Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011: The Dark Year Ahead

Can we say roller coaster at the police state park? Yup, the US economy is about to take its next plunge and this one is going alllll the waaaaay down, folks. The first thing to fully melt down will be the collapse of the municipal bond market, which in the past 4 weeks has already seen its foundation rumbling and shaking. No this will not be pretty. We are talking bread lines, wiped out cities, mass rioting and of course a total police force clamp down. The country with the most people in jail and the most laws on the books to make sure those jails are not empty is about to expand that little industry five fold.
Yes, the work camps will be churning with Chinese style factory slaves, basically, if you are discontent and protest or to poor to pay the ever growing and multiplying taxes and fines, you will be put to productive labour, what other nations might call slave labour, but what nations like China, N.Korea and soon the USA, will call "its human advantage".
At the same time, the total disintegration of the Mexican state will fully spill over into the border regions of the USA, especially into Texas. Murder rates already extremely high will only grow. When Texas moves to close its borders, the Federal American government will ban them and will instead demand that the land is off limits to citizens. That along with the attempted seizure of the right to control air quality, and thus industry and economics, something the US Federals have threated that if they do not get control of, they will close the Texas economy, will finally push this former republic to become its own Republic, again.
Will this be peaceful, oh hell no, the American Federal are more than happy to exterminate to their black void of a heart's content to make sure everyone stays in their claws, especially their most industrialized and resourced state. There Will Be Blood, as the movie title goes and the Texans will fight, especially when the arrests starts. The only hope of the Republic of Texas will be to see just how discontent the rest of the Confederacy is.
As for the Republicans, well, they'll sell out, but they will make sure to show their bonifieds by making us their enemies at every opportunity. After all, the Americans need a boggy man. With luck, Russia will pull out its investments from the Big N.Korea of N.America and as the 4th largest investor that will hurt.
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  1. Read the entire article, this guy is DOOM & GLOOM! If he is 25% correct, we are all in deep sh_t.

    Things will get bad, how bad remains to be seen. And the sheeple are told unemployment is down and the economy is improving? Huh?

  2. That Pathetic Piece of Crap Communist for President can go straight to HELL! ...along with the rest of his corrupt administration!!!!

    Enough is enough....go back to Kenya!

  3. He sounds like a damn fool. What's with these kinds of conspiracy people who jump to these grand conclusions about events that haven't even happened yet? He has full certitude that a police clamp down is coming huh?

    Well that's funny, if you could take a person now and bring them back into a 1950's brain, then have them compare how people behave in America as of 2010, they'd swear this country had entered hell.

    People walking around half naked, fat women letting it all hang out, children running around beating the crap out of each other in schools, girls without any self worth piercing and scarring their bodies up, pedophiles and pervs watching all kinds of supposedly inoculous videos on youtube which are legal since there isn't any statutory crime occurring... now where have the police been!?

    Yes, it is true that our financial freedoms are being maimed. You get fined now for basically trying not to rely on stores for food. Endless paper work in order to get a damn gun, prices on all kinds of soon to be commodities rising. Not limited to that, now the internet will soon become a Progressive lie machine, doctors and all lesser medical workers (nurses) will soon be gone, and more drug use will be encouraged amongst the mindless masses since legalizing marijuana is the cool thing to do lately.

    America has really turned into a nation of obese, ill disciplined, slothful, neurotic, and dumb barbarians who can't even teach their children how to not throw rocks at cars. Each freaking day Hollywood produces new movies. Each day more video/pc games are made. Each week new tools for cell phones are developed. Each week there are new celebrities on the rise to fame that you must read about. Each month hundreds of new shows start, some bomb out while others stick around for a year or so.

    People this desperate and bored with existence need more and more to fill their void. People with inadequacies this deep won't be very happy when they come to realize they are impoverished and the *Dope* they had won't be there any longer.

    Many will just commit suicide, many will panic, many will begin detox, and many will stare at a blank screen on the television not understanding what's going on even after a neighbor expounded an incisive perambulation of the situation for them.

    Yes the nation is gone, the economy and our way of life is being annihilated, and there is bad shit heading our way. But we can procure a grander mental resolution of reality instead of these rather presumptuous predictions that neglect various possibilities from the field of entropic bifurcation points for the imaged system.

    Why are cops being laid off in such high numbers like firefights and teachers if "they" are trying to ordain Martial Law? Don't you think their focus would be to stop the cops from being lost? They can't even get the border under control, but are actually losing the firefights that occur there. Seems like the government is very much careless about the military.

    These poor people are still stuck in Iraq and Afghanastan for instance, and the media is infatuated with putting them down by celebrating losers like Julian Assange or showing one or two bad eggs and how they raped an Arab woman.

    I could be wrong, perhaps there will be a lockdown in our cities and neighborhoods. I don't see it happening, I see it more as total chaos once the dollar dies. Nobody will get any pay, nobody will afford anything. So why would people making 19,000$ to 40,000$ (soldiers and cops) stay around to guard the street corner even though there money won't buy them anything? They'll be going home to protect and help their own families don't you think?

  4. When will Democrats see through this evil Piece of S#!t?? He is clearly a tyrant wannabe yet Democrats will still fall on their swords for him.

    WTF is wrong with you people? Are you all so soul dead that you haven't seen through him yet?

  5. Good grief, this site has been tooting the same horn for four years now.
    Depression this and that.....well you know what? Very little has changed since then, in fact I still have my 150k per year job, 24' Baja go-fast, and other toys. Yes, $4 gas will probably mean a few less hours of boating but it won't be that bad.
    What a hoot

  6. 10 47
    the world is spininning into the universe
    your turn will come.
    we are in a depression
    but many pick daisys as the whole thing collapses around them

  7. 10:47 you seem to be a mentally challenged poster. You can't see the huge changes taking place throughout the world? When the governments of the world state we are in a depression and your MASSIVE debts come due, your 150k job will vanish. With your arrogant nature you will become head of the homeless . I'll buy your baja boat for 2 oz's of silver from the trustee. What a hoot!

  8. After reading the entire thing; it sounds to me like the place to go is India.

  9. 10:47 I love to internet lie also. I make 250K a year. I also own a blimp to avoid the future gas lines. I think you have one of your "toys" shoved too far up your arse and its hitting your brain.

  10. Yes obama is bad, but all this downhill shit did not happen over the past 2 years, your hero w loser spent 8 years destroying it before him, I am an independent and can see through both parties. Every politician is bought and paid for and is bent on destroying the country, they have all sold it out, cant you losers see that??

  11. Obama is just another puppet, the demacrats are doing nothing to change the country much, even though some of them have good intentions. The conservatives are busy worrying about Iraq, Afghanistan, 9/11, and church on Sunday. I bet there are a lot of sympathizers of the Arizona shooting. That's because your hatred and understanding of what exactly is going down is misplaced. You're too busy worryng about invisible communists, marxists, and Santa Claus taking away your guns. So let's have a right wing revolution and maybe they can put Sarah Palin in office or some other air-headed self-righteous dimwit that will put religion back on the map and support our great corporations back to health.

  12. I think the author is just making it up as he goes along. Korea will be unified and Russia will swoop in? Central Asians will cause our civil unrest? Texas will be prevented from moving towards the border and it will be off limits? Does the author not know that there are already cities all along the border? It makes no sense. He also goes along to say that the US will stab the UK in the back over the Falkland Islands in Agentina. Well, I guess he does not know that the oil reserves there are no longer of much interest because there is far less than what was supposed.

    It's good we have informative people like this speculating carefully about the future path of the world. We need sensible prognosticators that will enlighten and guide us on our path towards the future.

  13. 1:22 I would submit to you that it would be damn near impossible for you to sit down in the next 1/2 hour or so and give us a president, vp,
    speaker, cabinet and ten, just ten congressmen and 10 senators.

    That's really where we're at; we couldn't get the reliable, qualified, trustworthy personnel cause they ain't out there.

    Ain't it just a suck situation?

    Not to mention the friggin' Legions of heads of this and secretaries of that and ambassadors to this and czars of that

    they are all drones on the take; all of 'em - so either get used to it or move to venezuala
    hugo is a nice chap

  14. Internet user ID no. US12344drr05050f032-wd0444rrfr.2321 says: fuck off Nazi pricks. Go back to jack hammering each others rear ends and leave us alone. We don't need you.

  15. Who exactly are you making homosexual advances to Internet user ID no. US12344drr05050f032-wd0444rrfr.2321? This is not either the time or place for those kind of comments. But if you are desperate enough, you could try some place like Internet Sex Partners Now, or something like that.

    It isn't that we are fresh out of honorable, intelligent people, 2:22, it's that you need to be a crook in order to play the game and win. Also all power corrupts. Take for example the last commenter. He is so far corrupted in the mind he is lashing out at no one and everyone. There are many lost souls in the world, all still brothers, conquered and divided by a corrupt system.

  16. I'll consider an Internet ID when that fraud squatting in the White House shows us his genuine ID.

  17. I'll consider an internet id, when Repukes admit bush with the patriot act put in a facist dictatorship.

  18. Sarah Palin a Loser in Life, Politics, tv and in General as her show gets cancelled after one season LOL LOL LOL

  19. Wow, I reply to Internet user ID about his off key comments and EA deletes MY comments and leaves HIS! What great censorship and bias towards the net idiots of the world, thanks.

  20. Welcome to the real world idiot

    Someone is ALWAYS ahead of you and ------
    pulling your chain

    Ain't it great !

  21. Bush was a wannabe fascist, Obama is the real deal.

  22. I live in the real world while you live in the realm of delusion and hatred. Grow up, get some balls, and stand up for truth when you are good and ready.

  23. Barry is already gearing up the spin and witch doctors for '12 - he has indeed taken it all to a new level. The lengths to which this man has sold his soul are staggering and that based on just what we know.

    3:36 TERM LIMITS !! Across the spectrum ! NO EXCEPTIONS !

    Like everything else that would be great for this country; it'll never happen - why? See your response for answer


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