Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Classified Documents Stolen From Governor Of Bank Of Canada's Car In Canada Reveal The Economic Future

An passive Anarchist group known as the Freeman has stolen classified Bank of Canada documents from the car of the Governor of the Bank of Canada.
Scarletwhore has an exclusive on the details of what was found.
Background: The Freeman are a harmless anti-establishment group who are against capitalistic profiteering and usury. The Freeman view the acquisition of the documents as a legal right and not a theft.
Canada has the tenth largest economy in the World and the largest amount of natural resources per capita in the World. Canada’s largest trading partner is the US.
The essential facts:
The Bank of Canada(BOC) is predicting that the US Dollar will depreciate approximately 30% vs other G8 currencies in the next 2 years. The Bank of Canada has $140 Billion in Gold, Silver and precious metal reserves excluding classified emergency funds. The Bank of Canada supports the conclusion that a Trade War between the United States and China has already started and that it will lead to a substantial shrinking of the World’s economy. The Bank of Canada has issued several reports that warn of Chinese take-over of Canadian resource companies and the pursuit of Chinese monopolies in key industries,  such as the recent controversy regarding the fertilizer producer Potash Corp. The BOC sees Oil trending upward in the short-term but taking a big dive within 1 year to settle around $50-$60/barrel. The BOC sees Gold rising in erratic jumps to reach a high of $2400 but trending downward below $800 within 2 years.
There are other interesting points mostly dealing with Canada’s focus on emerging markets and Canada’s preferred trading partners in the Commonwealth and the G20. I’ll post those later.
Investors: Keep an eye on Canada/Brazil deals in the next fews weeks… some very sweet deals in the works according to the documents.


  1. If this is true I say good for them. But I have to wonder as it was the first article to appear regarding this, and they also published an article stating that it is confirmed that an asteroid would hit Antarctica in 2012. It turns out the article is bogus and falsely links a university professor and technology that is incapable of monitoring asteroids.

  2. Can anybody show me a link on the Bank of Canada website where it confirms the 140 billion dollar gold reserve? I checked it last year and Canada had slightly more gold than Aruba. In fact on the balance sheets of the bank the biggest assets were: US dollar and Japanese Yen (two the most troubled currencies). The article here confirms it: and it cross references with this info:
    What do you think, people? Is this an organized “theft” that lead to a “revelation”, which is a pile of BS, nothing more? Can anyone prove me wrong so that I could sleep well at night?

  3. So what are the very sweet deals in the works?

  4. That site seems sketchy to me. All articles are written by one guy who likes to complain about not being able to post his "information" on other sites.

  5. "An passive Anarchist group known as the Freeman has stolen classified Bank of Canada documents from the car of the Governor of the Bank of Canada."

    Oh. So these passive anarchists just break into another person's private property and steal something from him? That would be the same thing as someone breaking into someone's home and taking their wallet.

    The reason ostensibly shown here why anarchist groups are generally detested. They use immature college students to behave as juvenile delinquents, distort the real story (just as the mainstream media does), absolve criminal behavior, and basically have desultory objectives.

    Government sucks, the practical real world is a prison, communists/liberals only help the government seize more power, anarchists are wreckless and warrant no efficiency, right wing groups are religious nuts, conservative groups mainly help wealthy people remain in power, and new age conspiracy theorists like Icke and Jones skew reality even more while posing as helping others see reality.

    We need something new, something that will produce results. We need someone young, with more consciousness and purity to rise up and lead the people to freedom. The current world stage is way too shaky for him to make his move now. Whoever this man will be or become he'll have to come after the destruction takes place and the smoke clears.

  6. Maybe you need to do a little research. As pointed out, this person operating the website sounds dubious, but the article itself doesnt even sound based in truth. I'd love for you to read some of the relevant anarchist thinkers the world has produced and then come back and tell us how dishonest, criminal, and desultory they all are. If you want solutions then study the alternatives, and get off your ass and think of some yourself. Don't expect MTV to serve them up to you on a silver platter in your living room either.

  7. What is the source of this information?

    This is from a person who thinks China is shooting laser beams at CF-18s in Alberta.

    This is a work of fiction and speculation. Please take the information with a grain of salt.


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