Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bernanke Either Is Smoking Some Strong Weed Or Is A Malicious Liar

"History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce" - Karl Marx

I don't think it's any coincidence that today's spike in gold coincided with Bernanke's smoke-blowing session in front of the National Press Club.  What is really sad and pathetic is that most of the country that bothers to read/follow the news will wake up tomorrow morning to headlines which proclaim that Bernanke said the economy is improving.  BUT, if you look at the real TRUTH behind the economic numbers released lately, you will see that the indices used to measure economic activity have been skewed to the upside primarily by price inflation at the "non-core" level, where "non-core" as defined by the Fed/Govt is "the cost of food and energy."  Yes, 'tis indeed a massive farce.

Let's use today's factory orders report as an example, which posted a .2% gain vs. an expected .4% decline. If you read thru the details of the report, which you can do HERE, you will find that the index gains were driven primarily by an increase in the output of non-durable goods and inventory build-up.  If you read thru the data table, you'll find that "petroleum and coal products" were nearly 15% of the total value of the index and represented one of the largest % increase in value from Nov to Dec.  Given that we know that the price of oil increased during November by almost 13%, it stands to reason that a large percentage of the gain in the factor order index was the price of oil (and coal).  Furthermore, the price of steel has been climbing sharply, ergo the increase in the value of the durable goods component of the index. 
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  1. Neither. He is a front man for a bunch of thieves.

  2. You can call him what you want

    FACT remains

    He is VERY good at his job

    Propping up the WORLD economy

    I CANNOT beleive we are still in reasonable shape & I called for a total meltdown in late '08

    To be in '11 and still going is a testament to just how crafty this dude is

    Just when you think he's run out of tricks

    He pulls another rabbit out of the hat

    Truly amazing & at this point; I hate to admit it - but I sure as hell wouldn't bet against him!

  3. 6:36pm - Congrats. You will the deluded slave competition. Your prize is living in poverty for the rest of your life with a boot occasionally pressed against your face while your hero sips Champagne. Good job.

  4. Bernanke is just nothing more than a frontman for our masters. His job is to buy time while the elite owners on this country, and us, suck us dry for every cent. Like a giant tic.

    They are about half way there now. We are no Argentina. We are a huge cow and draining us is taking a while.

    When the elite want to pull the plug on the Ponzi and make us third world, they will. First they have a lot of fun first. Getting stooge USA to go out and kill and conquer for them pre-bankrupcy is a good start.

  5. Our cardboard standee in charge pulled out the GOD card today. All the bible clutching deluded Goyim said Amen.

  6. hes not smoking weed he smoking crack money crack

  7. 636 you have to get out of your mommys basement
    got gold beeches

  8. 6:36 All he did was make sure we will never ever recover from this by further devaluing the dollar and increase our debt . The crash while delayed and is in slow motion will be even more horrific when it happens.
    Please bitch slap yourself for me .

  9. His ( and greenspan ) job is to keep the lie going for the multitude - job well done, as they have suceeded in keeping an entire nation ( just like you ) busting their asses for worthless toilet paper that they will very soon
    devalue to somewhere around .04 cents.
    Even the few that are aware of the lie ( like you ) are totally powerless to actually do anything about it so he wins again.
    He has all the cards and if he doesn't like the way a certain hand is playing out.....

    He just changes the game

    You, on the other hand have only one game to play and it's going rather poorly at the moment

  10. 5:39

    Gimme a break man we couldn't have recovered from the hole we dug ten years ago.

    I appreciate your degrading remarks about my OPINION and as I'm sure the rest of the world is aware that you are a superior human being in every regard.

    People like you with comments like that assure
    this country will never recover from where we have been stuck for the past 50 years and are currently; 300 million self serving, egotistical, hypocrites; unwilling - even for a moment to consider a differing OPINION - having never even walked ten steps; let alone ten miles - in the other mans shoes.

    Pretty damn pathetic actually.

  11. 300 million? But a good portion of the population is children. Another 10 years we'll have more cows (American women) pop out another three to ten babies that won't know who their dads were.

    I give up looking at shit. This Egyptian revolution isn't lurid in any way whatever. I hope things get worse faster, which looks to be promising at this point. The faster things crash the faster everyone around me will come back to earth and be in reality. Then we can do work that really makes a contribution.

    As for Bernanke, the guy is just trying to elude the ineluctable until it all goes down. He's pinned in all of his lies and the only thing keeping him employed is a spineless American population with a mendacious media that scams their numbskull viewers.

  12. Actually; It's 308.5 - but I was saving that 8.5 for "the good guys" ( yeah buddy, we're still here)

    Yo mamies can "pop out" 20 - 'twon't even come close to yer real nemesis which is RED RED RED
    China - current population 1.3 friggin' BILLION

    That's B B B B B Billion with a B pal

    You are going to have your wish !

    I am totally prepared

    Hope we meet

  13. 2:55 Please educate yourself ! you know nothing and i mean nothing about our current financial situation.
    Bernanke Is just a pawn for the Federal reserve. the first thing you need to do is research the group . How they started and what they are about . Then and only then can we even begin to have an intelligent conversation . Sorry i know i sound arrogant but i have lost patience dealing with people who have an opinion based on there feelings rather than face and learn the facts .
    We were doomed for failure the day the federal reserve came into being PERIOD prove me wrong .
    You can call me names but you will still be factually wrong and most people on the site know it . Your hero Bernanke has done a good job of hiding the truth and that is all.

  14. between 2002 and 2007 65% of all wealth went to 1% of the people...think he's talking to them.
    there's no inflation is said, when they count housing fall against input costs they get their wash in numbers. wash rinse repeat

  15. Judas Priest 8:03 can you read ? Can you comprehend what you read?

    Good - then scroll up and read my post

    There now --- where does it state that Bernake is my hero !?

    The fed is a private company man ! I know that - I also know that when tricky dicky took us off the gold standard; that left the fed with unlimited printing powers - which by the by -- it has used and abused ever since.

    I will call you names - as long as you TRY to interject statements that just aren't there man

    They ain't there and the fact remains; this sonofabitch has succeded in propping up the ENTIRE friggin' globe man ! Not his masters - they tell ---

    He does ! The USA is 25 % that's right 25% of the global consumptive demand for ALL goods and services

    This dude has MADE SURE that little fact has stayed intact - even though we have exported 60% of our manufacturing jobs.

    We're atill afloat - for how long I do not know but the dude is a friggin' magician to keep it going this long

    Good day


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