Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Beware of the Great Silver Correction

There seems to be a big debate going on now about silver going up too far, too fast. Paper money traitors traders have tried to call the silver top all the way up and have had their heads handed to them by the market. Technical analysts have called for pull backs based off of some squiggly lines on their computer screens. Even Academy members, who get the idea of owning real physical silver, have been asking me about keeping some “powder dry” for the correction.
Let me state that this hyperbolic rocket launch IS THE CORRECTION! There is a little concept called reversion to the mean, that basically states that when something is held down for so long, eventually it is going to rocket up. That is what we are experiencing right now. Think about a huge inflatable silver beach ball that the banksters have been increasing the air/money supply, while using every power they can to keep the silver beach ball under the water. Sooner or later that ball is going to get away from the banksters control and you are going to see it launch out of the water.
“I went to America in the winter of 1872 – 1873, authorized to secure, if I could, the passage of a bill de-monetizing silver.  It was in the interests of those I represented, the governors of the Bank Of England, to have it done.  By 1873, gold coins were the only form of coin money.” -Earnest Seyd
Silver has been used and abused for 138 years since the “Crime of 1873″ when the Rothschilds sought to demonetize silver as money. With the discovery of the huge Comstock Lode in America, the banksters new that this debt free money would soon eliminate the debts the banksters accrued. The Rothschilds hired Earnest Seyd to go to America with $100,000 dollars to bribe every politician to demonetize silver. Samuel Hooper who sponsored the bill admitted that Earnest Seyd actually wrote the legislation himself. This single act effectively cut the money supply in half and forced debts to be repaid in gold, which of course the Elite controlled. This made debt repayments nearly impossible. Within three years of the act being passed, a new dark ages was created in America as the money supply shrank. (Read about the Wizard of Oz being a monetary allegory about the Crime of 1873.)


  1. Interesting that one thing that kills a vampire "blood sucking leech" or "central bankster" is a SILVER BULLET.

    Look up the video "The Secret of Oz" which talks about the suppression of silver being part of the story The Wizard of Oz and Dorthy's red slippers were originally silver slippers ... and it was those "silver" slippers that she tapped to go home -or-take back her home.

    So buy lots of silver (bullets) with their fiat federal reserve notes.

  2. 2:04 Absolutely !

    Then send those bullets "back home"

  3. Silver shmilver!

    Where’s the birth certificate ?

  4. silver is the best, where is your slave certificate loser?

  5. When TSHTF I will take yous silver with my lead dip shit.

  6. It will correct because that's what happened last time. You probably have another year and a half to two and a half years though. Once you see countless Silver managed funds pop up you know you're at the peak of the bubble.

    At that point, either society collapses entirely, in which case you will now barter with the physical silver you have (I have a stash) or silver begins a drop and we actually fix things.

    Either way, once you see the silver funds pop up, you should stop buying and either prepare to barter or look to sell off if you think the FRNs are worth anything. And if you do want to convert to FRNs, I suggest first converting to Gold at least.

  7. It's up up up for Silver for many years, as the dollar is dying a slow death now, 18 months tops, dollar dead metals alive and kicking, frn's will go the way of the dinosaur and the usa empire will fall, as rome fell, so shall we, just a matter of time now.

  8. The USA will be a very different collapse than other societies. Obviously we're toppling over here, this is already it. Decades from now those who remain will be explaining to the children how it still seemed like it was distant, but all the while it happened while they still were anticipating it. We're in the collapse now, there's no more events that will make anything seem more or less destructive.

    The TV of course, with writers that exist mentally in the 1980s, will show people a world that's stable, merry, and has much business potential isolated from any real problem.

    The USA isn't like other countries. When other countries collapse they only have one or two types of people that live within. Generally distinguished by two major religions or ethnic groups. The USA has 300 million people, perhaps only 200 million aren't children or old people. Out of these comes thousands of different types of people, and it is not broken up in nationalities alone.

    liberals, conservatives, many different Christian groups, Muslims, Hispanics, African Americans, skinheads, rednecks, spiks, niggers, country folk, city trash, sophists, sports fans, druggies, junkies, trailor trash, black patriots, blacks on Welfare, inmates, white Mormons popping out hordes of babies, Mexican women popping out hordes of babies, brain dead Generation Y, brain fried baby boomers, Tea Partiers, Socialists, Communists, Jihadis, grouchy old people who don't understand there are no jobs, ruling class, celebrities, New Agers, Buddhists, politicians, bipolar Wiccans, and more.

    Most of these different types of people cannot get along, it is a war that has existed for quite some time. Karma must finally be settled. The first two great wars were caused by this, and so is this. We've neglected the Great Spirit, and refused to cultivate the inner being on a collective scale for quite some time. Now we must be reminded why we exist here.

  9. 12:03 I always get nervous when someone tries to tell me

    " It's for the collective good"

    That's the reason in your above diatribe - the country folk will survive

    We have it all and don't expect nuthin' frum no

    And sister, we got the fucking guns

    And know how to use them

    Come git ye some !

  10. "12:03 I always get nervous when someone tries to tell me

    " It's for the collective good"

    Is that the same as 'we the people"and
    government for the "Common good" .

    As in the American Declaration of independence ,the bill of rights and all that old constitutional shit?


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