Friday, April 1, 2011

Plan for Foreign Troop Deployment in the U.S.?

On 31 March 2011, this author spoke with a law enforcement officer who is a deputy chief of a police force situated in the northeast portion of the U.S. Due to its strategic location, this police agency and this officer in particular routinely interacts with federal agencies, including but not limited U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). He's been a law enforcement officer for over 20 years and was assigned to participate in a number of federal operations at the request of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) shortly after it was created. Since then, he has been tasked to work with the above agencies, among others, for various periods. As a result, he has become friends with several agents, including one who attends his church.

I initiated the contact and directed him to the article on your website, Alert form Law Enforcement Officer, dated 28 March 2011. As I contacted at work, he did not have the time to talk or review the article, but promised to contact me from home after his shift. I received a call from him at approximately 1900 hours on this date, and was not prepared for what he told me.

First, he stated that once he became involved with the federal agencies, he underwent an initial and very extensive six-(6) week training course that was "classified." He was not even permitted to tell his wife or family where he was going for training, and would not disclose the location to me except to say that I would be familiar with it. Once he arrived at this facility, he was permitted one telephone call per week home to his wife, which he was told was being "monitored on both ends." He described the training as paramilitary in nature, with particular focus on urban "combat," house to house searches and the disarmament of "hostiles and civilians." He was provided with military issued equipment not used by police departments. At the time, he did not think too much about it given the attacks of 9/11 and the threats he was told existed inside the U.S.

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  1. I don't believe this story. Steve Quayle has a history of stretching the truth to put it mildly.

    Wasn't he the one who said that we would all be forced to receive the swine flu vaccine or be placed in a death camp?

  2. I don't know why you posted this article. Most of the stories you post are valid but this one is false. It is stories like these that turn people off and then they avoid your website.

  3. 4:54 you're 100% sure about this. It's not true.

  4. Ha Ha, April Fools! You got us.

  5. 5:01 if you don't like the article..AGAIN... Click onto the next one. You're absolutely positive this is FALSE? Please post that info here. We would like to read it.

  6. Incidentally 5:01 its double the hits from last year, unless of course you would like to takeover this site. I'm doing it as a favor to the public. Its NOT that I'm making MONEY HERE! Perhaps you would like to work for free, everyday?

  7. This is 4:54.

    Here is the Steve Quayle article regarding the swine flu vaccine:

    Deployment of foreign (eve allied) troops on U.S. soil would be a suicide mission. Even Obama isn't that stupid. Use your discernment when you read anything from Steve Quayle.

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  9. steve quayle has some pretty good stuff.
    im in newyork things are getting worse.
    slow and steady right to the bottom.
    nafta gata striped america.
    obama bush destroyed america.
    more wars are comin.
    who won idol snookie?

  10. Let'em come on in. I can use some new hardware.

  11. Isn't this what the comments section is for, to discuss or give feedback? Should we just shut up instead every time something sounds fishy or wrong?

  12. According to secret Russian documents Steve Quayle has had his brain replace with a Martian brain.

  13. Double the hits so double the ad revenue.

    In other news, the "person I know said this stories" are the type you have to take with a grain of salt. Maybe they mean something, maybe they don't. There is no way to verify it therefore do not accept it as fact.

  14. But rather of interesting note.

  15. fuck april's fool. i hate it.

  16. in order to protect civilians in the event of disorders including racial disorders or any oil well production emergency problems, the UN can of course call for no fly zones ,bombings and the like to help out americans .

    The nations of NATO -North Atlantic Terrorist organisation -are gaining practical experience in this as in Libya and afghanistan.

    National independence or sovereignity
    as seen in Libya no longer exists in the NWO.

    The UN decides.

    And there are NATO treaties for mutual government and military help in any declared emergencies for members -a unified command.

  17. in this day and age, we have to start thinking "unthinkable" things. Yes it does seem a bit far-fetched, but keep watching what occurs. Other reports may come in that verify or de-bunk this one. i find this site and Steve quayles to be very informative. Again, put this piece to the side and see what else if anything goes on...

  18. Every American should heed this article. Having served in the USMC in the late 70’s thru 80’s I can tell you we always had “guests” of various nationalities participating in our training operations. From observation to actual participation we had our share of “unique visitors”. Whenever the Soviet Generals made an appearance our efforts were “doubled” including hospitality which as was appreciated by all. The emphasis on training since Desert Storm is focused on “Urban” deployment and this Quayle is accurate in identifying an emphasis on “Domestic Insurgencies” including preparation with BW & GFH’s for a Declaration of National Emergencies/Martial Law.

  19. We have no photos, no video, no GPS location.

    The truck driver has no name

    Who was he driving for?

    Who paid him?

    What kind of food was he hauling? MRE's?

    Where did the food come from?

    Exactly where is this camp with 10,000 Chinese?

    As for the "unnamed" deputy police chief, why not just come clean?

    There will eventually be another civil war, between Patriots and the Federal government. Enemies of Patriots may also include foreign troops and our own misguided military.

    Even if every member of our military was called home to fight against the Patriots, those who actually obeyed the order to fight would be grossly out numbered. The Patriots are an army of millions of young and old Americans of all colors and cultures. Just as Patriots before us, we may or may not wear a uniform. That helpless looking elderly man walking down the street may just have a .44 magnum inside his "Mr. Rogers, button down sweater", ready to dispatch to hell any enemy of the Constitution.

    Just like in Vietnam, women will push those baby carriages down the street, the "baby" might very well be an AK-47 under the blanket, or an IED.

    The enemy will not have a chance of winning, knowing full well "there is a rifle behind EVERY BLADE OF GRASS". The only way they could possibly win this war would be to engage in mass murder using WMD's, the same ones we sold to Saddam and others.

  20. Total delirium as far as Chinese and Russian troops invading America. True for the Canadian troops to participate in firearm confiscation. US & Canada just signed a "common security perimeter" agreement while you were watching some crap on TV. Besides, the your biggest enemy is already in the country and has been there for almost 100 years. And these officers have not yet figured it out, then GMO does work. They are a living proof.

  21. Beware of anything on Quayle's site. This guy has been making all his money on preparedness for years and they love stirring up the pot. He has been wrong so many times, I can't count.....


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