Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Greece Violence: Viewers Discretion Is Advised


  1. if i may say. the times i saw action was oakland 90 maybe 91. Good stuff. I had a yohoo bottle and threw it. cops ran to me but i ran. they cant run fast in gear. When Americans have enough we fight back. We take longer since the fat cats no how to come us. I say start the action baby. We need some revoltion now baby.

    - Sam

  2. more mindless violence sam/spam.

  3. Most of this unverifiable Gaddafi as hilter “news” and rumors ,is from the Soros NGOs via twitter and Facebook.

    Qaddafi may appear to Libyans to be standing as the defender of the nation against foreign inspired subversion and rebellion. His suppport As ‘national defender” from ordinary Libyans may be greater than reported in the western MSM.

    This guy is a proven political survivor that has held power since most Libyans were even born.

    He has been Hitler and enemy of the month before ,many times ,in The western owned MSM and still survived.

    Libyans have already seen the results of twitter ,color type, western Media supported “revolutions” and the results of twitter color type revolutions, the replacement of one military backed for another army face more acceptable to America in Egypt. With the replacement of one military backed US Puppet leader past his use by date , for another fresh army face more acceptable to America . In this case the Head of the old regimes policeman and torture department of government. Old US boss agent same as New US boss agent!

    Civil war in order to ‘preserve the Union”, (or in Libyas case national control of the national resources) could be very messy and costly in human lives if the Rebels press ahead .
    As in the American Civil War.

    Especially as it appears Qaddafi has democratically left many guns in the hands of the people and militias.

    The people have not been disarmed. So will not easily be pushed around even by Qaddafi.

    But, he does appear to have kept control of the national oil revenues and the distribution of the national security welfare type checks, in his own governments hands.
    With thirty or more percent of the population directly dependent on these checks for a living, He may just cut off the distribution of any ‘Social Secutity checks to any rebellious towns.
    Libya is mostly desert. So there will be not much to eat for Soros backed “militant twitters” and often middle class Facebook revolutionatries ,without any ongoing cash incomes, once the checks stop coming.

    So ,Qaddafi may not have to send the National Army into any rebellious towns or burn them down in his version of Americas Union General Sherman’s ‘March To the sea” and on Altanta to bring them into heel and preserve national union

    Qaddafi is even playing the opposition to Al Qaida and Muslim Brotherhood terrorist subversion fear card!

    If Obama and NATO want to keep the Oil and Gas flowing smoothly Qaddafi may need western help, not sanctions and blockades . Qaddafi and the Libyans have seen it all in the past before and the ‘revolution” for national independence and Libyan control of the oil survived.

    Obama should lend Qaddafi his Nobel Peace Prize to wear and Qaddafi should only use drones for bombing of “militants” . All other suspect twitter “militants” should be shipped of to a Libyan version of Guantanomo bay in order to preserve their human rights to humane torture.

    America could send real, Abu Graib type ,expert aid for freedom .

    Then all would be fine ,the oil price might fall again and so all this would then surely be “acceptable “ to western world , or American “international public opinions “ own great “ human rights” standards.


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