Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stimulus Works: Los Angeles Spent $70 Million In Stimulus Funds To Create 7.76 Jobs

A new piece of evidence has emerged in the debate over the effectiveness of President Obama's 2009 stimulus package, and it's not good for Democrats. According to two newly released audits performed by the Los Angeles controller, L.A. spent enormous portions of the $594 million in stimulus funds it receivedon projects that created or saved just a handful of jobs. All told, the audits — available here and here [pdf] — examined $111 million in stimulus spending by the city'sDepartment of Transportation and Department of Public Works, and found that the money went to projects that created or retained just 54 jobs. That works out to roughly $2 million per job.
The $71 million that went to the Department of Public Works, which funded 15 road-surfacing and similar projects, was projected to save or create 238 jobs. But according to the audit, the money created just 7.76 jobs or slightly more than $10 million per new job and saved 37.7 (the fractions are a result of calculating the number of jobs by hours worked). The Department of Transportation's $40 million created or retained just nine jobs, the audit found.
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  1. Great article for sheeple who don't understand economics. Retained just 54 jobs? Really?!? Which 54? The ones that make road mix? Surveyers? Foremen? Road Crews? Caterpiller mechanics who service the equiptment? Traffic safety personel who routed traffic during construction? The taco stand where everyone got lunch? The strippers that the road crews give money too? The Walmart where the stripper buys diapers for her kid? The landlord who finally got their rent check? Infusion of capital makes the clock go round folks. the money supply is falling like a rock. California got a few new roads out of the deal, which, if anyone is paying attention to our failing infrastructure... is a GREAT thing. Don't drink this Kool Aid. It's designed to incite anger and apathy with BS statistics and curiously limited critical thinking applied to it.

  2. I give no thing about dirt people who give aggervation to hard working americans. why sshould we try to pertane to lazy monkeys jumping on bed when we can doctros need tend to there heads. its like this folks / get one done and catch me all if you catch me in morning i make em all day. bonifying hustling all day. greed is not a friend of anyones. When these evil politicans finally smell that they will be sorry to see what trouble they caused. get with famly get food get water. bad stuff coming in our way people.

    - Sam

  3. The article about the Volt is pathetically wrong in so many ways it's hard to count. Please show a bit more discernment before linking to such factually inaccurate tripe.


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