Thursday, February 3, 2011

Climate Tax On Meat And Milk?

As you no doubt have read in the papers, or seen on the TV news, food prices have recently shot up, leading the warmists to blame global warming, of course. Sensible people point to the insane practice of turning food into biofuels that no one wants. but everyone is feeling the pinch of higher food prices, with the poor especially hard hit by the rise.
So it should come as no surprise then, to read that the warmist’s answer to this is to call for a hefty “climate tax” on all milk, dairy produce, and meat products.
I know, you’re probably rubbing your eyes in disbelief and thinking “Oh come on, not even they would be that crass” but the call has already gone out in the pages of favoured warmist journal, Climate Change. As MSNBC reports:
Many people think with either their wallets or their stomachs. Taking advantage of that can be used to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
A tax on meat and milk would likely mean we’d buy less of the foods that contribute to climate change.  And that’s good for the environment, said a study published in the journal Climate Change.
MSNBC. To Fix Global Warming, How About a Meat Tax?
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  1. fits with a video clip I saw from some elite think tank about future cities, in it meat was only if it was your birthday or something.


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