Friday, August 13, 2010

Could China Be Deliberately Destroying The Dollar And Cause Un Upward Explosion Of Gold?

Could China be coveting the role of the next economic superpower, thereby supplanting the USA? If so, is China planning to do this by design or is it simply awaiting this result by default as a result of the total collapse of the American economic system?

Whether we like it or not, China has already become the 800 lb Gorilla in the dining room, economically speaking. We ignore this fact at our peril. Thus it may be advisable to reorientate our thinking from that of the rationalist, pragmatic thought processes which arose out of the Enlightenment and complement our thinking with something more akin to that of the Chinese.

In order to accomplish this, it is constructive to take a closer look at the ancient Chinese philosopher, Master Sun Tzu. In an earlier article , based on a book by Harro von Senger on this theme[1], I have attempted to do this in connection with the Special Drawing Rights[2], as advocated by the Chinese earlier this year. However, I will now examine this idea in the context of the the Chinese possession of US Bonds, a subject not only of relevance to these two countries, but also for the stability of the entire international economic system.

At a superficial level, it may appear to the onlooker that China has been sucked into a giant malinvestment by purchasing these bonds, but a closer look at Master Sun’s stratagems may reveal a well conceived and even cunning plan.

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  1. Ancient Chinese SecretAugust 13, 2010 at 12:46 PM

    No, it's not in their collective nature. We must not project what the Western mindset would do onto the Eastern mindset. One day, both mindsets may merge into a hybrid that renders its forebearers obsolete, but we're not at that point yet. Give it time, we're getting there.

  2. Ancient Chinese secret #2 says....

    When was the last time you actually visited China?

    Trust me - they have another 20 -25 years just on infrastructure. Not to mention the HUGE problems they are currently facing with the human elemaent and other mundane stuff like fresh, potable water.

  3. Trust me - they have another 20 -25 years just on infrastructure. Not to mention the HUGE problems they are currently facing with the human elemaent and other mundane stuff like fresh, potable water.

    What does that have to do with what 9;46 said?

  4. The American Sheeple will never get a clue! It's not the president past or present. Nor is it the government. It's the European Central banks, the international oil cartels and the Industrial Military Complex! All who propped up the Federal Reserve to take over America back in 1913! (Read The Creature From Jekyll Island.) America is not even a country! It never was! That was the illusion that the so called founding fathers propped up to trick the population into fighting the American Revolutionary war! America was design to be a Corporation. The International share holders made tons of money off this country for the past 200 years. Now it's time to cash out and Dump the shares! That's what’s going on with the economy. That's why a lot people are loosing everything! This country's national debt is larger than the GDP of the whole planet! President Obama like every President before him is just a CEO of the American company! He has to borrow $2Trillion Dollars a year from the Chinese Just to keep this economy afloat!(China is now the ATM for the world!) Foolish Americans don't read books! That's why they do not know about this! They are brainwashed by too much television! And the garbage reality shows and the BS from the media! All politicians are bought and paid for by the International share holders of America. The Federal Reserve's Charter lease is going to expire in another two years. They will not renew it because of the debt they owe. The IMF will take over and will become the Federal Reserve for the whole world. America will get consolidated with every other debt broke nation in the world. There will be a new form of currency. Controlled by one world central bank. Controlled by the Queen of England and other Royal ruling families. If you want to get an idea of what will happen to America? Look at what happen to the Soviet Union back in 1989. They went bankrupt because of too much debt! The share holders ran that country into the ground then they cashed out! And left the citizens holding the bill. That is what is happening to America right now! Remember the bank bail outs? Do Americans even know that we bailed out Greece? Next year America will get hit with the biggest tax increase in human history! More business will collapse and unemployment will be far worst then the Great Depression of the 1930's. America will be reduced to a 3rd world country like Mexico! So Arizona will not have to worry about the Illegals crossing the boarder. Because there will be no more boarders! And all this talk about war with Iran and North Korea is smoke and fumes! These bastards are no fools! Nobody in the world wants World War 3! Why would they want to blow up their money? They never had it so good here in the physical world! People should not listen to these fools like Alex Jones and many other war fear mongers with disinformation! Remember most of these fools are trying to sell you something. I am not I'm just telling you the truth! The best way to survive this nightmare system. Is to pray and get out of debt ASAP! Cut house hold spending and do not live beyond your means! Many times I have told many fools of what I know and they said I was crazy or over exaggerated. Well they are not saying that now! Job lay offs, House foreclosures, wage cuts, and repossessions. I could be here all day and give names and dates! People only believe the reality they create for themselves. The powers that be know this! And they have successfully used that knowledge against the fools of America!

  5. 08-25-10 Prepare now.

  6. No, not 8-25-10 but 10-25-10.

  7. Is that a locker combination?

  8. The end of the dollar hegemony “Great Peace” the “American century “ of the great Khans US world empire was established at the Bretton Woods conference after the destruction of some competing imperialist empires and their agreement to Western European future subservience to the Dollar under the khans nuclear umbrella protection racket. The value of the Khans toilet paper is of course not exchangeable for gold or silver as was once the case.It is known or rumored now that the treasury gold warehouse of the Khan government itself , has only tungsten and little gold now, as it was looted by the bankster tribe long ago.

    But acceptance of the paper money of today’s Mongol horde empire, based on the dollar hegemony and military bases for punitive expeditions against resistant nations
    throughout the empire, is increasingly being called into question since the credit supply money markets went on complete strike/meltdown in 2008 over doubts of the empires economy being able to keep up the interest payments on its debts in real exchange value. “Confidence” in the value of the value of the Khans currency was backed by the military might of the great Khan by installing and protecting puppets in countries prepared to accept the khans paper in exchange for commodity tribute,(and a cut in the profits) –Things like Oil and cheap labor commodity tribute flowed . China, the empires new Mongolian ‘race” slave labor “communist” lackey country . was recently hooked into this export of labor created wealth system .
    A prime condition for puppet countries like China receiving the Khans paper ‘investment” of paper benevolence and access to USmarkets ,was the requirement that the paper debt / money issued to import things , be mostly promptly returned to the treasury of the great Khan, as vendor finance for the homeland empire economy itself.
    Thus the khans money circulated and peace reigned.
    However Rebellion existed in China and on the fringes of empire., The khans military horde is getting its butts kicked from Afghanistan to Iraq and nuclear threats of all “options on the table war, are now having little effect on oil countries like Iran , The threats are met by laughter and contempt and they dare to sell oil and gas in barter exchange for currencies other than the dollar .The Khan appears to be weak and unable to enforce his will on Iran with sanctions.
    All this is undermining confidence for the military backing of the Khans dollar and the empire itself. In addition , A fall in value of the Khans money in compared with other minor currencies of empire had been occurring for many years,. eating away at confidence in the value of the Empire dollar. This general fall in comparitive exchange value and confidence was mainly caused by excess printing of money loaned as credit to the great khan for wars and for financing imports of foreign goods by business on vendor finance, as can be seen in the current account deficit figures over many years.
    The de-industrialization – the lack of real physical wealth creation in the Khans ‘Homeland” itself meant that the khan has little desirable commodities required for the needs of others to export, in exchange of real values.

    The great Khan Bush ,in cooperation with the heir apparent Khan Obama and another contending Khan McCain in the two political clan factions of the Golden Paper Horde Party, in cooperation the tribal finance sector , Goldman Smash and Grab- led by the Gods-work-mafia-bankster as well as the Printer of the paper currency Helicopter –Ben-bankster, seized control of the empires talking shop under the satrap Treasurer of the great Khan , Bazooka-Paulson-Bankster and later, Dim-wit-. –Geither, also of th at bankster ilk tribe..
    With confidence in the paper Ponzi gone , the Khans bankster sector , desperately seeking profits have turned to looting the asset value of the Mac Yurts of the khans own homeland and threatens war everywhere.

  9. You both have it wrong!

    It's 08/25/12

    Write it down !

  10. Wouldn't that be suicidal if China did that?

  11. 8:07
    china does not have to do anything. they can just sit tight and wait for america to collapse.

  12. Fu Man Chu ,aka sun tzu, it is well known is very shifty, cunning and devious and therefore the equal of US imperialist banksters..
    And probably very angry after being tricked into working on cheap labor rates of pay
    into putting his savings into dud paper and becoming dependent on the foreign market for exports.
    The clever bankster issuers of the Dud paper scam dollar think they have stupid
    Fu man Chu trapped into supporting the dollar forever and unable to get his money back because he is now helpless in the financial war, tied down by paper assets in a foreign land .

    This hopeful assumption and arrogant boast by “the western mind” is based on the belief that Orientals are too stupid to understand “the western mind” and its financial frauds. But ,perhaps Fu man Chu has now studied the Ponzi system scams very well.
    The outright selling of its dud dollars would indeed damage the value of its savings.

    But , to use an asset for obtaining credit one does not have to sell the asset outright.
    They can of course be pawned as security in borrowing cash for the purchase of real world resource assets , without the issuer of the treasury bonds not even aware that its bonds are being pawned.
    For example pawn the T Bond to borrow cash to buy gold ? .
    If push comes to shove in a crisis of the dollar value the Chinese may allow any creditor to seize the pawned assets -the collateral being seized - the now completely near
    worthless Dud treasury bonds.
    Oh, so sorry about that .but, you have got your full agreed payment!
    Its a shame ,we feel sorry for you , because now we own the real world assets and you own the dud dollars.
    Only the US banksters to blame for that!
    So sorry you are trapped in the devalued dollars now!

    So sorry ,we acted in good faith, but were to stupid to understand that the dollars bonds we pawned as collateral were time bombs about to explode, just because America was printing a lot of good dollars.

    Have you noticed the Chinese and their sovereign wealth funds are buying up real world assets all around the world now?
    They do not pay in YUAN but top dollar prices .

    I wonder if they are not selling dollar bonds because they are pawning them,under the counter as security for low interest cash?

  13. Oh goody! Another article about how gold will just EXPLODE and go off the map.


    America has more riches in natural resources than most people can even fathom. The last thing that will happen is a war on this soil.


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