Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Economic Rant

Sell your 401k or IRA and buy silver bullion Hold it yourself. The government is going to forcibly convert your entire life savings into worthless Treasury annuities. Yes, they will. Yes, this has been done in other countries, and will be done in.. One morning you’ll wake up and see Saviour Nobama’s ugly smiling mug on TV telling you your life savings has been converted to a Treasury annuity for your own “safety” and “protection”, and for the Greater Good of America! You have to sell your IRA or 401k, take the penalty, and put all your money into silver bullion.

Look at the graph below. Look at inflation since 1980 over the last 30 years. We are facing the worst hyperinflation has every seen. This will rob you of your life savings. The way to save yourself is with silver or gold. Silver is four times better than gold. We are going to see hyperinflation on the level of them food prices triple No more spending 10% of your income on the best, least expensive food in the world. You’ll spend 30% of your income and cut back severely on what you eat. Charles Evans, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, is now saying that inflation in the U.S. is too low and the Federal Reserve needs to publicly declare a new goal of having inflation that is much higher than its informal 2% target. William Dudley, President of the New York Federal Reserve, is calling current low levels of U.S. inflation "a problem" because "it means slower nominal income growth".

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  1. The federal government will almost certainly confiscate all of the nation's retirement plans. Moreover, they will be forced to do so in order to honor their obligations. Remember Argentina? When this occurs, those at or near retirement age will continue to receive benefits at the expense of those who are not.

  2. What a bunch of cry babies worrying about raising the the retirement age to 62.All the days they get off plus they don't even work 40 hours a week.

  3. Ah yes !

    Comparing Argentina now to the USA ?

    Yeah, Um . Sure

    That would be like comparing a Volkswagon to

    A friggin' Lamborgini

    I would say - oh about 175 MILLION ARMED citizens for starters

    OH ! The founders were so VERY VERY SMART INDEED !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Good news everybody. The weakening dollar is just a sign of recovery:


    Haha. What a bunch of fucking shit. It's amazing how they can just lie to the public like that. Make it up as they go along. This fucking country is getting ready to light up like the brain of a first time meth user... but to those on meth it isn't enough to get high off of.

  5. There's a lot of way to make money bro...keep in posting...muuuachhh

  6. At the turn of the last century Argentine Had the highest standing of living in the world.
    Higher than americans.
    before they got done over by US imperialist manipulations and dictator creationism and US backed military regime changes .
    Then it was the time for the 'dont cry for me Argentina" the cult of popular dictator puppet personalities.


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