Friday, December 3, 2010

Are The Rothschilds Taking Over The World?


  1. A lot of babble no proof/dates/numbers/names.

    Guy came very unprepared.

    Not that I doubt it but it's interviews like this with no substance that make us look like kooks.

  2. 12:20 it has been known since the Great Depression that the Rothchilds raped the world of just about everything, buying on the cheap. Its now the next generations' turn...Guy came perfectly prepared, without risking his life.


  4. game over. avalanche incoming.

  5. 1:47 it sounds like your mind is closed since you couldn't even finish the video? You mean there aren't sinister people running this world for their own gain? You mean there aren't people giving the FBI/TSA/NATO sinister ideas and instructions to condition or deceive the public? Bankers are not greedy? You mean the government does things for the public's own good? Like taxes and groping? Were you flown in by a meteor from outer space? You can't be that lost in space are you?

  6. A great opportunity exists right now for Americans to restore full unemployment and restore the benefits of Empire and dollar hegemony.
    America should of course only operate on the theoretically pure principles of capitalism.
    The working people ,especially the unionized sector of government should be properly bought to heel in order to reduce labor costs so as to restore profitability to capital and to reduce expenditure by governments caused by obvious widespread overpayment .

    At the center of this corruption are the Unions who it appear to be allied with international terrorists out to destroy freedom for capital in America and bankrupting the Great Ponzi system . Some ,judging by their actions are probably secret international Jihadis and communists that have infiltrated America to support the emerging global campaign of people to resist Austerity. In America too.
    As in Ireland. where you can see for example, the notorious Gerry Adams of the ‘terrorist “ Sinn Fein nationalist organization is now about to leave the Northern Ireland sector of the UK empire ,to infiltrate the main Irish state Eire .(Ireland) In order to set up a peoples resistance to the ‘insensible” or so he claims bailout of Ireland by the international bankers, represented by the Euro currency managers, with the backing of the IMF and the benevolent help of debt money provided by the US Federal bank.
    This is just one more example of the insanity of peoples terrorist movements against a sane international NWO under benevolent central bankers .

    Pure unthinking anarchy and resistance to the extention of US debt Aid to the whole world! This “Aid” to the world is, as well known only given to help ,not enslave other countries to US dollar debts.

    The US government clearly cannot be expected to continue with its bailouts socializing the losses of the to save American enterprise of TBTF as well as affording the endless wars to save America .
    Government deficit spending out of future tax revenues, by printing money as government debt sold on to the patriotic bondholders backing the American government itself ,clearly cannot be maintained at the current trillions of dollars annual level without wages Austerity. Its time for Patriotic Americans to self sacrifice for Austerity on behalf of the free enterprise system of Ponzi debt creation /cheap money advances on loans they know and love .
    Every job and services should be contracted out to the lowest priced bidder in the genuinely capitalist manner.
    A now existing reserve army of unemployed and underemployed labor would no doubt be ready to jump at the chance to get a job at half the pay of the current lazy job holders and place getters padding out the employment rolls of government.

    That’s the way labor completion should work in a pure capitalism.

    Millions of unemployed people and people on food stamps should be supported to apply for these job contacts at a properly cut labor price and value .
    The lazy corrupted by bribes ,jobs, pensions and other unionized perks in Federal State and municipal jobs should be subject to open labor competition .
    Real price discovery at wages of 30 pieces of silver not fiat paper should the become the everyday norm and a reformed capitalism with full unemployment for those actually willing to WORK would quickly fix America as a decent third world wages profitable country.
    Supporters of pure capitalism like the ‘Austrian Economist’ blogger Mish are beginning to call for this attack on fat labor costs now .
    He says :
    “The Correct Approach

    1. Establish a budget.
    2. Tell the union what the budget is.
    3. Refuse to give in on the budget.
    4. If negotiations fail, impose wage cuts whether the union likes it or not.
    5. To prevent such headaches in the first place, outsource every job possible to the lowest qualified bidder.”

  7. ^^^^^^^^^ STFU you fucking psychopath. Don't bring your capitalist/economist/beurocracy lingo here. Get your parasite fingers in some soil you fucking cockroach and stop producing minis by the boatload.


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