Saturday, March 19, 2011

Open Forum: Save The World Here

The movieStar Wars is one of my earliest and strongest memories as a child. The sounds were loud and the effects were amazing. The story about a band of rebels fighting against the seemingly unstoppable Empire was so exciting to me. In the end, one man took a leap of faith and destroyed the Empire’s most feared weapon. This story of fighting against all odds for a just cause has always been an inspiration to me.

Today we have rebellious bloggers, hackers, and leakers fighting against the most powerful Empire the world has ever known. This battle is not fought with lasers and space ships, instead, with words and ideas. The Empire is an Elite global group of banking, media, political and military powers that enslave the world’s population with debt, propaganda, false hope, and war. This quadrillion-dollar Empire has a fatal flaw much like the Death Star, it is an Empire built on secrecy and lies. One shot of truth can and will bring it all crashing down.
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  1. Obiwan has taught you well!

  2. The sound of laser blasters, light sabers, and ewoks singing.

  3. Every single Jedi, including your friend, Obi-Wan Kenobi, is now an enemy of the Republic. Do what must be done, Lord Vader.

    ...Darth Lord Palpatine Rotchild

  4. "I'M NOT AFRAID"!!!......You will will beeeeeeee...........!!!!!!!!!

  5. While truth is a good thing, it will not bring down the machine. The 98%, aka the deluded sheeple, will also gravitate to whatever brings them comfort. Facts/reason mean very little to them if those facts may disturb their status quo.

    The 9/11 fraud was a good example, as were the reasons for us to go to war with Iraq and Afghanistan. Those that learned about the frauds involved that tried to go out and wake their friends up about the lies got a wake up call.

    Now, Libya. A good dose of propaganda and the sheeple are right on board with even more mass death in the name of the Empire.

    The larger scale battle is over, they won. The elite that own this country and fully control the big 3 - Media, Money, Military.

    You have NO say. Ever. You are a slave. Simply put, accept and deal with it. It will not change.

    A smart, rational individual will now get selfish a bit and focus on truths that will help him/her have an edge going forward.

    In most cases, that means survival preparations and the protection of any wealth through physical silver or other means.

    Being a 'truther' out there trying to expose the misdeeds of the Empire won't do you any good. Knowing about them will empower you to do what you can to try and survive the staged collapse of the US economy and the dollar.

    You also will not waste time with their scripted systems of control. Politics, voting, religions/mythology, banking all useless smokescreens.

    When you see brown people around the world being used for target practice rest assured the level of brutality will be turning inward at some point.

    There is no reward for trying to bullhorn the truth to the masses when 98% are in a delusion, mind-controlled state. That statement is 100% true in terms of your fellow man. You really are living in a Matrix. Just about everything around you is a lie.

    Adjust, survive.

  6. 8:19pm is correct...Sad but true...Many here try to warn friends, co-workers and family all that we get is scorn.

    People DO NOT WANT TO HEAR BAD NEWS...It's not that they can't tell or feel the change it's that it would literally blow their minds to find out they've been robbed, lied to, poisoned and enslaved.

    So for now I go my own way and prep...Times are coming when those you tried to help will try to screw you over...So prep and lay low is my new mantra.

    Evil hasn't won but right now it is awfully strong and will crush you because it fears losing power...Wait and it'll weaken as central government loses strength.

    Problem with Americans is we're too impatient...This government is self imploding...So lay low and prep...The rest don't matter for now.

  7. If you can't believe in the force what can you believe in?

    If you have no say ever, if there's no hope, then why bother?

    Suicide is an option, but I would rather suicide bomb the perception that the world are sheep and the shepherds have ultimate control. They are no different than you or me.

    The only difference is they don't realize karma's a bitch. You aren't a slave until you stop questioning authority.

  8. Vanity to think our owners are no different. They have access to technology and advancements that you could only dream about.

    They are near their long term endgame of putting the Global Information Grid together and that will make the most advanced computer on Earth look like two rocks being rubbed together. This is for them, not you.

    Question authority all you want. Many more people did that in the past than they do now. By far. We are a numbed mass of automatons at this point.

    You don't have to off yourself or live a miserable life. We were created to be slaves from day one. That is our purpose per the earliest human Sumerian writings 6000 years ago.

    Slaves can be happy. Just know your place.

    The elite have access to long lifespan tech, free energy, remedies to all medical ailments, weather/earthquake control, EVERYTHING. All when passing out entertainments to keep the slaves busy.

    Don't fret, just live your life the best you can, smile, laugh, love - but don't bother colliding with the machine; it is far to powerful.

  9. The elite who mastermind all wars are now enjoying the view. This is where the term "Theatre of War" comes from; enjoying what they started like pawns on a chessboard. The USA and our military are simply being used as a tool.

    Nothing means more social control and profit than war. They love it. It is all their doing. If not for the duress of a small group of dominant men there would be no wars.

    Obama, or whatever sock puppet is in the white house has nothing to do with it. He decides nothing. He plans nothing, he is nothing more than a paperboy or courier. No power, as an independent person, whatsoever.

    Anyone who thinks there is any hope please remember that 94% of Americans were against the original bailouts. Didn't matter. A large percentage are against all these wars. Doesn't matter.

    A slave has no say.

  10. you are nothing but a number. Your social security number.It was never intended to be used as an ID. But try getting a job, drivers license, bank account, have your taxes done without it. Our government sure did sneak that one in on us. They were patient and now they can implement their supreme power by making us use this number. Why did we fall for this scheme. People should have refused it when they began this numbering system and they would have never had been able to pull it off.

  11. Ohh... elite have supreme technology, therefore they are the SUPER SPECIES, right? No, they are just like you or me, except often dumber. Positions of power attract people with lowered morals. Their main talent is greed and the ability to have little or no empathy.

    Those who believe there is a difference, other than position and power (both of which can be taken away), are living in an unrealistic video game.

    We were not always slaves. Time does go back before the bible, fyi, as well as Sumerian culture. There were also plenty of cultures that existed alongside modern cultures that were free, until modern humans plucked them off that is.

    Most people are too busy living in a bubble to realize that though. Need to get outside more often...

  12. 5 years ago i got tired of everyones shit and bought 195 acres in backwoods maine. i proceeded
    to live the life i fished i hunted and trapped and made maple syrup by the gallons how much more free can one get? by the 5th year i had gone practically hermit status because everyone i associtaed with had much to much involvement with the modern world. trust me, while very satisfying at times, it is a lonely lonely world being that free. i am now trying hard to split the difference and find it difficult.

  13. 831 you are going to need that 195 ac real soon...
    dont get to far away from will be
    able to help whoever you want with 195


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