Friday, August 20, 2010

15 Signs The U.S. Housing Market Is Headed For Complete And Total Collapse

Sales of new and existing homes in the U.S. are at depressingly low levels.  For example, during the month of May sales of new homes in the U.S. declined to the lowest level ever recorded.  Yes, you read that correctly.  The U.S. Department of Commerce began tracking sales of new homes back in 1963, and since that time the number of new homes sold has never been as low as it was in May.
Not only that, but existing home sales (which had been faring a bit better) are also showing signs of serious decline.  In the month of July, sales of existing homes in southern California fell nearly 22% from a year earlier.  In Austin, Texas sales of homes declined 25% from a year ago in the month of July.  The truth is that home prices are still way too high.  As prices begin to decline that should help home sales a bit, but the truth is that the days of the real estate boom are gone and they not coming back.

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  1. Let'er fall. When everyone is fighting to eat out of the same garbage can and there's just one American left with a job, we can stop worrying about all this depression stuff and watch reruns of football games and make bets on whose chicken is going to lay the next egg.

    I never was big on this going to work thing anyhow. I never once wanted a house bigger than the one I had. I me a car was always a hunk of useful metal and that's it. Believe it or not I would much rather have a mule or two.


  2. I'm looking forward to this, we will all be a family again. I can't wait to sit with people and sing, pray, dance, eat, and help everyone with simple things. Humanity will return, this economic destruction is a miracle!

  3. Some of us already letting the other Spanish in the neigborohood know what the deal is goona be in just a few more days. I will be the king. I dont worry abot food ar any thing. We are in a gang so we wont have to prove anything. When the army shows up at their door we will get everything.

    Soem big mouth Anglos tryin g to sound tough on here say tey gonna shoot us all. Go ahead if you go the nerve but that the end of you for sure.

    WE loaded and ready so some on lets get to it Im looking forward to SHTF.

  4. 4:38 - King Homey, you'll be the first to be taken out with a high-powered rifle bullet to the head. Adios muchacho.

  5. Right on, 4:02! We would have been better off staying where we were right after WW11. We had wonderful futures to look forward to; NO credit cards, only cash and barter...oh, and one more thing- people were actually civil and nice toward one another. We blew it!

  6. 4:38 (King of the dipshits) Mexicans do not know how to fight a war, read a history book. Mexico has NEVER won a war.
    Drive by shootings and gang beatings do not take courage or millitary skill. hablas mierda

  7. Why are we criticizing the Mexican war lord? U for one would gladly provide him with food and sexual favors for the security of knowing that my enemies are his enemies.

    I wonder if he will put out the fires and take care of sick people too. If he is willing to make sure the garbage cans dont get dented and keep out stray animals, What is wrong with a little tax and tuna taco on the side?

  8. Lol I'm Mexican and let me explain something 4:38 is NOT Mexican...He's a white guy using a lil license to ill to get you all angry.

    Like if I wrote in pretending to be black and coming to steal all your white women and fried chicken...Yet someone always falls for it.

    Listen the percentage of my people who actually read blogs having to do with the economy and real or made up conspiracies is pretty low.

    However, I do have to tell you a little talked about secret about most illegals in the US...They're our peasants, our peons, our serfs back home.

    The US has ended up with the lower part of the barrel because you refuse to seal your border...I understand why they come up "North" as opportunities in Mexico, Central and South America are nil.

    They start of well because most have very good work ethic and are kind people...Problem is the second genration (their kids) is garbage...Ask ANY Mexican/Central American/South American what we think of US born kids of either illegals or immigrants.

    Also education isn't pushed like the Asian immigrants who pride themselves in having degrees...Therefore they end up doing exactly what made them serfs, peones, peasants in their country...They don't study, they have too many kids and they keep themselves in the wonderful cycle of poverty.

    The middle class and rich usually stays where their at...If you're decently clever and educated or what we call "Movido" you'll do fine in your country...If you're uneducated or can't get by the thought is to go to the US for work.

    Not all of course...I may have overgeneralized but pretty accurate.

    Now I was honest about my people...How about some of you good ol boys admit to what your kids are like?...I'm looking at American Generation Y and Z and sorry to tell you but your kids are as bad as ours with the ting of meth/pot and the work ethic of a sloth.

    In fact pregnancies out of wedlock among whites is shooting up, drug use among whites in the small towns is outrageous and the emoish and ghettofabulous/wanna be gangster/wigger attitudes of your kids actually makes me sad.

  9. Noodles 123

    Good job outing the ringer.

    Not a secret we've been importing poverty from Mexico or what their offspring are creating, though.

    If we could eliminate that scourge maybe we could devote a few more resources to our own.

  10. Now you guys are all forgetting that the Free Trade Agreement was signed among the three N.A. countries a few years ago. What is NOT known, however, was when Bill was munching on a Big Mac and had his back turned, Vincente and Brian added a clause stating that only Canada and Mexico had access to ALL chickens and ALL loose women and left the USA out. It just goes to prove when you get 3 high-powered lawyers of that calibre in the same room, you just KNOW the shit`s gonna hit the fan! lol


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