Wednesday, November 17, 2010

US In Terribly Dangerous Territory," Bond Market May Be Headed For "Implosion"

Warning of the risk of an "implosion" in the bond market, former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin says the soaring federal budget deficit and the Fed's quantitative easing are putting the U.S. in "terribly dangerous territory."

Speaking at an event at The Pierre Hotel in New York City honoring Sen. Kent Conrad (D-N.D.), Rubin joined the growing number of current and former officials (foreign and domestic) to criticize QE2. The Fed's plan to buy $600 billion of Treasuries "has a lot of risk," he said, calling the international reaction "horrendous."
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  1. Whats behind the news?

    A desperate attempt to prevent the international collapse of the fiat money central banks and the dollar hegemony system through currency wars to prop up the internatinal standard of value the US dollar.

    Also visible in Ireland and Europe.

    It appears that the concern ,the insistence ,the demand backed by threats by the euro banksters for the immediate acceptance of trillions of dollars by Ireland ,is related to a growing bank runs ,withdrawals ,depleting the reserves of the already bailed out banks.
    The Euro value is under attack.

    With internet banking ,bank to bank fund transfers available ,especially for big accounts holders that are panicking , Bank runs are not so visible as in the past ,as small fry trying to withdraw their savings form lines around the block.
    As long as the ATM machines are functioning with petty cash available the bank runs remain out of sight.
    It is those insiders in the know that are panicking.
    Americans should consider their own cash security and perhaps plan to organize bank runs on the TBTF banks before they crash .

    Pick them off and knock them down one at a time in a controlled demolition?

    Bailing out all these TTBF banks would result in at least the doubling of Cash money by FIDIC besides being an inflationary nightmare ,actual printing of cash in these amounts in the short term would be a physical printing impossibility anyway.

    December the 7th has been suggested as a good day and the bankrupt ,insolvent Bank of American Fraud is a suitable 1st target before it extracts its next huge bailout at taxpayers expense.
    The withdrawn cash should be invested in more secure commodity value perhaps a part being invested in silver and gold.
    but pay attention to food supplies too.
    A supply store of antibiotics is a good store of wealth for health and as trade goods.

    The cosmopolitan "free trade" gangsters have de-industrialised america and america may only be reconstructed to provide an economy that serves americans only after these gangsters looting america are spwept aside after a compete economic collapse?

  2. $1,000 says it will not happen and the markets are on their way back up.

  3. 1,000$ says you should get that gambling money turned into a bit of silver or gold before it is used as kleenex.

  4. 9.05
    Your loudmouthed fictional 1,000 in fast declining in real world value fiat paper, as compared to commodity value money would be better invested on gold.

    Alternatively you are right, you will probably make great gains in the sharemarkets for a while as their fictional value will likely soar when compared to commodity value gold money value.
    Untill the penny drops about these dollar values.
    As you see they can just print these dollars at the drop of a hat .
    Regular mini Flash crashes are designed to take the money of small investors betting long like those with your smug confidence and faith in paper.

    And you do understand that markets "on the way up" are not actualy back up to their old pre -crash levels despite the Fed wildly throwing money about to get those markets higher again?

    The prices of the market are measured in dollars a currency that has lost more than a third of its value through inflation in the last 10 years.
    The "recovery" of the markets is believe it or not the recovery of the real world economy ,its only make believe like your bet.

  5. Take note.

    Rubin was a ‘respectable’ Maddoff at the heart of the setting up of the Great Ponzi
    ‘strong” Dollar hegemony system in world trade and finance in earlier decades.

    He is warning as a lone voice trying to restore sanity;

    It was good while it lasted ,but now its ‘times up” and money printing will not get any real profits back.

    And dangerous to the money power at the Fed and the ruling elite.

    As it may only make the looted Debt Slaves more angry about being robbed repeatedly .

  6. Those not believing 9:05; Look at the markets. Where are they headed now? Eat your words. They are rallying.

  7. Come on, where have you heard this before? The Government must institute emergency measures now or the whole world will financially collapse. Correct, another Goldman Sachs alum, Hank Paulson, and we know it was just a ruse, a pretext, to provide returns on their bonds at taxpayer expense. The Bondholders, with the exception of some municipal bonds, will always be bailed out, because the bondholders are the ones calling the shots. This bullshit coming from Rubin is just a another ruse, a pretext to gut entitlement programs to the quick, and leave the poor, to now include the former Middle Class, holding their fig leaves in place in one hand whilst scrounging for crumbs on the floor in the other in the freezing cold.

    Welcome to the new Gilded Age.

  8. Rubin is a scumbag and should be crucified, literally. Set up crucifixion platforms in the Gulf of Mexico and nail these sons of bitches up on melamine cross and televise the whole event. Lay bets on who will last the longest as Corexit is sprayed over their heads on a daily basis and they breath in the fumes of the Corexit/Oil mixture and their skin, and internal organs disintegrate slowly and painfully.

    That's Justice in the Judeo-Christian sense of the word. An eye for an eye. It's time the bankers and their whore politicians and mercenary military men be brought to Justice. Don't wait for the Aliens to do it.....they are the Alien invasion. Rise up and defend yourselves, you idiots, before it's too late.

  9. 1:52 - You are either a troll or a complete dumbass when it comes understanding the markets. The markets are only rising today because the IMF and EU will rescue completely BANKRUPT Ireland. Another gigantic BAILOUT which keeps the artificially inflated stock market from completely collapsing. In the meantime, let's watch the bond markets implode. Anyone own municipal bonds? CA? IL? NJ? My advice - get the hell out NOW and buy GOLD and SILVER!

  10. No need for a vitreolic arguement. Those of you who believe the dollar will collapse and the U.S. will be plunged into a depression should prepare for it. Those of you who don't believe it keep watching Survivor and dancing with the stars. Simple! No need to get upset.

  11. They're worse than that. The markets are not rising at all. DOW fell about 200 points the other day, that was after rising 200 points. Prior to that rise it fell 1000 points.

    The stock market is not rising or falling, its collapsing, hence the utter instabiliy. Forget the stock market, the dollar is being burned as well as the Euro (all fiat currency will go this time around).

    Comments like that aren't serious. He, and those like him, are just trying to joke and get us going. Each one of them is about 18, they have nothing better to do with their time than surf the net pissing people off on various websites.

  12. Dollar will be like toiletpaper.

  13. I sometimes read the news on the futures market, futures up on speculation this, and speculation that, that this reaction was overdone, that china may do this, or that..or hey, it's gunna rain so...LOLOL it is rather hilarious.
    didn't rubin bail out mexico? while seated on the board of the bank that loaned mexico the money, some 2ishbillion, he gave treasury money to mexico...oh well money moves in a big ponzi circle

  14. Yeah "the markets" are up all right !

    Which markets do you refer to egghead ?

    Surely not securities which had their ringleader the DOW at 14,000 -------

    TWO fucking years ago ! Oh yeah egghead - we're making money now!

    Corn ? Up 80%
    Wheat? Coffee ? Siver? Gold? Copper? Rice? Cotton?

    Up Up Up

    Don't listen to a word anybody says - look at what the smart money is doing ! Shorting anything dollar denomonated and going long those fundamentals of life

    It's really not that difficult folks - they too are bracing for the storm - forget these friggin' idiots that are stuck on stupid and get your house in order that you and your family may survive.


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