Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Madness Of A Lost Society


  1. Not only did I NOT SHOP on black friday

    I will not be shopping period and I do have the money ... just do not need to buy a bunch of junk.

    Share the holidays with family and friends with a good meal and time together ... that is what is important. And those gifts are free.

    I wish all of you a wonderful Christmas holiday season.

  2. Amazng commentary...Sadly enough too late...We are Rome and we are crumbling...Won't take 500 years, we are accelerating the collapse at lightning speed.

    When's the LAST you actually read/heard any economic news that was viable/true and long term?

    When's the last time you heard/read/saw:

    "Great news again today as records indicate unemployment is down again for the 4th month straight."

    "News coming from the Agriculture Department is we've had a great bumper crop in corn, soy, rice, wheat...Etc etc."

    "Several European companies have pulled out of the Euro Zone to bring their high technology factories to the US."

    "The average scores in the SAT have improved by 12% this past year and the drop out rates have gone down in most school districts."

    "Due to shows like MTV's 16 and Pregnant and school/church vigilence teen age girls have cut the unwed birth rate down 10%."

    "Book sales up...Science/math scores up...Closing of unneccesary bases around the world (We have 865 at last count)...Cut in defense projects...Cut in Federal State and county workers...INS sweeps of fucking santuary cities...etc etc."

    Man I miss the Bill Clinton years...Yeah yeah I know...But those were amazing times overall.

  3. T S A Transforming Slave America, Will not Buy, Will not Fly, Will not Comply. Time to take this country back, One person at a time.

  4. @ 11:13

    "I wish all of you a wonderful Christmas holiday season."

    Don't be a smart ass.

  5. Most have become desensitized to their own raping.
    Watching this clip and seeing that chute open and the cattle scrambling for bling brings it home.

    We're screwed.

  6. The moral decline is completed. Single baby factories & government schools have done their work.

    Time to harvest the sheeple.

  7. The private sector created 93,000 jobs last month.

    There ya go Noodles 123

  8. 2:35 yes at MacDonald's, Walmart and The Gap for $8 an hour, CHRISTMAS HELP. you dumb dolt..

  9. We are slaves to our materialism. We are slaves to China and the middle east because of our lustful ways. It's too late now. A cleansing is coming very soon.

  10. 3:17 I agree...........

    It is going to be so ugly and horrible that we do not have the ability to comprehend what is about to take place.

    If you have not set back a little for hard times it just darn near may be to late now!

    The age of man is coming to a end!

    Good Luck

  11. 2:35...Not to insult but I do believe 2:48 is correct...Seasonal hiring does not set a trend...Did you also read the ENTIRE article on Marketwatch?

    It was all small and medium businesses in mostly SERVICE sector...Meaning they make nothing just help you push the chinese crap out the door on the consumer.

    The BIG companies only hired 2,000...In the country...For an entire month...2000...Now those jobs are the well paying, long term ones.

    I did see 16,000 + manufacturing jobs but again...It's in preparation for Xmas.

    I'm not a Gloomy Gus but I don't like bullshit whispered in my ear by the government either and told all is good.

    "Nothing to see here citizens...We are winning the war...All is good in this jobless recovery...No one is lying...Drink the cool aid...Yes it is grape flavored for your pleasure."

  12. Mom: Look at the rats scramble...

    Son: I know, dude, they're crazy!

    M: Imagine the LA Riots today!

    S: I know. It'd be ten times worse. Look at the masses scrambling for anything they can get their hands on. Savages.

    M: Yes. The perfect sheeple for the New World Order, bro.

    S: Yeah, bra. Scary sh*t, dude. Hey, bra.

    M: What, man?

    S: Umm...they'd make a great civilian police force for Obamao. He'd tell them to make sure people are doing and saying the right thing. Then he'd give them the right to go into your house and pillage and pilfer it.

    M: Dude! Scary! They'd serve Maobama quite well because the middle class households are full of things they'd kill for: TVs, radios, sox, underwear, panties, shoes, your wife!

    S: Yup! Every middle class household that hasn't collapse or gone bankrupt is fodder for Maobama's communist revolution and these brainless, uneducated savages will bring it all down and trash what's left for a few crumbs and a bowl of hot soup to fill their hungry bellies with. This is the future of America!

    M: I raised you good, son! You're a good dude, man! Nice bro.

    S: Thank's, bra. Sup, bro? You a big mamma', mamma'.

    M: Isn't life in the New Order great?

    S: I love it!

  13. I feel like Casandra of ancient Greek mythology.

    I've been saying for years that we would come to this. The problem is that only one other person that I know cares. I've learned to keep my mouth shut about such things because those around you will call you "negative" or "crazy".

    I know a person who took part in the Black Friday madness, but had no idea of what she purchased. I know a family that went to stand in store lines right after having Thanksgiving dinner.

    While I am training myself to live on nuts, fiber and chlorophyll. everyone is still concerned with the same stupid shit: clothes, purses, designer shoes, etc. May God open their eyes and hearts. Thanks for letting me vent.

  14. Make a line in Washington, randomly send one home for every one that stays and then replace the other half with average folks for half the going rate for congress which is still ironically more than most Americans ever earn...and watch the politicians squirm as their no longer able to know who to trust, who has their back or who will rat them out...that would be a good start....

  15. I know, let's give the banks 1.2 trillion then let's short state budgets and lay off teachers...


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