Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mortgage Companies Hire Thugs To Break In Homes

Nancy, a woman not in foreclosure, called 911 last Tuesday because a man was breaking into her house. The call is terrifying - he breaks in, "hangs around," and she locks herself in the bathroom.
Then tons of police show up and we later find out (in the news video below) that he's been hired and sent by JPMorgan, her mortgage company.
The bank claims the home was abandoned because she never established a mortgage payment plan and the home was abandoned because utilities had been shut off.
Obviously, that's not true. The homeowner says she's there all the time, and her electricity and water bills, etc are all current. Her mortgage payments are three months late. She's filing a lawsuit.
How this might be connected to the 56,000 foreclosures JPMorgan recently froze (because their employees didn't read them), we don't know, because the woman's home wasn't in foreclosure, but clearly there's some wild and uncouth stuff going on inside that mortgage department.

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  1. The contractor should knock on the door first.

    If that "mistake" happened in Texas he probably would have the barrel of a shotgun stuck up his nose with a What do you think yur doin ?

  2. SO...How would you feel if you were renting your home out and the deadbeat was paying utilities... BUT STIFFING YOU FOR THREE MONTHS?

    Theft is theft.

  3. 9:24 imagine creating fake money at a cost of 6 cents per $100 bill and charging $100 for it. The FEDS send it to the banks at a very low rate, allow them to lend it out at fraudulent astronomical rates, to the servants. The servants don't pay the banks because they lost their jobs.. The banks don't pay the feds back. The FEDS say its ok banks, get it from the servants. If they can't pay take all their assets away, kick them out in the streets. Who's the thief here, STUPID.

  4. 9:24

    Losing your job these days does not mean you are a dead beat. You may be next so get off your high horse.

    Unless you are part of the elite ruling class the financial system is rigged to make you a surf, servant, SLAVE. WAKE UP!

    By the way, do a Google search on how to properly evict a tenant.

  5. Bunch of thugs. The elite never follow laws or rules but want to shame the rest of us into it.

    If they want something, they'll threaten and use force, regardless of whether they're in the right or not. They will take kick backs form the government insulating them from all risk whatsoever and giving them guaranteed high earning business/income for no work (look at soldier insurance/death rates, student loan lending, mortgages etc. These are all government backed).

    A regular person is expected to take all the risks, to follow legal recourse (except those are stacked too against them because the judges are getting kick backs too), pay the full share of taxes with little to no tax breaks (all of it is taxed before getting it, there is an AMT, etc.), pay income taxes for the US even if they're abroad (corps don't do this), bail out the big companies and banks, and in general to get fucked over repeatedly at the whim of everyone else.

    And still the sheeple trust the government and shame each other instead of blaming the true enemy. They insist on staying blind. Half this site is sheeple too, if you use the terms "liberal" or "conservative" and actually think you are making a point you are a fucking idiot. They're all one and the same.

    This country is finished. The people are too stupid to hold their leaders accountable and demand transparency. I'm watching the ship go down sinking, I have an escape plan in place and will be out of here soon enough. Hopefully I have enough time before it falls apart and they institute a total lockdown in the US, of course to "protect us" from "terrorists" that would target us overseas.

  6. If you haven't already done so....invest in lead and lead delivery systems.

  7. 9:37 & 10:19 you are both hypocrites and warped.

    If it was FAKE MONEY that bought the house then it was a FAKE HOUSE, so nothing lost. Filing a lawsuit for a fake house, the deadbeat likely will demand payment of a large sum of FAKE MONEY. Talk about loons.

    Bwaaaa, the system is corrupt, but notice how these deadbeats demand payment in FRNs aka FAKE MONEY.

    You Obama people are warped and the nation is doomed.

  8. the banks are frontrunning the foreclosure process by evicting/changing locks before foreclosure finalized..I dunno-possession 9/10's of law and most to broke to have a lawyer etc etc...typical land grab,but they owned it from the funding of developer purchase to funding construction company to collecting your portion of the scheme, the rent/tribute payment(mortgage), Hard assets being the true money of the elite-paper is paper, a tool to be is good, the mineral or reserves under it, uses it can be put to/farmable(already got that in 80's) oil, minerals, water, land, food, manufacturing and the land required to place the factory on, the gov to back them 100% and make it official policy, control. control the people, and worldwide as they buying/seizing farmland/forestland all over the globe, where does alot of our food and manufactured goods come from, not here. paper is paper, they'll make a new paper-more global(baby steps) it'll fail also as needed a currency global and not competing with other currencies and paper is harder to track/control, so then a digital form..a mark if you will to either use or access the new system, then the topping-worship them as god(stupid?-throughout history leaders thought themselves god,napolian, nero, N Korea's dude worshipped etc etc and head of GS recently thought they doing god's work much like catholic church during their murderous inquisition) either do that or die. bad ending for those who hope in this world, mans trackrecord is aweful, this is simply a replay of past history. The final act.
    wake up and save your soul, in Christ Jesus

  9. Hey, 8:23, have you ever heard of "Paragraphs"? You babbling halfwit, if you ever do, I might even finish reading your nonsense.
    In conclusion, I agree with 11:56 - guns and barrels of bullets! Free shots for all! Kill! Kill! Kill!

  10. Nancy's attorney (Matt Weidner) has quite a few similar stories on his blog


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