Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jim Rogers: Paul Krugman Is An Idiot

Whenever you print money, people look for a refuge, gold,” says Rogers. He points out that government will blame its mistakes on the press and the people rather than itself.
The investor predicts gold will end in a bubble someday, when everyone is buying. He would rather buy silver than gold now, but owns both.
Rogers calls out the flaws of Keynesian economist Paul Krugman. “He should resign,” advises Rogers. “He doesn’t know anything about economics.” On President Obama, Rogers says he doesn’t understand Economics 101. “He barely knows much about the world,” Rogers argues.
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  1. Paul Krugman can go to hell along with all the other apologist worms!

  2. You go, Jimmy boy, you go!

  3. Jimmy must include Bush also. That boy don't
    know his ass from his head.

  4. how is bush relevant? speaking of knowing your ass from your head. pull your head out and get over bush. He is not the president.


    Obama just loves Krugman and Bernanke.

  6. if krugman believes in what he says then he IS an idiot.
    but if he's being paid to spin bad information then that is dispicable

  7. No Jim,
    He is not an idion. He is a smart thief. Do you think he got his Noble Prize for nothing? When are you people going to understand that economics of today is not science? Where have you seen scientist advocating meter or kilogram to be traded on exchange? How the hell are you going to assemble an airplane if all countries participate in assembly and the meter and kilogram change daily? The only reason for pseudo-science like economics of today to exist is to fleece you of you money. Crooks give themselves Noble Prizes. Than the Noble Prize laureates (like Obama or Krugman) come out on TV and lie through their teeth. And all you listen to this nonsense (while your pensions and wealth is disappearing) and think: Oh he is a Noble Prize laureate. He must be right. Let’s listen to him. Yeah, yeah. Keep listening, dorks!

  8. @October 20, 2010 9:05 AM
    How old are you? Kindergarten age? People like Bernanke and Krugman put him in power.

  9. OK, I am 3 1/2 years old and I thought it would be fun to finally say "It's Obama's Fault!" since I have been hearing for years It's Bush's Fault! Bush and Bernanke were in bed together, but now it's Obama, Bernanke and Krugman all in the same bed. Bush and Krugman were not each others type. :)

  10. matters not what king sits on the throne, but he who controls the money, and I control the money...rothchild
    the sitting king, with his gullitine, said nothing

  11. Krugman Is the 'lefty" a so called 'economist" calling for more money printing and national deficits.
    Bush shut his mouth and pretended to be anti-deficit. A sly player .But he actualy created more national debts and more money printing Ponzis than even his "leftist" predecessor Clinton .

    Bush is still the undisputed World champion of deficit and bailouts .

    Before leaving office he even set up a bi-partisan arrangement for committing Obama to continue to manage a trillion +dollar a year deficit spending program for years to come.
    A master of the art of money printing.

    So ,Bush is still all time deficit Champ .

    But Obama and trainer Benanke are closing the gap as contenders.

    With TARP 2 deficit spending bailouts will be baked into the system for more years to come .
    Even Bush could not have done it better.

    Krugman. a Noble prize spokesman of banksters economics encourages Obama to do better at saving the TBTF corporate person fraudsters ,claiming that as a "lefty'Democrat he has the political capital and can do better at spending than the republican Bush.

    You can place your cash bets on the outcome gentlemen, but remember all winnings will be paid for in devalued inflated dollars.As the ruling elite Mafia houses contol the Feds Casino anyway, whatever front men contest the titles in the public ring.

  12. krug is ass. 130 comes off as incognos. few, im glad not to be with him in trouble. Is worth it to not read? Why should krug get such a junk bond if he is stupid. Im stupid because i live in a aparment. how bout him. he probly lives in a two story manshion. Well, eat it friend cause ameicans are done. We take back finases and we earn more dollars from senaters. Then we call it a done deal.

    - Sam


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