Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Real Estate Continues It's Crash

No real surprises here as the Case Shiller housing report shows continued declines in housing prices.  The lack of government involvement, negative seasonal trends and generally poor fundamentals are resulting in continued home price declines throughout much of the country.
I don’t think this is any reason to panic, but it does increase the risk that the recovery could become increasingly fragile.  For now, I am still expecting stabilization in the middle portion of 2011 and then a general stagnation in the market. 
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  1. Thanks for the useless article writer from "pragcap". But to correct your fallacies; there is no recovery, we're already in a depression, it is not the responsibility for the government to intervene in economic scenes, and now is more of a time to panic than ever before in America. Real Estate is but a nominal piece of this collapse.

    Excuse the crudeness that I'm about to demonstrate but I'm very sick of these types of out of sync authors who are lagging behind in several years of data and have dim realization of the actual situation.

    To each of them, I'd like to transmit a message expressing the disconcert their absent minded writing infuses within my inner being. YOU'RE A WASTE OF CONSCIOUSNESS! STOP FUCKING WRITING!

    EA no offense, but you can find better material than this outlandishly beguiling jargon to post on your site. If not, then it's better off not being posted.


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