Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Day The Dollar Died


  1. One of the best video these guys made yet.

  2. Dude, The Chinese quite buying our debt in US bonds 6 months ago!

  3. Grossly stupid. The originator of the video has no understanding of economics what so ever.

    The Fed can buy all of our debt and is presently doing so. The Fed can then forgive our debt and just wipe it off of the books. Remember the Electronic money that they use to buy the Federal Bonds comes from out of no where and into no where is where the Fed can send the bonds.

    Poofff! No more debt. It is all so simple. If you doubt it, go ask Bernanke if the Fed can forgive debt. That is part of their charter.

  4. All crap the following should put you on the right track:

    "Stocks rallied, driving the MSCI World Index up from a five-week low, after U.S. jobless claims declined to the fewest since 2008 and German business confidence improved."

    What fucking depression are you idiots talking about????

  5. 4:16 you honestly believe the FEDS would forgive the peasants the debt THEY accumulated? You better check history. We, us servants, will pay taxes until eternity of until the dollar collapses. Oh, other 4:16, if you believe that make belief trash the government made up, you need to get an x-ray right away.

  6. 4.16PM-
    The Depression that is throwing thousands and thousands out of work and foreclosing on their homes around the world A-hole! And formenting strikes and riots across Europe, and a new war in the Yellow and South China Seas, the Pacific and beyond...fancy another round on Tarawa or iwo Jima, this time against a nuclear armed Chinese Peoples Liberation Army...

  7. 4:16 - TROLL ALERT!

  8. guess 4:16 doesn't notice all the revisions to gov official numbers that come out quietly after initial release-in all numbers. without revisions add 45,000 to today's numbers and it's slightly higher then last released numbers..oh well look at the big picture, 9.6 unemp. cooked numbers is still not good dude, and uncooked is some 17%. meanwhile average new home prices fetches 195,000 lowest since this began, actual sales dropped again to 2nd lowest, goods inventories climbed badly as sales aren't pulling out the, go buy something. the vid is good, meant to make one think, it's not absolute, where we expecting a cystal ball seer nostradamus? And for the Fed to default keep in mind we reserve currency and what the world would do or say about that, wars are made for less and even then with reserve currency it's-you go I go, down the cliff.
    It seems they desire an orderly roll down a slope then fall off a cliff, either way there a bottom and it's not the same as here huh

  9. son of bitch wants to make yal think this is good1? tell me why i should even take time readin his material. the poster who said its getting good is bad. bad stuff is coming folks. Take my word you will see cars smashed. celebraties better not show up in black areas. people need to hope they have good family. Familky is victory no family is no win. Europ will lose many fighting. Asia will lose billions and people everywhere watch on as world sets stage for a jesus to rise. god or no god mankind will pull threw if we work as team. Now lets start throwing stuff at things money make. money makers need rotten eggs at there heads. Get your flag and get marching.

    - Sam

  10. The Chinese stopped buying our bonds about 12 to 18 months ago. The only buyer of our own bonds is the Federal Reserve.

    They are making a bad situation worse. We as a nation lived way beyond our means. There is no way we can escape this economic pain. We needed to bite the bullet a long time ago but kept delaying it. Now it is worse.

  11. Ha-ha. Very interesting clip. I guess the guys who made it overlooked the event of yesterday that killed the dollar. Just a curiosity question. Why would stock in Asia collapse as the US stock collapses? I think it makes sense to pull the money out of the US market and invest in Chinese market. This is where production is, isn’t it? As the dollar fails, it will make the Yuan stronger and more in demand, which will raise the buying power of a regular Chinese guy and gal. So, instead of feeding Americans, the Chinese will finally start feeding themselves. In other words, they’ll start consuming their own goods. This is actually how it should be. Back to my original statement. China and Russia signed an agreement yesterday to trade between each other with their own currencies. Ruble and Yuan will start trading against each other. Even though I personally consider trading currencies nothing else but bloody nonsense, still the significance of this even cannot be overlooked. Remember, the status of a reserve currency means all the international trade is carried out through this currency. The fact that two countries in the international agreement decided to avoid dollar as a medium of exchange, means they are afraid of its stability and for them it lost its reserve status. This is the end of the dollar as a reserve currency. Russia and China will now use two other reserve currencies to conduct trade. Yuan and Ruble.

  12. I love the online short stories by this video's name...Shenandoah was the site...Great series...Brought the whole macro picture to an individual level.

    When we say Ireland/US/UK etc is bankrupt it's hard to focus on just one person...Inless you are that person...Everyone will say "That's just awful...Someone should do something!" However most of us don't.

    The series breaks it down to how average Americans would cope with a new world that springs up when the old one collapses...Quite interesting and as someone who was in Mexico when they collapse happened pretty accurate.

    The runs on the banks, the selling of useless frivilous things, the lack of preparation, the government coming in with a heavy hand approach, individual people using the crisis to steal or gain power, the complete shock and panic by most including what I can think is "Shell shock."

    Just looking lost and not knowing who or what they are being a lot of people base who they are on their profession.

    During the crash, businessmen, rich men, professional became taxi drivers, messengers, hard labor workers, cooks.

    It might be a lil too Armagedeon like for some...But overall I give it a 9/10.

  13. Jeebus! I need to proofread what I write there's enough typos, grammar mistakes and misspellings to choke a horse!

    I apploigize for my "Sam Moment."

  14. Hahahaha I did it again.."Appoligize"


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