Monday, August 23, 2010

After Two Years of Financial Turmoil Nothing Has Changed

Despite the legislative churn that produced thousands of pages of new laws and regulations and much self-congratulatory PR, nothing of any importance has changed.
All the truly important systems remain completely status quo:
1. The U.S. Global Empire continues to export paper (a.k.a. U.S. dollars) in exchange for real goods.
2. Global owners of capital and the Empire's owners/managers continue to buy the Empire's bonds in their endless trillions.
3. No Imperial war has been declared over and the troops withdrawn.
4. Not one of the hundreds of U.S. overseas bases has been shuttered; rather, new ones have been established and existing ones hardened and expanded.
5. The "too big to fail" banks have grown even larger and thus even more securely protected from failure by the Savior State.
6. The national Security State continues expanding at a staggering rate, seeking global hegemony over all electronic communications even as its own sprawling tenacles have no awareness of what the other tenacles know or don't know.
7. Thanks to "healthcare reform" (sic), the sickcare cartels have tightened their grip on the nation's income stream.
8. Lobbyists still control the lawmaking machinery of the Federal government. Indeed, any real reform has been attacked like a carcass tossed in a piranha-infested river; reform has quickly been stripped and then repackaged as a gutted faux reform for PR purposes.
9. The wealth/income/power gulf between the top 5% and the bottom 95% of citizens continues widening.
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  1. Yeah, that's right. Nothing has changed,as most still have good jobs and the sky has in fact not fallen on us,LOL.

  2. 1:46 don't worry the sky will fall on your head, its just a matter of time. Its like a slow cooker, eventually we're all cooked. You're just blind and simple.

  3. Seriously 1:46pm? You can't name several people in say your top 20 family and friends affected by the economy?

    If I count say top 10 friends/family I get 6 that have been affected and out of those 6 they were the breadwinners so that affects their wives and kids so that's an average of 3 more for every affected person.

    Lets agree to disagree and see you in say 1 year and we'll check the NEW Status Quo...You might be surprise how bad things got bad but they cooked the frog so slowly no one noticed till it was too late.

  4. Come on, you guys. Unless your family is a brain trust/bunch of human dynamos, they'd just as soon doze on the couch as trudge off to a job.
    Especially when the gubmint feeds them and keeps a cold one cold and the boob tube lubed.

    Fess up.

  5. 3:31 I have relatives and friends who work hard and have had problems. But what are you going to do IF you hard earned money becomes devalued or worthless?

    But there is possibly something much much worse headed our way and if it occurs then most will likely not make it - even those who have prepared.

  6. That's right !

    And that " possibly something" is ----

    Get ready for it

    Are ya a sittin' down now ?

    08.25.10 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    yeah; that's right 08.25.10 !

    Are you ahearin' me boy !


    'Tis almost on us Captain and I cannot hold her steady - she's abreakin' up.

    Where is that numb nuts anyway - been REALLY quiet lately ( now that his time draws near )


  7. The vast majority are still working. They might be underemployed, but they can still put a roof over their heads and food on the table.

    In the 1920s people actually went hungry, as in they would not have food. We are a long way from that, the public is still pretty fat and will be for awhile longer.

    The biggest effect is not on the people that already had jobs, but rather the graduates that needed their first job. These graduates have been out in the cold. Eventually that is what will really collapse everything. The previous generations are holding onto their positions and not letting new blood in. That is how revolutions begin.

  8. 4:37 you are wrong on that one. The vast majority are so far in debt to the mighty bankers they have no choice but to take ANYTHING to pay the debt off. UNLIKE the 30's. The roof is heavily mortgaged, they are living on "borrowed" food and they are fat with debt. A debt that they will NEVER pay off.

  9. You dont have to worry about all that can happen, I just came from the supermarket and the inflation alone, on just food, will be enough to kill at least 50% of families. Forget about the rest, if only one of the other things happen to collide with the inflation, that will collapse everything.

  10. Lol-I get a big fat kick out of 1:46 thru arsehole exhaust. Vegetated in mom`s basement for free for 4 years while you acquired your degree in Broom Closet Management-lucky you getting a job! Well, sonny, I guess your not so bad after all. I remember back in the 60`s when the hippies were plugging the nations sewer pipes. LBJ intensified the war in Vietnam and conscripted BIG TIME! Well, they hopped on the college bandwagon right then and there to avoid the draft. Guess where most of them majored? POLITICAL SCIENCE. Guess what? Now they are all Govt. leaders running this frikkin planet! What goes around comes around...bwaahaahaahaa!!

  11. Not all were polysci

    Our illustrious leader minored in basketweaving.

    Sure is comin' in handy now - ain't it?

  12. most still have good jobs

    I can say I still have good job, assuming you define a good job as one that provides many fiat dollars in exchange for one's time. However, I can see the company positioning itself to put distance between employees and company obligations. And it also seems to be preparing for consolidation by cherry-picking the best through the hand of the employees themselves--we are required to have career plans, networking plans, mentoring plans, education background, detailed on-the-job experience, etc, and all at the finger-tips of HR. My plan is simple... Loot as much as I can.

  13. Yeah there are still people with money, but it's going out fast. I went to visit friend in southern PA who has a good job. We went to the local supermarket to buy dinner fixings and I couldn't get over the price of fruit. $5 a pound for cherries!

    Do you seriously think somebody earning minimum wage would work for nearly 5 hours just to eat a bunch of cherries? Do, they'd have spend that money on stuff that would last longer and make you feel full. Why else do you see poor people buying hot dogs and bacon and American cheese?

  14. You have to doubt the agenda of any author who pulls out the "Empire" arguement. The whole article seemed a litlle too anti-American. Is it an honest article about what is going on in the world or is it a thinly disguised attack on America. Watch out! Not everyone who shows up in an emergency is there to help.


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