Sunday, August 8, 2010

Monsanto's Manipulation, Lies and Deceits: The End Of Natural Seeds

So they redefined themselves as a "life sciences" company, and then proceeded to pollute the landscape with toxic herbicide, contaminate the gene pool for all future generations with genetically modified plants, and get fined and convicted of deception and wrongdoing. Monsanto's chief European spokesman admitted in 1999, "Everybody over here hates us." Now the rest of the world is catching on.
"Saving the world," and other lies
Monsanto's public relations story about genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are largely based on five concepts.

1. GMOs are needed to feed the world.
2. GMOs have been thoroughly tested and proven safe.
3. GMOs increase yield.
4. GMOs reduce the use of agricultural chemicals.
5. GMOs can be contained, and therefore coexist with non-GM 

All five are pure myths -- blatant falsehoods about the 
nature and benefit of this infant technology. The experience of former Monsanto employee Kirk Azevedo helps expose the first two lies, and provides some insight into the nature of the people working at the company.

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  1. Men have been breeding plants and animals for thousands of years. An ear of corn was the size of the bristles on your toothbrush before men genetically modified it over the years.

    And my dachshund has a love-thing going with my cat. What'd going on with that?

    And what's this I hear about these zebra-mules? Where can I get one of those?

    Also I would like to know why there are so many races? If they are of the same species why are some of them so ugly we would never interbreed?

    And are there any races whose appearance gives the suspicion of interspecies breeding with, oh, I don't know- APES???

    Where is Charlton Heston when you need him?

    Have the Bilderburgs turned him into some kind of Illuminati-possessed head in a bell jar waiting for a chance to take over the Council of Foreign Relations in alliance with the Club of Rome?

    And just how does Sophia Loren never seem to age?

    What ticks me off though is Monsanto's making plants whose seeds will not reproduce. It's good business for them but it doesn't make me feel too secure for my agricultural independence.

  2. Won't be long before they're bustin down our doors to get our "seed stash"! Control the food, money, whatever...control the sheeple! BaaBaaBaa <..>


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