Saturday, February 5, 2011

Scariest Job Chart Ever

There are some weird things going on in this morning's jobs report, but the headline number was a joke, and as such, the scariest jobs chart ever looks horrid.
As you can see, via Calculated Risk, the pace of the jobs recovery is not only not in line with past "recoveries" it's not even at the pace it was a few months ago.
chart of the day, scariest jobs ever, feb 2011


  1. I'm not too good at reeding charts. you see, I am a product of the CA public school system however; I would say that red line bouncing off the bottom indicates we are all screwed.

    Any clear thinking adult can see what is coming. Thats right. WW3.

  2. I reed charts just fine and this one tells me we ain't making anything anymore. Last week my teenage son bought my wife a birthday present-
    a box of chocolates

    They were so pathetic we could not eat them

    Made in China and imported in Ohio

    I don't know about ww3 - but jobs?

    Forget it - ain't gonna happen & the best they can do is to keep buying our worthless bonds at 150 billion per month and skewing all the numbers regarding the economy and jobs

    YoBama - he wants to spend 500 billion on high speed rail yhat's "green"

    Because we all know AmTrac is making record profits - Ha!

  3. Yes we are approaching WW3. This world is blazing. I'm shocked how fast all of this happened from where we were only three years ago.

    But the third great war won't be fought so much between nations. This time it will be civil war in every nation (or anarchy), and every individual at war within himself.

    A global dark age. To understand that would be done by knowing what the Dark Ages were about in Europe. When Rome fell (Byzantine Empire was not Roman), Grecian and Roman principalities lost all direction. Those on the rise to power were "barbarian" factions that were attempting to become "civilized" nations in a way emulating the Romans.

    The lands that Rome had occupied and cities they established become war zones or fell into dissolution. Generally they would be a mixed population of Christian supremacists, diehard pagans, and often a few barbarian armies trying to claim power as the former Roman garrisons were disbanding.

    The reason it was called the Dark Ages (spanning about 500 years until the start of the Medieval Ages in the 12th century), is that Europe lacked any intellectual direction. It had nothing to do with savagery or a lack of food, which were no more or less prevalent prior to and after the epoch.

    The Grecian philosophers, Arab writers, Hebrew scholars, Christian theologians, and some exotic thinkers struggled to unify their ideas and asseverate common understandings between each other. This along with a turbulent politicial atmosphere and massive military and religious alterations to the former ancient world presented them with a prodigious challenge.

    At the end of course universities were the result in which the scholars would be the ones to decide what "truths" would be. The second result was that most of Europe became Christianized, leaving theologically biased scholars to control the minds of students.

    As far as Asia, Africa, and the Americas the Dark Age didn't exist. Today the globe will take part in this black hole of consciousness. This will be the second Dark Age, among other things.

  4. We don't need a bullet train, we need manufacturing based jobs. Oh yea, they don't exist anymore!

    WWIII will bring us jobs. We'll need to get back to making weapons and guns and ammo and bombs. We'll shrink the global population from all the people killed in this war.

    War is always very profitable for a select few companies.

    Egypt style protest will come to your neighborhood very soon.

  5. all held up with smoke and mirrors, now we see the smoke cleared and jobs that should have disappeared a decade ago now disappearing, like they say a collapse sooner is better then a can kicked collapse later. once had a foundation of rock replaced now with sand, what happens after is ..happening.
    ..wonder if they'll fix nafta as 1 thing to

  6. America cannot solve its jobs economic problems by ramping up industrial production for war as it did after the last great depression .

    Roosevelt had already improved infrastructure by government investment in highways ,dams etc and subsidizing industry with Keynesian spending . The “left” even the patriotic Communist party kept the unionized workers enthusiastically in line . Roosevelt encouraged the formation of these patriotic unions to cooperate with the corporations to get America back at work .

    The turn to war production, the development of the armaments industries was initially financed by the British Empire ,first of all by handing over their gold reserves and by the transfer/selling of much of Britains foreign investment assets gained from many decades of Empire .

    America stimulated arm sales by the creation of debts for the British with armaments supply financed by ‘lend lease”.
    This was the final bankruptcy of the British empire and the end of the Pound Sterling currency zone of world trade and the rise to dominance of the dollar system, at that time backed by gold .
    Recovery of these ‘lend lease” investments ,in debts owed to America, were a major factor why The US joined the British side of the war . A Pearl harbor type incident was required to get some Americans out of their traditional isolationist ideas and to enthusiastically support the war. Conveniently Pearl Harbor did in fact happen .

    America was later able to finance its war by treasury deficit spending creating a huge national debt and by selling “Victory” war bonds Etc.
    The conditions are different this time around in this economic debt crisis.
    There is no Roosevelt rebuilding American infrastructure and strengthening US industry and job creation .
    Instead government deficit spending is simply being diverted to socialize the past losses of an insolvent banking sector and to continuous bail outs, in the end creating an inflationary destruction of the dollars value with annual trillion dollar + deficits.

    The huge amount of Treasury bills the US government tries to sell in the market cannot be absorbed by demand ,but has to be supported (and its share markets too)by its Central bank printing money. So in effect the government uses the Fed ,or the Fed uses the government to buy up its own treasury bills debts.
    International confidence in the strong dollar and the dollar hegemony empire system is fast sliding away with QE2 .

    The government finances are toast. The already existing national debt levels would not provide much confidence for investors to buy even more Treasuries financing governments wars ,by the government selling Treasuries even “victory bonds for more wars.

    If the government was not already bankrupted by it past war spending and bailout system for business it might have had a chance at turning to finance recovery with deficit spending for wars for empire.

    Would even Americans trust the ability of America to finally pay out investors in “Victory” bonds when future tax revenues have already been promised to pay for the current bailouts?

    The extent of Americas insolvency is well known even to foreign observers with daily reports ranging from municipal losses to problems financing its food stamp and social security payments bills .
    As for the dollar and some American gold reserves still in Fort knox as emergency back up value ?
    The government refuses to properly audit the Fed.
    So naturally many ,not just Americans ,suspect only tungsten or paper reserves in the form of leases of gold IOUs.

    Militarily the US is perceived as weak it has not achieved its oil war aims in Iraq and even after a decade cannot subdue a handful of tribals in Afghanistan.
    Ideologically the US had moral standing during WW2 because it was a war against Fascism .
    There is no moral support ,outside of brainwashed America, for an Abu Graib type CIA Mercenary run Empire military .
    So who you going to fight anyway?

  7. I need TV, chips, food stamps, free health care, soda pop, internet, and all will be OK!


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