Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Full Core Meltdown In Japan Will Send Radiation Over United States


  1. WOW! The Chinese news! Doesn't get more reliable then that now does it???

    This is BS

  2. 2:50 everything is B.S. to you, after every article you post the same thing..odd

  3. Yes it is very odd 2.53

    But get with the System .

    If it isnt on Fox or CNN it isnt belivable by any truly paoriotic american!

    Everything else is obvious BS to anyone that gets the real news from Fox.

  4. The news on the true extent of the radiation of people being exposed in Japan ,as shown by Japanese government testing results , may be being manipulated ,or even being censored by the Japanese government to prevent panic ?

    Some of the reports on proven contamination are coming from foreign sources outside of Japanese government control.

    For example we have seen radiation exposure reports from the US military on US helicopters ,and aircraft ,on the Aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan.
    The aircraft carrier was I60 kilometers away from the nuclear plants.
    And now there is a report on contaminated Australian rescue team members.

    These foreign forces appear to be doing their own testing using their own equipment and reporting separately from the Japanese government.

    The Contaminated Australian rescue workers merely spent a little time, boots on the ground nearby the damaged nuclear plants, but well outside the official 20 or even 30 kilometer danger warning zone.
    Not within the officially dangerous zone, but on a military base 40 kilometers away from the nuclear plant.
    My guess is that the Australians were tested by the US military checking the helicopter and passengers and this information here may be sourced from a US military report .
    UPDATE 1.42pm: TWO Australian search and rescue workers have been exposed to low levels of radioactive contamination near Japan's stricken Fukushima atomic energy plant.
    They were aboard a United States helicopter that was forced to land early today at Fukushima Airport due to ice on its rotor blades.
    The airport is 20km outside the 20km exclusion zone which Japanese authorities have established around the nuclear plant.

  5. same dis-info all gov's do when serious troubles occur.
    hear there's shortages of things-obviously always is...hear japanese gov spent over 300 billion propping up their market so far...so what's of importance here-markets? or people..300 billion would help alot-water/food/rescue teams/meds..to see them prop the market is an added tragety

  6. "Japan Will Send Radiation Over United States"
    Payback is a bitch.


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