Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Silver Door Is Closing

I have a little theory that I’ve been kicking around for a couple of years.  The theory is that there will come a time that you will not be able to buy silver at any price. It will not be because there is not any silver around to be purchased or that silver will not have any value.  I think that we won’t be able to buy silver at any price because there will be a very sudden and a very dramatic shift in the perception of silver’s value. A time will come when the value of silver is so strong and the value of the dollar so weak, that only a fool would ever trade silver for the dollar.
I have stated in many previous articles that silver is the Achilles Heal of the Global Power structure. This honest money will not only bring down the fraudulent banking system, but it will bring down all of the forces that are a scourge to humanity. You see, without a corrupt monetary system, trillions of dollars will not be available to fight needless wars, fund Wall St schemes and a myriad of other horrible events.
Right now, we have two separate forces fighting over a precious, limited and diminishing resource called silver. In one corner, we have the Elite that know that they have Quadrillions in paper assets riding on the perceived value of the dollar.  They use that wealth to control politicians, armies, natural resources, medias, corporations, capital markets and ultimately you.  They can sustain unlimited paper losses to keep the game going.  The problem for them is that their infinite money is running into a very finite world, especially in silver.


  1. My money is on history and history says silver will win in the long haul. Therefore my bet is on silver,,,, all of it,,,, I'm all in,,,,

  2. I'm with anonymous......<--- "ALL IN" !!

  3. The ex-Japanese finance minister, who would not yield to the demands of the Rothschild Bankers in 2008, was killed. Beforehand, he was threatened with an calamity in Japan event if he did not comply. The minister laughed that off, and asked 'what?", an earthquake ... see the video while you still can. The quake was started via Haarp. It really sucks.

    Our owners are not an owner as in a person owning a pet. Those kind of owners exhibit some caring. Our owners do not. They are the worst of humanity and we, the slaves, are at their mercy.

  4. 4:42.....I CONCUR!!!

  5. Controlling a Meltdown event may require the release of radiation emitting steam and gas to relieve built up of pressure in an overheating core vessel.
    The effects of this released radiation on people and the environment is always claimed to fall within “acceptable” “accident” limits , all necessary for the companies profitable operation, without using excessive costly backup safeguards at unacceptable cost to shareholders
    So, in earthquake subject Japan , the backup power for cooling was from diesel pumps that it is known could easily be knocked out when flooded in a tsunami .
    Tsunamis that are well known to regularly follow earthquakes. Beautiful rocket scientist abound in the American and Japanese companies that built and installed these plants.

    Some were even built right next to the sea in areas well known historically for Tsunamis!
    No worries there!
    The Japanese nuclear supervisory body now advises that there is nothing to much to worry about in the current meltdowns .
    But Can you really trust this Supervisory bodies “unbiased” scientific propaganda ?

    The Japanese companies and the lax supervisory body are well known for cost cutting.
    Foe example In 1999 a critical event was set off by workers mixing nuclear materials in a “Bucket” this had been normal practice for years under a “vigilant” supervisory regime.See:
    “On 30 September 1999, three workers were preparing a small batch of fuel for the Jōyō experimental fast breeder reactor, using uranium enriched to 18.8% U-235. It was JCO's first batch of fuel for that reactor in three years, and no proper qualification and training requirements appear to have been established to prepare those workers for the job. At around 10:35, when the volume of solution in the precipitation tank reached about 40 litres, containing about 16 kg U, a critical mass was reached.[1]
    [edit] Criticality
    When criticality was reached, the nuclear fission chain reaction became self-sustaining and began to emit intense gamma and neutron radiation, triggering alarms. There was no explosion, though fission products were progressively released inside the building. The significance of it being a wet process was that the water in the solution provided neutron moderation, expediting the reaction. (Most fuel preparation plants use dry processes).[1]
    The criticality continued intermittently for about 20 hours. As the solution boiled vigorously, voids formed and criticality ceased, but as it cooled and voids disappeared, the reaction resumed. The reaction was stopped when cooling water surrounding the precipitation tank was drained away, since this water provided a neutron reflector. Boric acid solution (neutron absorber) was finally added to the tank to ensure that the contents remained subcritical. These operations exposed 27 workers to radioactivity.[1]
    The direct cause of the criticality accident was workers putting uranyl nitrate solution containing about 16.6 kg of uranium, which exceeded the critical mass, into a precipitation tank. The tank was not designed to hold this type of solution and was not configured to prevent eventual criticality.
    This old critical event proves you can surely trust the Nuclear industries paid rocket science cowboy managers to fix the current problems responsibly and cheaply .
    No worries at all as profit is in command.


  6. $50 billion damage on the Tsunami coast alone!
    "The Bank of Japan said it will pump a record 12 trillion yen ($146 billion) into the financial system to help stabilize the market after the nation’s biggest earthquake on record last week threatened an economic recovery.

    The emergency measure represents the bank’s first same-day repurchase operations since May, when the central bank added funds to help stabilize the market after the Greek debt crisis set off a plunge in stocks worldwide. BOJ Governor Masaaki Shirakawa told reporters late yesterday he’s ready to unleash “massive” liquidity starting this morning in Tokyo.’
    Also See,
    Tsunami Fallout: Japan bringing money home to rebuild
    by Eric deCarbonnel

    Some current jappanese foreign investment capital , like investments in US Treasuries and American bonds will be cashed in and the money repatriated back to Japan .

    This will help weaken the dollar hegemony system, as Japan in the past has been a big part of creating demand For US dollars and dollar denominated securities.
    A bit more difficulty for Uncle Ben bernanke in finding demand for flogging off US Treasury debts?
    But as he is already using the printing press to buy unwanted Treasury bills , no worries there !Ben will just move on more quickly in his printing press program , from QE2 to all hands on board for revving up the printing press for QE3.

    This USA program of re-financing the finance sector by socialising their past losses and continuing cheap low interest bailouts loans to the banksters is solely in the interest of the financial elite that dominates and mostly owns america,in order for them to continue to loot the reamaining assets of the middle class.
    It is not at all an elected government acting for the common good.

    But a Japanese governmen if it sensibly ditched the Central bank racket and used
    its own good name for sovereign guaranteed credit to be used for extending some interest free credit and insurance payouts to a people in need, for the common good, This would be a very good thing in this emergency.
    Even if a little inflationary,the 'stimulus" benefit short term in getting the economy back on track in production of wealth and helping to restore the physical living conditions of the people at no interest cost to the people, would quickly far outweigh any long term inflationary cost.

    However, as Japan(like America) is hooked into the Central Banking system whereby governments cannot create or extend credit even to its own people, but can only spend money that is first digitaly created or printed ‘out of thin air” as interest bearing government debt ,that is fictional paper capitalcreated for the benefit of the owners of the’national debt”, the Treasury Bill debts.
    This action, of even more deficit spending by the japanese government will only add to the already huge “National Debt” interest burden on the Japanese people owed to the ruling financial elite.
    why should these central bankers and the Elite benifit from the misery of the japanese people?
    It time to ditch the parasite Central bankers!

  7. You may not be have been aware of it until now, but The Automatic Earth has an in-house full-blown nuclear safety expert.

    The subject of Stoneleigh's master thesis at the law faculty of Warwick University in Coventry, England, where she studied International Law in Development, was nuclear safety research.
    Here's her analysis of the situation in Japan:
    How Black is the Japanese Nuclear Swan?

  8. I swear I've heard about something like this before. Something about kicking bankers out of the country and throwing them into concentration camps.

    This time let's actually aim at the bankers and corporate elite, and not just a group of people that aren't all at fault. We should never have created this banking system. I know Jefferson wrote warnings about the banks and corporations taking over the government.

    It should have been a requirement for all politicians to read the Federalist Papers and take an exam on Constitutional Law before being allowed to take office. I think quite a few of our current and past Presidents would have failed if that were the case.


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