Thursday, January 13, 2011

The End Of The Empire Is Near

Regardless of military victories or failures, or how blatantly corrupt the mercenary/contractor factor is, the overall inefficiency of our government and U.S. society cannot last. The breakdown of both trust and function in the financial sphere as well as in community cohesion -- as people work harder and harder (if they can) but cannot get ahead, mostly unable to help one another -- is becoming apparent to the average citizen. Just a few years ago, if a visionary brought up issues such as peak oil and climate chaos, the usual reaction from a mainstream person was incredulity or "What, me worry?" This is changing quickly, with a consensus growing that general weirdness, stress and uncertainty relating to our dysfunctional system are on the rise. Moreover, there is no let-up in sight. Collapse seems nigh.
Lest you believe this is the only message of this essay, keep reading.
The corporate media and the politicians have to keep hammering on the idea of the economy's returning to infinite growth. But they don't address the fact that peak oil has come, and the substitutes for petroleum cannot do much more than assure prolonged electrical energy. Peak oil is a liquid-fuels/materials crisis.
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  1. Peak Oil

    Fuck peak Oil

    Look at the price of natural gas ! Iy's snowing in 43 states and nat Gas is under 5 bucks!

    We have so much of it we cannot consume it fast enough and they want to talk about peak oil?

    Give me a big ole fucking break !

  2. You wont be saying "fuck peak oil" for long when energy prices go through the roof and the economy continues to entropy because of limited "inputs". We were bred to think that resources were unlimited and that we could keep expanding indefinitely.

    The F35 program is just one example of the changes to come:

  3. I will be saying fuck peak oil - everything I have ---------------------------------------

    Runs on natural gas

    My Truck
    My well water
    My water heater
    My greenhouse
    My stoves
    My furnace
    My 35Kw generator

    They are producing Marshellus wells that are making a MILLION cubic feet of gas

    A DAY !

    I laugh at you jackwagons that are paying $3.25 a gallon and soon will pay 4 bucks then 5 and whining like little rodents all the while natural gas has been here in abundance, cheap and clean.

    You won't do anything about it because that would make to much sense - now go back to
    biggest loser and be a hero.

  4. Natural Gas will not last forever either. You're living in an illusion. A delusion that everything can stay the same way forever.

    The Middle East still has about ten times the reserves as the US. The US is increasingly using unconventional means, that is horizontal drilling and fracking. Unfortunately, it is more expensive and comes with greater economic problems. When Gas gets increasingly expensive to use, and other countries are keeping more of theirs for themselves, you'll be the biggest loser, but for now go ahead and keep living in Disneyland consuming as much as you want, pretending that the world is an infinite supply of fuel for your toys and consumption.

  5. 11:40 is right but he's suffering from angry pride which is quite common in lots of the Preppers I talk to.

    I've actually lived in a country who's currency collapsed and if he thinks that just because he has this or that he won't suffer?...Then he might be surprised...Might not get him but his daughter, son, wife etc will be a target.

    I know yadda yadda yadda guns guns guns alarms alarms dogs dogs guns guns guns etc...No one is an island...If I want what you have and I have a small team with decent military experience we'll take it.

    No BS look at what's happened in any country where overnight the void between the have's and the have's not widened.

    He has good ideas just he sounds like a dick.

  6. That's strange 12:44, 16 million Americans without military experience save their lives every year with guns. A couple people last year with military experience were wasted by non militants.

    Where was their precious training when they needed it? The point is that a gun is a gun and a small child using one will be able to save their lives regardless.

    Your team would need rockets, body gear, and to consist of strong, physically fit males if it were to hold any superiority versus for instance, some old farmer and his family.

    It's funny the ignorant comments from people who think like that. They hold the same mentality as the liberals that want to take gun rights away. "Only cops should have guns." Right... and yet cops get slaughtered all the time. Either in firefights or by a criminal with his bare hands.

    Very strange how some people on here try to knock at those who are preparing in some way or another. Especially in telling them only soldiers would know what to do with a gun. Oh please!

    If people had it in their heads to break into someone's home they could care less if police arrested them at some point - that's why they are committing a crime in the first place. What they fear most is the homeowner waiting for them with a firearm. Bye bye. The police on the other hand can't just kill someone unless they want to end up in court.

    So what the hell difference would it make if a soldier was entering a home like that? Yeah 20 perhaps would make a difference, but then again so would any group of people.

  7. 5:03 please take a reading comprehension course at your local JC.

    I like guns...I'm NOT against guns...What I'm saying is even if you have guns they won't protect you if a small team wants to take you out.

    Unless you want to live like a hermit and "Hold your fort."

    Don't believe me look at Zimbawee, Argentina, Russia or Brazil...You're talking off the cuff based on opinions I'm talking based on documented history...Look up Ferfal (an Argentine blogger)...Otherwise you sound like you watch "Red Dawn" Too many times.

    You went off on a rant...Take your meds buddy...Let me guess late 40's, early 50's divorced, semi-white collar job, white male with anger management issues?...Slow down buddy.

  8. Also he defeats his own logic by saying that "a gun is a gun and a small child using one will be able to save their lives regardless" yet... "cops get slaughtered all the time. Either in firefights or by a criminal with his bare hands."

    What he is saying is that a gun is not always going to help you if it gets messy, even if you have the training of cop with backup, a squad car, and a radio.

    No one is knocking guns. But they are not the end all be all of preparation and answers for the future.

  9. If we had a SHTF situation where overseas supplies of oil were cut off I would expect the federal and state governments to ration ALL fuels and perhaps even appropriate natural gas for higher purposes in the public interest. Simply depending on an energy source other then oil for your power does not insure you will survive.

  10. 1:19

    Therin lies another great point that most here do not recognise - natural gas is being produced HERE - NOW - By AMERICAN workers making high wages.

    The federal government has almost nothing to do with the production of nat gas and the States are just now trying to figure out to get in on the action as the vast majority of the land is privayely owned!

    That's why several posters here make comments like "everything I own runs on nat. gas" - they
    have land & have their own wellhead - for that matter; if you have large tracts of land & proven gas reserves; 90 grand will get you your very own shallow gas well - good for 80 plus years.

  11. Ah, so every American is going to become a natural gas "producer"? Maybe go into business and compete with the likes of a Chevron or Exxon. Perhaps we can make our own drills and lay our own pipe right in our backyard. That way we can fuel our gas guzzling hummers and double head brick laid grills.

    I wish it were that easy, but obviously that is a dream.

  12. It should be noted that IF you are sure or are willing to take the chance on hitting a gas pocket, then you will have to pay for the materials (steel casing, pipes, pumps, and labor) and lay down a bond fee (2,500 or so). You will have to pump out the water separately and also take it to be disposed of at an industrial plant. If you move or it becomes unused for more than a year you will need to pay to have it plugged, which is anywhere from 1,500 to 10,000.

    That said, maybe it is a good idea, especially for a community or a farm.

  13. It should also be noted that if you do hit gas ( which, in most regions here in the N.E. it's a pretty safe bet) your going to have much, much more than you can ever possibly use.

    Most shallow wells ( 2,500 - 3,500') in my area produce anywhere from 15 - 90,000' per day. With the average house using between 80 & 150,000' per year - you sell the excess to the local gas company.

    These wells are rated at 80 year production so it will likely outlive you.

    They are aslo hitting the marschellus sale here some of these damn things come in at a million cubic feet a day!

    Now they have discovered the Utica shale at about 9,000' & the word in the industry is that it's even larger and better quality than the marschellus !

    I think we have some gas !


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