soon...

    No need to take the guns, just wait for the people to DIE! After all, that was the plan all along. No more Mardi Gras parties. The Gulf will be nothing more than a "Company Town" owned by BP and controlled by BP.

    Very soon the Headlines will say that Obama and most of Congress owns stock in BP and other oil companies.

    News at 11:00...

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