Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Government Keeps National Security Secrets Hush From It's Citizens, What Are They Hiding?

The number of workers and companies involved in the world of Top Secret America is quite large. An estimated 854,000 Americans have top-secret clearances and nearly 2,000 companies do secret work for 46 government agencies.
A new report from, a coalition of public interest organizations, says that even though the U.S. government is declassifying more materials than in the past, secrets abound. And it says the government is struggling to keep up with the volume of information post 9/11 that it has to review to decide whether to classify or declassify materials.

"The major trends we're seeing is that there was a massive swelling of the classified world after 9/11 and even though the government is declassifying it a bit faster, they're falling further behind as the swell of classified moves through the system," said Amy Bennett, program associate at and one of the author's of the report.
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  2. I have a top-secret clearance and I don't really do anything secretive. I'd imagine only maybe around 10k of those clearances do something meaningful and would actually need it.

    And those 10k are killing the country, no doubt.

  3. I love the picture of the fat, useless cop!!

  4. 10:04
    The government is buying stock through POMO. If you liked that link you will love these:

  5. yeah that cop..sad but average american nearly...
    if crashes, got shorts on either way?

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