Friday, April 15, 2011

The REAL Silver High

There is much ballyhoo about recent rise in silver’s Nominal price, but the REAL high is far, far away. Silver is closing in on the Silver Thursday high of $48.70 set in 1980. The REAL high is still miles away, so don’t start worrying about reaching the top.
We all know that $48.70 in 2011 does not buy you anywhere near what it did in 1980. If we factor that record 1980 price in silver using the governments rigged inflation numbers, that would mean that the REAL inflation adjusted high of silver is $132.07. This means that we are still 68% below the REAL high in silver. If we use that same inflation calculator for gold, we would see that the REAL high for gold, is $2,305. This means we are still 38% below that record. (Notice how that all things being equal, you still have a much better opportunity investing in silver than you do in gold.)


  1. Stop blocking. You know what you deleted last time. Earthquake alert. Something larger than an 8.0 is probably coming. It may even be larger than a 9.0. It is likely to happen before the end of May 2011. Probably in the asia region (china or possibly japan again). The same signals are showing up as happened in early 2008 before the sichuan quake. Prepare now.

  2. This country is done. We have already become a third world nation.

  3. The 9.0 was predicted and a larger one has been predicted for japan as well. There are some researchers saying that the west coast is next.

  4. 7.39 and 8.49

    No wonder you are complaining if your ealier earthquake prophesy post was indeed deleted !

    Where are your facts and research backing your predictions coming from ?

    Any science here?

    If they are simply Biblical or Koranic based "end of the world" type prophesies you should be posting them on religious discussion web sites ,where God himself might read them ,if She does ,not on financial websites .

    Apart some ancient old time biblical and koranic raves against satanic usury and the root of all evil stuff ,God doesn't seem to get involved in these bankster matters nowadays not since the temple money changers event ,or even stirring up earhquake or other dire events these days ,well not since Noah and the great flood,anyway.

    This article above is about silver.
    not prophesising geological events ,but if you want to be religious the Koran says silver and gold money are good .

  5. A third world living standard for most American working people is inevitable and economically necessary under capitalism .

    During the 50s and sixties after the destruction of the industry of competing industrial imperialisms American industry had a “long boom.
    The Whites ,in the unionized sector, became ‘well paid” for their labor and even received government subsidized housing loans for the suburban living of the American Dream.

    The Black national minority sector , because of wage discrimination ,were the real source of American profits .They remained locked in the inner city Ghettoes with no escape to suburbia possible.
    By the mid sixties the Blacks were in near open rebellion for their constitutionally guaranteed American civil rights , the Back workers were demanding equal pay for equal work too.
    It is well known that they were set upon by the police and dogs to try and keep in their assigned place.
    There was a great deal of support for this policy of the ruling elite from the economically and socially privileged White Labor Aristocracy .
    Concessions were made beginning with Johnson’s “Great society” and war against poverty . After all ,it was the cold war anti socialist Era , America was fighting a war for the “free world” in Vietnam and simply looked like a country of hypocrites as a model of freedom and free trade but incapable of providing a modern secure lifestyle for ALL Americans . These concessions to the Blacks destroyed American manufactures basis of profits ,the profits of racial discrimination.

    With the industrial reconstruction of Germany and Japan America found itself unable to compete and its battered currency was taken of the gold standard..
    However, in order to rescue the dollar as the world standard of value,a partnership was made with the oil elites of the middle east organized in Opec agreeing to price their oil exclusively in dollars ,in return for mafia like US military “protection”racket .
    Thus the most reactionary elites like the Saudi royal family consolidated their rule and got rich. Much of the foreign elites dollar profits were re-invested back in the USA or used to finance armament systems from the USA. Creating jobs for Americans
    The whole world needed dollar paper to buy oil. And America was willing to meet that demand by printing them .

    This was the basis of the Fiat paper Dollar hegemony system in world trade and finance.

    Countries that needed dollars for oil were granted “Aid” knowingly corrupting the local elites who looted the dollars like crazy . But their indebted countries that had to export commodities and cheap resources to repay the looted aid. Thus exported paper even ‘aid” was exchanged for real goods!

    Competition between those countries for export markets to get dollars ensured that the price of their labor and of their exports to the First World remained low and the imported dollars weakened the local currencies .Two thirds of US dollars circulate outside America as people seek to preserve wealth in a ‘strong” currency backed by demand..

    America began exporting Industry to the cheap labor third world where a profit might be made.
    As long as the dollar appeared strong investing in American sseemed worthwhile America could live still well on service businesses , and government welfare handouts
    but manufacturing was now unprofitable.

    This dollar hegemony system worked ,until America corrupted by greed exported trillions of dud property bonds and that, coupled with Government created massive inflationary pressures on the dollar to deficit finance its services and wars by the printing press.

    America had become an insolvent Ponzi and the foreign credit supply /money market collapsed in 2008. The economy is a bailed out debt mess, living on the printing press.
    Until its people are willing to compete for third world level wages, but the industry is gone ,its banksters and bankrupt government are unable or willing to rebuild yet.

  6. The dead dollar hegemony based on of Fiat paper money is still printing wildly .

    So, confidence in the USA retaining value in the dollar is dying fast ..

    The University of Texas Investment Management Co., the second-largest U.S. academic endowment, took delivery of almost $1 billion in gold bullion and is storing the bars in a New York vault, according to the fund’s board.

    The fund, whose $19.9 billion in assets ranked it behind Harvard University’s endowment as of August, according to the National Association of College and University Business Officers, added about $500 million in gold investments to an existing stake last year, said Bruce Zimmerman, the endowment’s chief executive officer. The holdings are worth about $987 million, based on yesterday’s closing price of $1,486 an ounce for Comex futures.

    If they are smarter than the average Californian bear, they will get really physical and move the gold out of “storage” in the insolvent international N.Y banks to a vault in the potential Republic of Texas.

  7. 8:49 is not the same person as 7:35. Biblical prophecy? No, I am talking about a geologist and a meteorologist that are calling for more earthquakes, one major one on the west coast. The ring of fire can be thought of as a bell ringing. If you look on a map some major earthquakes can be seen moving around the perimeter in a circular fashion. I am not saying this is established fact, or what will happen, but rather what someone else believes and I was replying to the other person whose post was deleted for some reason. dont get your panties in a bunch.

  8. It's called the Ring of Fire and 4:09 is correct. It encompasses the Pacific Ocean and the next quake is set to hit the California Coast.

  9. @12:54: Excellent post. There is still enough racism in enough people in the US that we could potentially recreate this system, but frankly I'd rather the society collapses than we do that again.

    Throughout history however, this is the way civilizations prospered. Slavery and tributes from conquered nations created a higher standard of living for the conquering nations. Eventually however, generally, the conquered nations would consolidate power and take their place on top of the cycle.

    Resources are limited, despite whatever nonsense a self help book might claim. Generally the elite few consume a lion's share of those resources, and the lower classes receive just enough to keep them from openly rebelling. This usually involves the enslavement or total exploitation of an entire group of people at the very bottom.

    If you can remove the total exploitation of the bottom most group, that burden is not shifted to the top, it is instead shifted to the next rung up almost exclusively. Since the elite are still taking advantage of the lower groups, but these groups are now totally cannibalized, the entire system collapses as there is not enough flow of capital. The middle group has to give to the elites, but when the middle group does not replenish anything eventually the middle is destroyed.

  10. April 17, 2011 at 2:53 PM

    Onlysane1here said...
    U r ok in the USA, yanks are pretty resilient, down here in Africa they slaughter each other as hobby, can u imagine 250mil macheting there way towards the last crumbs available. I guess media will be out of action so u guys won't get to watch.
    Why are sheeple sheeple, I have given up trying to tell folk, ignorance is bliss and all that.
    Here is a question I would like answered if possible;
    3 biggest economies on earth, 1. military industrial complex 2. Oil 3. The "illegal drugs" trade.
    No3.... Has been estimated to be worth at least $2trillion pa, ok, so if at a whim the banksters can find and freeze countless dictators etc assets/money when told to...why can the trillions banked by supposed drug barons not be seized/frozen etc...could be the the elite control the trade? the illegalisation is an attempt to eliminate the competition?

    Under Taliban control Afghanistan's heroin production stopped, period, now under "UN...Rothschild" control it produces 84% of the worlds heroin!!!

    There's nearly 7bil of us out there, how many understand how we are having a enema unknowingly?
    Onlysaneone 

    Anyone remember Clinton pardoning his brother when he was caught with a planeload of cocaine?

  11. No !
    Say it wasn't so !
    Clinton, Obama the best
    Bush - he did all this !

  12. "U r ok in the USA, yanks are pretty resilient, down here in Africa they slaughter each other as hobby, can u imagine 250mil macheting there way towards the last crumbs available."

    Can you imagine the First World bombing their way towards the control of whole pie of the biggest oil reserves in Africa- Libyan oil?

    No machetes required !!

    Civilized ,superior culture ,rich capitalist countries, mostly white guys, creating a civil war in an African country by arming "Rebel" agents, including arming religious nutters of the Al Ciada type , to to fight along tribal lines on the ground and supporting those armed “rebels” by bombing the shit out of any national resistance.

    In order to get civilized ,humane monopoly control of the African oil pie and not just the crumbs under First World monopolist control?

    Just like in Nigeria where the local elite Blacks are more accommodating to America.
    than that Gaddafi Pan-African ,but semi socialist nationalist monster ?

  13. April 18, 2011 at 4:11 AM

    Africa, sometimes, only sometimes I feel sorry for the poor bastard masses here, then they go and "vote" for the same prats that have been ripping them off...tribalism is still core here so reasoning is not a factor for most so sympathy for them goes out the backdoor with the garbage.

    Mother nature with helping hand from the Rothschild Inc's NSA/CFR

    OK so the USA helps out everywhere, but it's flag is burnt everywhere also, a contradiction yes?
    But the whole point about what's happening now is that 1 USA is Rothschild Inc 2 Rothschild Inc don't do charity for charities sake, only to gain control 3 the aid is fiat money designed to grossly indebt the receiving country then becoming a servant to the master Rothschild Inc

    You r right, Rothschild Inc long ago got tired of looking after everyone, wars, disease etc haven't done the job so far so they r planning a big one, all the stuff about the economy, food crisis, selective pharma research, hard drug trade etc is all moving towards the goal of ridding the planet of Xbillion "useless eaters".


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