Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Peter Schiff: A Miracle Is Needed Government Is A Ponzi Scheme


  1. WOW. Peter pretty much countered all of their naysayer-talking points, and they still made fun of him "get your bottled water and food". The last guy to talk was the real riot. "Corporate profits are up and that's all that really matters".

    Man, this reminds me of just about every movie on the Sci-Fi channel where government official or the local police chief denies the existence of "the creature" in spite of the mounting body count. Are they stupid, in denial, or is it a cover up?

    Someday, people will ask "Why didn't anyone see this coming" and someone will answer- "There were many who did".

    Then they'll ask "Well why didn't they try to warn everyone". Well, they did.

  2. At first I thought that they all had gotten beyond calling Peter a crackpot but noooooo - they couldn't resist trying to discredit the obvious truth.
    These are the same clowns that have recommended stocks going into massive downdrafts of the market. These people couldn't see a problem coming if there lives depended on it. Wait - their lives do.

  3. Yaay!! Corporate profits are up thats all that really matters.....until they're not..bunch of condescending jerkwads

  4. The old saying that "history repeats itself" is what this interview represents. They all laughed at Schiff and Celente years ago and are laughing at them now. Typical of the lame stream talking heads - they don't have a clue!

  5. I concur with the other posters...I hope to see the douchebag who dismissed Schiff trading blow jobs for sandwiches behind some alley near Wall St. when it's all said and done.

    "Corporate profits are up and that's all that matters."

    There is NO WAY he doesn't know or see it...He's obviously being told wat HIS talking points will be just like FOX was caught doing years ago.

    If knowing a hurricane is coming, I tell people not to prepare, am I not responsible for the injuries and hunger that comes from people listening to my lies?

  6. Are those hosts stupid, or do they think we're that stupid? I think it is the show hosts and I'm insulted.

  7. This is what you get when there are 1000's of cable channels to fill. The talent pool is so shallow that it is offending to watch...How anyone would spend more time than what Peter was on to watch this garbage channel needs their head examined..

  8. Insiders are selling their stocks like crazy. the buyers are small, very small. Something they know the rest of us don't?

  9. You got to dismiss peter, because corporate earnings are up in the narrow, short term view over 2008! Hey, wow, what do you know, there downward spiral isnt a perfect graph. I guess everything is hunky dory. Let's everybody invest in McDonalds and Best Buy. Keep buying your stereos, big screens, and expensive land cruisers. When 200/barrel oil hits you can cling on to them like life rafts!

  10. It's Jokers like these idiots on tv, the becks hannitys, they talk to us like we are kids, they are the true propagandists and are leading the sheep to slaughter.

  11. Peter Schiff is awake and everyone else is tap dancing on fairy dust and pretty much brain dead.

    I am going to laugh my arse off when those other pundits loose their shirts inside their optimism pants.

    HA HA HA HA HA HA!! What morons!!!

  12. the 401k thing is interesting, comes at a time when fed gov has mentioned a study on taking 401's and placing them in a newly created GRA-guaranteed retirement account, run by the fed and used to buy up bonds and tbills, makes sense to make all things 401 then hand it over to fed if that's their plan

  13. I monitoring the silver market. I'll bet that it hits $35.00 by the end of the day.

    BTY, my 401K is a complete joke!

  14. Watch a segment of Peter on this same type of show back in 2007...the freaking morons were saying the same thing:

    "well...look at corporate profits...they are super high...and going higher...so that just means that we can dismiss Peter's arguement right there"

    I mean, shit...at some point, you gotta call these MO-MO pumpers what they are: Shills for corporate america.

    Who the fuck cares WHEN the collapse happens...the fucking guy is not some soothsayer...what they ought to be worried about is how in the hell we even got to this shit-hole of a situation...where China and Opec has our proverbial balls in a vice.

    All you have to do is look at those dumb fucks on that show (especially the one guy who looks like he is fresh out of Harvard Business School) and know that these fucks don't have a clue about how the big, macro-economic picture is playing out...or how, historically these types of situations have ended (HINT...BADLY FOR THE OVER-EXTENDED SUPERPOWER) All these idiots learned in college is how to fuck someone out of their hard-earned money, and how to be a cheerleader for the freaking stock market...

    I CANNOT stand to watch CNBC...nothing but a bunch of clueless, "MO-MO" stock pumpers...who can take even the most gloomiest jobs, GDP, Debt, unemployment, story and turn it into a reason why you should be buying MORE STOCKS...hahahaha



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