Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Final Fight

This is the final fight of of physical and paper silver, so hold the line and get ready to take it to the enemy. The Elite have literally thrown everything they have at the silver markets to try to make silver investors weak in the knees and cry uncle. Like a bully trying to take your lunch money by twisting your arm. This can only end one of two ways; you give up and the banksters laugh or you stand up and say enough! These tactics may work on some paper traders who are literally forced by margin calls.  For those who have listened to me, and bought only physical, this recent manipulation is only a subsidized discount to buy more, for less.
The CME has raised the margin requirements an unprecedented 5 times in less than 2 weeks to force higher and higher costs on paper traders to force them to sell. The higher the costs and the lower the price of the underlying asset is a toxic combination in the paper market. I saw this happen in the 2008 rout, where they took it down 60% in a matter of months. It was the worst time to be a silver holder, but I knew the real story and held on when everything in the world said get out. I held on and even added to my position to then see a return of close to 500% in the next 2 years.
The Real Silver high is close to $450, not the nominal high of $50. I even made the historical case for $960 silver. Gold has almost doubled it’s 1980 nominal high and silver barely touched it, and now it is 30% below that in 4 days. Seriously, are people really worried about $36 silver?! I will be sleeping like a baby tonight. We are only back to when we roaring about the silver bull 5 weeks ago…
The very fact that the CME has not raise the requirements on commodities like oil, corn, or gold should show how important it is for the banksters to keep silver under control. After this knock down, we will reach a point where any weak hands will be gone for good. At that point the debt ceiling will be raised and the Fed will continue to print the money necessary to fund the nearly $4 trillion of debt that needs to be rolled over the next 2 years. Once this raid is done, the all clear will be signaled and the physical market will recover just as quickly as the paper market got smacked down.

Dollar Cost Average in this Gift from Blythe and the Banksters. And for Pete's sake don't sell
one ounce to them.
I have stated over and over again, that there are two markets for silver, one paper and one physical. The paper traitor/trader market can be manipulated to no end, which we are seeing today. This game uses naked shorts, 90 to 1 leverage, phantom leasing, fake ETF inventories, and a whole host of other games. This can work until the day the physical market takes over. One day the CRIMEX will not be able to deliver on their paper contracts and that will be the day that everything changes. (Judging but the huge amount of contracts in July it might be then, but then again I thought it was going to be March…) The entire facade will be see as a paper fraud created to give power to the banksters and steal our wealth. The very silver some are selling today, will explode in value as the paper assets fail.


  1. Raising margins 4 times ! ! ! ]

    They must be desperate ! ! !

    How many countries are trying to get of the US Dollar?

    Mexico, China, Russia, etc... want gold and silver.

    Who is buying silver and gold right now???

    Paper=Fraud Physical=Real ... it is that simple

  2. the system is built around paper.

  3. idiots investors will try to sell their precious metals. stay strong and fight they bankers. we are the power

  4. WAY too many grammatical errors in this article.

  5. Can't wait to run out and buy more second-hand silver jewelry at bargain prices....

  6. sharon does a coin shop take your junk silver for scrap? Not here. Do you live near a refinery?

  7. JP MOrgan
    All these years I was convinced You and your kind were sociopathic scum swilling avaricious swine of the lowest order bent on the control and economic subjugation of the American population save for a small elitist core.NOT TRUE!!The GREAT SILVER SHORT OF MAY 2011 offers one l LAST opportunity for non sheeple to free themselves of economic servitude forever.This moment will not last long.Seize the moment or regret it for the rest of your life

    HI HO Silver.God bless the Banksters for doing Gods Work.

  8. It is the most amazing Ponzi scheme of ALL time.

    Real numbers don't lie and a 7th grader can do
    the numbers; the USA is running the globe on a credit card that is now maxed out. With QE2.5
    already in place and the rest of the world
    hedging hard into physical PM's - The Fed has
    NO choice left but to Print

    Welcome to Argentina times 2 - when this sonofabitch takes off; brother she's a gonna
    take a wheelbarrow load of greenbacks to buy
    a roll of toilet paper

    BUY Silver if you can



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