Thursday, September 30, 2010

Food Stamps To Be Cut

Congress is poised to cut food stamps, taking away an extended benefit created by the 2009 stimulus before its original expiry date and setting up an unprecedented “cliff” in food stamps, now known as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, benefits. To demonstrate how hurtful this might prove, anti-hunger advocate Joel Berg recently spent a week eating according to the SNAP budget.

“I had done it in 2007, as well,” he said. “This time, it was much harder, because the price of food has increased more than the benefit has increased. Last time, for instance, I ate an apple a day, along with other food. This time, I couldn’t afford a single piece of fruit.”

Berg is the executive director of the New York City Coalition Against Hunger, which represents New York’s 1,200 nonprofit soup kitchens and food pantries and its 1.4 million residents that cannot afford enough food. (A more extended version of our conversation is below.) He and other hunger advocates are incensed over the SNAP cuts, which will pay for a sweeping child-nutrition bill. The First Lady–supported legislation is pending in the House, and has passed the Senate. In essence, Congress is planning to rob a very poor Peter to pay a very poor Paul.

The cliff in food stamps means that one month, a family will receive a set amount of money, about $4.50 per person per day. The next month, they will get less. In his week eating according to the SNAP budget, Berg shopped for the first three days as if he received full benefits. For the second two, he shopped as if he received cut benefits. The result? Less food, or less healthy food.
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  1. Was it really meant to totally feed a family or help out? Hell, I raised 6 kids. At times I had 3 jobs. NEVER, NEVER even considered taking a dime in welfare. Let them starve.

  2. 8:14 you had 3 jobs because that's how many was available per person at the peak. 75% will be relying on the government soon, you'll have no choice. So you'll be eating those words soon.

  3. 8:14

    My first thought was, "what the hell we're you doing making 6 kids"?

    The word "welfare" is not even used these days.

  4. 8:14

    I appreciate your hard work and tax dollars. My card gets reloaded tonight at 12 AM.


  6. I like how people get all condescending thinking they are so much better than other people.. Hey things may have worked for you but in this world there are alot of different people with different abilities. It's great it worked for you in your generation but we live now in a different time everything is different.. You almost cannot blame people for getting assistance times are far worse than the 80's 90's etc..

    People should stop being so self centered and remember there are other people on this planet and we live under an extremely corrupt system.. People are having trouble many times due to no fault of their own. I am sure most people would prefer not to have help but in this time in the world they have no choice. There are no opportunities out there anymore. Those who have better be grateful they do because that can easily change. Those who have not are having to deal with even less.

    Have a heart people stop being so self centered this earth has many people on it and we are all brothers and sisters of each other, we should act like that instead of enemies of each other.

  7. I see much abuse of the food stamp program...I've always lived in poor areas and many times I see them buying unhealthy things or just plain stupid things.

    I'm sorry that they are too stupid to try to educate themselves on healthy eating...I'm sorry a large percentage are obese due to the crap they eat...I'm sorry that living the USA were education is free they can't find the information through any media to maybe drink more water, get sun, exercise (since they aren't working)and eat veggies.

    To the idiot that said you can't make it on $4.50 per person per day...I say BS...Fruit is expensive I admit so eat veggies...The term "Beggers can't be choosers" comes to mind.

    Don't even get me started on those that take the food stamps and sell them for cash at 1/2 their value...Seen it and believe that at least 1/4 of all welfare is misspent.

    They need to verify social security #s and do some home spot check and you would get rid of at least 1/4 of the people on it.

    To those that are good people I feel for you...But the problem has been all the freeloaders/victims/perpetual slackers who have made welfare not seem like a hand to stand up...But instead have made it a handout that is stolen.

  8. I know really 10:57.

    The people who put down those on government assistance sound like they are just jealous.

    It's like being little and watching the other kids play soccer, you so badly want to play but instead you call them idiots because you fear they'll reject you. After so much name calling one finally approaches you and tells you to come play and all your anger goes away.

  9. In the '70's for perhaps 6 months, we received the old food stamps. My husband was on lay-off for over a year, we finially needed the help. At the time the unemployment check was around $90 per week. Our rent was $100. We paid all utilities plus oil for the furnace. Our 2 kids were under 2 yrs old. At that time we had to give them 1 week of pay, and they gave us double that amount in stamps. We were very grateful! Times have changed the best of our memories you could only use the stamps for limited types of food. NO junk food, cookies, candy, chips and you were expected to buy basic foods and actually COOK or bake home made items. Wow! Imagine that. In recent yrs I worked in a store where "independence cards" could be used. I was totally shocked and angry at what was allowed. THAT is the real crime here....what the heck happened to common sense? And no, we couldn't afford disposable diapers. Every other day the old wringer washer made it possible to have dozens of clean diapers and other laundry. Sometimes they 'freeze dried' outside a while, but we never went without. Some food for thought. Oh yeah, we had to let our car sit idle for over half that year also...who had money for insurance! Thanks.

  10. The breaking point is coming!

  11. This is serious. If they cut my wefare benefits I will be forced to cut back on my beer. Not only that but I may have to reduce my pot consumption as well. I may have to have more children just so I can get more money and be able to stay high. What will I do...


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