Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Only Video You Need To Watch


  1. Just bought 1000 shares of DZZ.

  2. 10:52 great way to lose your shirt. Probably didn't listen to the video. Every 40 years currency collapse. Thats 2011 for the next new currency. Your DZZ will be DOA.

  3. I like this site. My reality is that I just can't buy gold because money is a little tight. I'm hoping that silver goes down a little but that may not happen. I'm probably going to be limited to other kinds of preps.......

  4. I like silver but you can't wipe your butt with it.

    No One,, needs Silver of Gold until they get the Basics.

    Paid off house
    Back up power.

    After that that,, Get some Silver at least. Gold at this point is way way to $$

  5. Sit down and think about what it would take for you and your family to NOT leave your home for 1 year. enjoy

  6. Yes basics, but I disagree about the house. The house value will go down, silver will go up.. I would not worry about paying off the house. keep the payments up, but get silver now. have it in your hand.. eventually nobody will care about the house, there are no buyers lining up for that cracker box. but silver is real money.

  7. If this is the only video we need to watch, why post other videos on this blog?

  8. When everything does happen housing will be free. There will be no mortgage, no work, no currency. Houses will be shelters, communities will be nations, and work will be centered around building fires, gathering wood, and adjusting equipment. Any intelligent people (if the country has any left) will be employed for provident positions.

    Gold and silver? If you have a way of getting out of the no shelter zone (America) to another country then maybe it will have value. In America it will be of little use. The majority of people are going to die as horrible as that sounds.

    I keep looking at the Christmas decorations in my house, I look at my nieces and nephew, their photos and wonder what will happen to them. I'm prepared for this, though emotionally I don't know if I can handle the thought of so many dying. My parents are baby boomers, my mom is on lots of medication for pain. When she has to come off the medication she said she'll kill herself. My siblings are not mentally prepared for this, they still are in lala land watching MTV and So You Think You Can Dance.

    Obese people, drug users, t.v or cell phone addicts, the list goes on... those people will not make it past the first week. The Depression had 20,000 suicides, 4,000 on the first day. People were a lot harder working, more into reality, and didn't have so many drugs and mental anisthetics to use back then. Today there will be far more suicides. Probably ranging in the millions. (700,000 kill themselves each year anyway.)

    I'll stick to the end even if I have to say goodbye to my entire family. I hope they can survive, especially my nieces and nephew. But even if I lose absolutely everything to the point of having nothing but my consciousness, I'll endure the trauma and stay to the end. I need to make sure humanity gets on a new path before leaving this world.

  9. Wow 9:22...seriously aware outlook...but try to
    prep and prepare for those neices and nephews,
    the parenets might be dopes but they are innocent

  10. Sounds like some people on here need to take a "chill pill" or may have missed their latest dose of anxiety medicine. If it gets as bad as some on here make it out to be we will be back with Wilma and Fred living in stonehuts. Doubt that will happen. Anything is possible, like monkeys flying out of my butt!

  11. Oh my the sky is falling the sky is falling

    Oh no ! What to do

    What to do !


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