Thursday, February 10, 2011

Celente Predicts False Flag Attack

Celente is now predicting another false flag attack. As he told King World News:
Look for a false flag. Look for something to rally the people around the president. They'll do another one .... Remember the Maine. Remember the Gulf of Tonkin.
He's not talking about Egypt, but the West. For background, see this.

Celente also predicted that the Tunisian and Egyptian protests are not isolated incidents, but the start of revolts and wars caused by the pillaging of the world economy by the giant banks:
The experts… are saying what's going on in Tunisia and Egypt, this is going on in Arab nations. Nah, this is the beginning of something much greater. Figure it out. Civil wars to regional wars to world wars. The Crash of '29 equals the Panic of '08. The Great Depression equals the Great Recession. World War Two equals the First Great War Of The Twenty-First Century.
Celente's predictions might sound wild ... but he's been calling things accurately for decades.

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  1. Wars?
    20Trillion in war debts are now already bankrupting a has been superpower.
    “Secret China war plan: trillions in U.S. debt ... Yes, Americans love war. Yes, wars cost money. And pile on debt, new taxes ... Back in the ‘40s, WWII consumed 57% of our GDP. Today, war eats up about half America's budget. We're sinking under Iraq war debt. Nobel economist Joseph Stiglitz estimates Iraq at $3 trillion, with $2 trillion for future costs, like VA medical. The Afghan war, maybe another $3 trillion. Plus endless terrorist threats. Future wars are "planned" years, even decades in advance, strategies based on Pentagon-Rand war games. America talks peace. But deep inside our collective brain is a dark monster: We're little kids who love playing war. – Paul B. Farrell/MarketWatch"
    quoted @$20-Trillion War Costs Bankrupting US

    Apart from the Civil War Americans have been lucky in their involvement in the past imperialist big world wars .
    New export markets were created as the competitions industry was destroyed as in WW2
    The millions all died in the rest of the world. Despite going massively in debt during world war 2 . America itself emerged with its own industry intact.

    Winners are grinners and America ,unlike the Germans was able to pay off its huge government ‘victory” bond debts as its manufacturing and dollar system later had a free run in the worlds export markets.

    Some Americans therefore believe based on those past experience that war is good for business and profits.

    But that only works for winners not losers.
    Since WW2In Korea ,Vietnam ,Iraq and Afghanistan the track record is not so good .
    No new markets were created and the $ cost of the empires investments in getting its own butt kicked was great .

    Since WW2 The USA only fights against weak third world peoples and now tries to keep its deaths and casualities low by high tech video game like wars.And low tech torture,
    But even these current wars have already substantially bankrupted America current interest payments for war bonds is already greater than during WW2.

    With on top of that ,future government revenues already promised to pay off bailouts and stimulus bills .An already insolvent America could not afford more wars .

    And the big undustrial competitors are also armed to with long range weapons cannot be expected to lay back and just cop it . Would you buy ‘victory”war bonds from the Commander in chief and expect a profit?

    As many potential GI joes are Joe Sixpack now living on food stamps army rations. Meals Ready to Eat would cost even more for government.
    An already insolvant economy could not even afford that.

    The only other war that America might be stupid enough to fight soon is if they blindly follow instructions for their dual nationals .

    Any nearby aircraft carriers would become coffin ships.

  2. Whew! Don't get me going on false flag attacks. How about the way Glenn Beck created a false enemy in Socialists?

    Buckle up partners, thanks to the reactionary right wing nutjobs in Texas led by Beck and Limbaugh we're going to be paying for wars with our blood and organs.

    We knew this was coming the second the elections rolled around. With high tech propaganda on the right, an impatient American population, and with a compromised Socialist as president rather than a real, devout one we knew the big business slave owners would get to be reinstated.

    Have at it Republicans. Time to select a new target and shoot it. We should ask Sarah Palin to give us tips right? Who will it be this time, Iran? NK? Maybe Egypt?

    The rednecks will need a good chant as they march through the middle east. "The KKK is coming to play, all Arabs get out of the way! America needs to show her might, we've come to fight to make things right!"

  3. False enemy in socialists? Socialists are the enemy of this country and they are infiltrating our government. Glenn Beck is probably a socialist he is just letting the American people know what is going on. He acts like he cares and that he is against them, but in reality he is just giving lessons in socalism and preparing peoples minds to except it. He preaches peaceful revolution. No such thing. He talks as if anybody that believes there was a 9/11 conspiracy or anybody that believes Obama wasn't born in the USA are stupid to shut them up, because nobody wants to thought of as stupid. He really wants people to shut up and believe what they are told.

  4. OK all repeat after me...

    Hey hey, ho ho, Obama's got to go!

    Hey hey, ho ho, Obama's got to go!

    Hey hey, ho ho, Obama's got to go!

    Hey hey, ho ho, Obama's got to go!

  5. Yes 6.56 , Americas enemy is the socialists ‘of left and Right”.
    You are a clear thinker on to Beck and all the secret socialist misinformers and plotters !

    The small capitalist elite and their hangers on have already accumulated in their hands the bulk of Americas income earning assets and debts and this process is being impeded by socialists wanting to expand taxes in this great bailout system.
    As a result of a financial coup in an insolvant capitalism their past losses were socialized and lost capital in the banking system was replaced by a kind Corporate State.
    All this will be payed by taxpayers and future generations .
    As it should be.
    To save this debt ridden but great American system of wealth accumulating in the hands of the elite.
    The Elite are having a great recovery profits are up its only the middle class that is losing thir savings and asset values looted.
    As they should be!
    But, now the filthy socialists want to share in this bailout system too ,by extending the time for unemployment benefits to the lazy and horror of horrors ,some even want to increase the value of food stamps for the 43 millions now benefiting by government socialist handouts.

    This is an intolerable burden being imposed by socialists on honest hard working american capital!

    After paying for bailouts to the owners of America ,We cannot afford this filthy Socialism !

    The bi-partisan bailout arrangers for the elite and banksters Bush , McCain, Obama Paulsen Bernanke And Geithner are all clearly elite Marxists, socialists and filthy commies too.

  6. Obozo is a 100% pure-bread Socialist. He hates the USA along with his wife that spends taxpayer dollars to live it up in Spain, all the while telling us that the Obama family paid for all of it! Lies, lies and more lies!

    The sooner we get rid of this traitor,the better chance we have to recover from this Globalist, NWO, nightmare.

    Long live the Constitution of the United States of America!


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