Thursday, September 9, 2010

Final Survival Preparations

Many Americans rarely if ever consider the issues of fundamental survival. By “survival”, I do not mean having a successful career, a low rate mortgage, a savings account, pension fund, nest-egg, etc. These are illusory means of survival in an economy not based in reality, but held together by deceptive government policies and a general lack of awareness in the population. The system we live in today is flawed in every sense, in terms of debt to savings, government spending versus government revenue, monetary policy, stock market value versus concrete company earnings, reported unemployment versus real unemployment, and numerous other factors. In my years observing and writing on our financial system, I have not found a single sector of the economy that is NOT in disarray or on the verge of complete collapse (except precious metals and certain other commodities).
Freeze Dried FoodNone of the methods for self-sustainment we are accustomed to today are even remotely practical under such conditions. Any American hoping to protect his family’s well being, or their freedoms, must realize and accept one simple fact:

The world we live in today is not necessarily the world we will live in tomorrow. Assumptions can kill…
There is nothing paranoid about survival preparation. Actually, those people who really believe that they are completely safe from any national catastrophe, or that they can rely on the Federal Government for total support during a crisis, are either terrifyingly stupid, or bewilderingly insane. In light of FEMA’s performance during the Katrina incident, an ill-conceived trust in our bureaucracy to protect us is utterly outdated and foolish. In fact, FEMA’s actions only made the situation in New Orleans worse, and caused substantial loss of life. NEVER, ever, put your fate in the hands of strangers, especially strangers from government organizations that have little to no vested interest in your well-being.
In previous articles such as ‘Surviving Economic Collapse: Tips, Tactics, And Gear’, we covered the Big Four in survival; food, water, shelter, and self-defense. For those who have not yet established themselves in these four essentials, I highly suggest they stop reading this article now and come back to it after they have begun dealing with the above issues. The following information is meant for those who are already well on their way towards survival preparedness, covering more advanced strategies and gear.
For the sake of being thorough, let’s briefly rehash the Big Four…
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  1. Costco = Great prices = Large quantity of quality goods that will last 5-10 years.

    Food prices are rising (5-10% per month on certain items) make the purchases now...If SHTF happens you'll be okay till things get stable...If it doesn't you'll still be able to incorporate to your meals AND you'll save money.

    Case in point: 1 year ago 2 cans of corn for $1.20 at Walmart...Now 1 can of corn for $.94.

    2 loaves of cheap bread for $1.00 NOW 1 loaf for $1.19...Etc Etc Etc

    Why wait till the wolf is at the door? Get stuff you'll use no matter what...TP/Soap/Soups/Rice/Beans/Coffee/Sugar/Salt/Cleaning supplies.

    I'm not even talking survival gear...Just life's basics...I put my money where my mouth is and even though my girl rolls her eyes when I mention things like this I'm going big this weekend and making sure her dumb ass is well stocked no matter what.

    Ahhh love you truely are a prison dressed in velvet.

  2. Absolutely one of the most practical posts you have made!
    I have spent years preparing, but food is what I am totally focused on now. Every extra penny we have goes into getting it, growing it, or preserving it. Store what you eat & eat what you store, then get more! Get a big supply of things you can't grow yourself (wheat, sugar, rice), learn to cook with it, and you'll never regret having it. Everyone of us needs food !!!

  3. Just look at how people survive in third world countries. The only difference is we get to prepare a little bit and have an advantage. But otherwise the same problems that people in third world countries have will come here to us.

    The masses are still busy yelling at each other over mosques and burned Qurans lol.

  4. 12:25 Your post got me laughing from something I did to my wife. She insisted we go to big lots because she needed a few things when I just wanted to get outta the city and go home.So while she looked at every damn thing in the store twice I got my own huge gray cart and started browsing. I came to the toilet paper wall and spotted 5000 sheet bonus packs for $2.50 I usually pay like .90 cents a roll. This was a bargain so I packed the cart. I had like 28 packs of 4 rolls stacked as high as I could. While in checkout line everyone was looking at us like we were amish,The clerk asked kinda sarcastic preparing for the end? I said nope shitz and smiled. Now I aint been outta tp in over a year and the cook don't ask me to go shopping anymore. WIN_WIN this is a true story and im thinkin before winter I will go back to biglots dig out a big cart and fill it maybe two if I can get the wife to go.haha

  5. We have been preparing as well as we can since I am unemployed now. But in the last three years we have gotten our camping/lights out gear and a fair supply of tools together. Now we are focused on food and other basics. I am thinking about a radio flier wagon with a box attached to move the gear more easily if we have to.
    Most people around where we live act like life will go on the same forever. I have stopped trying to tell them otherwise. I feel that if they have lived through this much and learned nothing then they are probably not meant to make it anyway. Cold but realistic.


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