Saturday, February 5, 2011

While You Are Watching The Super Bowl…

I thought Super Bowl weekend was a good time to let people know that while ignorance is bliss, it will become deadly when the dollar collapses. In the same time it will take for you to watch the Super Bowl, you can watch these 76 videos and see what is really going on in this world. When you are aware, you can prepare.- Silver Shield)
“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” Aldous Huxley
While you are watching the Super Bowl…
The Federal Reserve remains above the law to increase our federal deficit and uses fractional reserve banking , usury, and debt to control our world.
The Banksters continue to laugh at us, thumb their nose at regulators, manipulate the markets, lavish themselves with bonuses, and do “god’s” work.
The Banksters continue to push global warming with disgusting propaganda for environmental control, cap and tax, and carbon Ponzi schemes.
Our gangster government lies about unemployment, inflation and the real health care agenda as the middle class is destroyed.
Our military industrial complex steals trillions, commits war crimes, assassinations, genocide, and uses economic hitmen.
Our government continues to protect heroin fields and plot more false flag events for the greatest racket on earth.
Our government continues to bring drugs into the country and cause the violence in Mexico.
Our politicians continue to be sock puppets for the Elite that only give us the “choice” of the lesser of two evils in their rigged elections.
Our police state and prison system grows more illogical, intrusive, violent, bold, and heartless.
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Super Bowl Party Could Land Family In Jail


  1. don't forget rolling blackouts...wonder how many won't be able to watch the game or intermittently ...and wonder what next winter will bring, expect more power "shortages"

  2. I don't have any plans to watch the "Big Game". It's a supreme waste of time. It will likely be a good time to go out and buy more non perusable foods and some additional ammo for my shelter.

    Today I saw this couple in Sam's Club, they each had on their $75.00, Super Bowl jerseys, their cart was packed full of Super Bowl junk food. It was the most pathetic sight I have seen in a very long time.

    About a month ago I bought two Israeli gas masks for me and my son. I'll likely buy two more, so I can have a pair in the car and a pair at home.

    I also have weapons, food and water in my car, in case we are not at home the country collapses. How about you?


  4. He got them from Israel

    We can't make them here anymore

    They are happy to take our 20 Billion free dollars and our gas mask technology

    And then sell us the finished product at 75% profit

    We are so fucking stupid - - -

  5. 4:24

    I bought the masks at a military surplus store. I have seen these masks on the internet for as much as $150.00 each. I paid $29.00. They came with one filter. I would like to have more filters, but they are currently hard to find and they are priced greater than $29.00, so I'll likely just go back and buy more masks.

    I am posting this one hour into the Super Bowl, that I am still not watching. My TV is turned off!

  6. maybe the guy who was having the party needed a permit for peaceable assembly


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