Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Purpose Behind Engineered Economic Collapse

From now on, depressions will be scientifically created.” — Congressman Charles A. Lindbergh Sr. , 1913
Everyone loves money. Even people like myself who abhor the abuse of money and commerce, who understand the fraudulent nature of the system we live in, still work hard and save so that we might attain a sense of stability within that system. Many people see money as a focal point to their existence. But is it really money that they are after, or is it something else entirely? In truth, money represents ‘security’ in the minds of the masses. Money affords us the ability to survive, and the more of it we have, the safer we all feel. Because we subconsciously associate the extension of our very life with the variable health of the economic structure in which we live, we tend to become unwitting devotees to its continued existence, even if it is corrupt and condemned to failure. We gullibly deny the system or the currency that supports it is doomed to the contrary of all evidence because, even though it has beaten us bloody, we have never known anything else.
The average American lives within a tiny box when it comes to the mechanics and motivations of finance. 
1. The economy is too complex to be controlled by just a handful of people…
The problem is that just because a person participates in his economy daily, it does not mean he has any understanding of how it operates. Many watch television on a daily basis, but few have any idea how the picture actually gets onto the screen, or how to fix a television once it is broken. Sadly, our egocentric culture has led a substantial portion of the public to imagine that they are experts on EVERYTHING, and thus, true researchers in the fields of economics and globalism get reactions like the one above constantly.
Global banks would never engineer the collapse of the U.S. economy or the Dollar. It makes them too much money…
This often heard song and dance ties in with the number two comment above. Again, the assumption is that the globalists only do what they do out of an “uncontrollable greed for money”. This perpetuates a couple fallacies. First, it encourages the false belief that the end concern for the Elite is the accumulation of riches. Central bankers have the ability to PRINT all the money they want from thin air! Remember, the Federal Reserve has never been subjected to a full audit, meaning they could easily create billions if not trillions without any oversight whatsoever. Greed for money, to them, is surely an absurd notion. What they do want, more than anything else, is social power. They want control over every living human being without question. All other concerns are secondary.
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Greece In A Death Spiral
The austerity measures that were supposed to fix Greece's problems are dragging down the country's economy. Stores are closing, tax revenues are falling and unemployment has hit an unbelievable 70 percent in some places. Frustrated workers are threatening to strike back.
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  1. Yoinkers, Run, Scooby, it's TPTB!!!

  2. 1:03 you fit in this category:
    Many watch television on a daily basis, but few have any idea how the picture actually gets onto the screen

  3. You mean it's not little people in there! Zoinks! Run, Scoobie!

    And Scoobie says you deserve the 'reath renalty'!

  4. 1:03 and 1:12 (the same sad soul) amazing how incoherent the public really is. You wouldn't be able to understand a quarter of this article with your "gibberish american way". No wonder the country is on its knees without knowing why or how they got there. People like you are rampantly running around.

  5. There is much truth to this, but when does the bottom fall out? In the early 90's, the dot com technology saved the economy, and again in 2001-2002, very near another economic disaster, the housing/credit expansion saved the economy. What will save it this time?

  6. 1:26- Your history is a little off. Early 90's? I don't remember anybody surfing that far back except a couple of nerds I knew in the dorm. More like LATE 90's.


  8. What will save us this time? People losing faith, freaking out and proclaiming doom will help.

    In the words of that towering genius, Leslie Nielson, 'Run!'

    We must look to the superior cultures like Mexico and Sweden for guidance. Grass huts and volcano-heated igloos will save us.

    The mighty intellects of England wallowing in the the mire of their centuries-long spiral downward will give us hope.

    The wisdom of German furor teutonicus will arm us for the peaceful days ahead.

    Africa will teach us to just get along and how to cook all the parts of the crocodile.

    China and North Korea will show us the way to totalitarian fusion of individuality into the collective will.

    Japan can teach us how to imitate others and conquer the world economically.

    New Zealand can teach us how to stay out of the way and breed hobbits.

    Australia can teach us how to enlarge can size for really big beer. And fried kangaroo tail.

    And I believe even the wise penguins at the South Pole can teach us how to swim out far into the ocean, catch fish in our teeth and regurgitate fish stew to our young.

    Let's face it, Americans don't know a cathode ray tube squirming with camp monster cartoons from a starship class type r pison wave collector-emitter.

    Run, Scoobie, run.
    See Scoobie run.
    End Program.

  9. We must look to the superior cultures like Mexico and Sweden for guidance. Grass huts and volcano-heated igloos will save us.

    I live in Sweden, what is so superior about Sweden??? i just moved back here after having lived for some 7 years in Florida and I miss it badly. Let me know if you would like to discuss Sweden, I will give you my email etc

  10. 2:13, don't get a big head about Sweden. Dude listed almost every country out there on his list of superior countries. You're on the same line as Mexico for goodness sakes.

    Swedish women are hot, though.

  11. Lets assume there are huge evil cabals...Each one trying to soak up as much wealth as it can from the sheeple all around the world...When they all start trying to soak up as much as they can AT THE SAME TIME what will happen?

    None are willing to stop killing the golden goose because they want/need to soak up as much wealth before the other guy does.

    Each cabal broken up by industry/race or country philosiphy...That's what's happen there is no control because every rat bastard doesn't want to miss out on the gravy train...They all figure it's going to crash so they're stockpiling...But what each is doing is making it a self propelled prophecy.

    It's that or our Reptilian Overlords from outerspace are cashing out...Zoinks!

  12. Tax rate in sweden is one of the highest in the world, vat tax is 25%..effective rate comes close to 60%

  13. Sweden, Just got back in from frolicking with the penguins. Bite kind of hard though. Them, not me. So are you up in the snow, being a cosmopolite or just lolling beside some fjord. Love your prose. You sound hot.

  14. Oh please, Swedish people are butt ugly, most Europeans are with the exception of the Mediterranean nations. Anyone remember Abba? The two female singers had to be blobbed with make up and they still looked bad, without make up they were monsters. The two guys were even worse. Not to mention how ugly their accent is.
    Danish is worse.

  15. I read that entire article and the Greece situation is living proof that there is a human surplus right now. A SURPLUS OF HUMANS. And now the world is about to correct that problem with a huge die off. That's what it's called: Die Off.

  16. 5.57- I am from Lower Slobovia and am three times removed related to the Swedes AND the Danes. We steal each others livestock and wear same babushka. Therefore I consider your remark insult many many. hahahahahaha!!

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