Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan's Nightmare Gets Even WORSE

  • Fuel rods appear to be melting inside three over-heating reactors
  • Experts class development as 'partial meltdown'
  • Molten fuel could burn through reactor safety shields
  • Earlier blast at Fukushima nuclear plant felt 25 miles away
  • Eleven workers injured after hydrogen ignited
  • 180,000 people have been evacuated from the area
  • Engineers desperately trying to cool reactors with sea water
  • Up to 160 people so far exposed to radiation
The Japanese nuclear reactor hit by the tsunami went into 'meltdown' today, as officials admitted that fuel rods appear to be melting inside three damaged reactors.
That means there is a risk that molten nuclear fuel can melt through the reactor's safety barriers and cause a serious radiation leak.
There have already been explosions inside two over-heating reactors at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant, and the fuel rods inside a third were partially exposed as engineers desperately fight to keep them under control after the tsunami knocked out emergency cooling systems.
Japanese chief cabinet secretary Yukio Edano said it was 'highly likely' that the fuel rods inside all three stricken reactors are melting.

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Japan Nuclear Plant Troubles Deepen


  1. Relax - have a beer! I had a strong feeling the headlines about radiation traveling to the West were a bunch of BS. I just found this link of FinancialSense.Com:

    MIT scientist explains why not to worry about Japan nuclear reactors...

    So relax. Calm down. The media has a hayday creating all the fear and panic. Remember who owns the media....

  2. Under NO circumstances should anyone fall into a lull and listen to one "researcher". Common sense can tell you that if an explosion occurs similar or WORSE than Chernobyl, the likelihood of radiation is about 100%. It circled the GLOBE.

  3. Circled the globe!

    And everybody died!

    It was horrific!

    I was there

    1:46 I hear ya - salute !

  4. Also lots of comments out about people G.O.O.D. in Tokyo, regardless if there is a true threat to health, people are panicing and not taking any changes.


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