Monday, May 16, 2011

Police State: Cops Pull You Over And Take Your Cash

At the center of this months-long, NewsChannel 5 investigation are laws that let officers pull you over looking for cash -- and, get this, they don't even have to charge you with a crime to keep your money.
It turns out, those kind of traffic stops are happening every day in Middle Tennessee.
"This is really highway shakedowns coming to the U.S.," said Scott Bullock with the conservative-leaning Institute for Justice.
Our investigation uncovered startling evidence that raises questions about law enforcement priorities.
"It looks like that they are not concerned about stopping the drugs, they just want the money," NewsChannel 5 Investigates told Dickson Police Chief Ricky Chandler.
"That's what it looks like," Chandler agreed.
"Is that the case?" we wanted to know.
"That shouldn't be the case," the chief answered, "but that's what it looks like."
So what evidence did we uncovered that prompted that admission?
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IMF chief 'feared political opponent would pay a woman more than $1m to allege rape'


  1. So what are you going to do when a road agent sticks you up?

    ...the term riding shotgun may revert back to its original meaning.

  2. This is not new. Also minorities have been dealing with this for decades, but most of White America decided to put its head in the ground and pretend it wasn't happening. Now that the government is even more strapped for cash, they've decided to go after everyone. This is what happens when you ignore injustice around you because it's not your problem, eventually it becomes your problem and nobody is left to stand up for you.

  3. I know; yous poor mofo minorities; ohs I's feels soo bad fer ya's - I's really does.
    Fuck man; we've given every fucking nationality known to man equal status on American soil - and in most cases on the west coast and south
    \southwest the "minorites" have a free ride from cradle to grave. Not to mention our inner cities where they have sapwned like salmon in
    a nutrient rich river and are now 4th generation
    Cops are just like everybody else - 95% good -
    5% on the take and would shoot their own mother
    for gain.
    9 times out of 10 - when somebody gets pulled over - it's for a good reason - and you gotta be smart enough to know that if your being set up there's that little matter of the District
    Judges office

    They are ELECTED officals and trust me - they know all about "minority voters"

  4. This has been on in Mexico for Decades...

    It's called corruption. You got a 100 bill, the cop will walk away...

    Nothing new... Its just that Americans are not used to it yet.

    Welcome to your banana republic! :)

  5. @5:10 LOL why don't you and your "minorities" go back where you came from. Odds are you'll be happy just to get mugged there. In the "3rd world" where all our brown parasites came from, you're lucky to not get raped or killed by the police.

  6. Ay all you Jefes, face it, you gonna get robbed by the cops so you have to pay protection money like all the rest of us. You had your chance to stop this tyranny back in Sept 11 but decided to put your head in the sand. Ok then now watch the sparks fly as the country sinks into the thick mire of dictatorship.

    If you love the pat downs and gropes at the airport then you are going to love when the cops start torturing you in public or at a traffic stop. A gallon of water at a time. Just for kicks. Your screams will go unanswered when you watch your kids getting tortured unless you comply and pay them. Matter of fact, if you don't be quiet they will taze you.

    Many people will have a scars on their faces from the torture by the police.. and just to prove a point in compliance. All you tough armchair warriors and patriots out there will pee in your pants when this reality happens in the road.

    Don't believe me ? Just watch amigos, it won't be long now...

  7. Go back where you came from 8.12?

    So when are you yourself going back to Europe and takintg your white (trash ?)family with you ?

    The White settler descendent says piss off brown people !
    We got here first to the indians land ,we parasiticaly stole their land and then mugged half of Mexico and spawned like rats ,thereby turning their brown people into "Minorities".

  8. Generally I don't respond to this stuff but the White vs Brown vs Black vs Red all sounds very sad. I have very good friends each race mentioned in this blog. If the Ancient of Days is blind to skin color then I'd suggest that each of you throwing rocks in this blog do the same. When the politicians and banksters get through financially raping us all skin color won't matter!

    Wake UP and know who your real enemies are people!

  9. History is full on conquest. Control of the land was always in flux, taken and held by force of arms and wanton bloodshed.

    Today we witness conquest of the US by peasants and third world hangers on. Their weapon and tactics are unique to this age, they undermine the welfare and social service systems from within to conquer.

    The USA is soon to become another third world shit hole run by bandits. One only has to look at Mexico and the tiny ruling elite. The richest man in the world is Carlos Slim Helu of Mexico. They rest lick his boots.

  10. @9:36,
    ROFL, Africans and Mexicans were always minorities until the 1960s and 1970s they had never lived in significant numbers in the territory of the United States.
    the Indians were nomads and made no claim to the land they stood on. We may have arrived here as conquerors from Europe, but we are not Europeans. We are Americans. We left Europe because of Tyranny and created America and built it from nothing. No, we will not leave what is rightfully ours.

    Everyone knows that ethnicity matters except dupes and fools.

    It is the defining characteristic of any civilization; including the dumps and non-civilizations of Detroit and sub-Saharan Africa.

    If you want to live in the 3rd world, kindly go there. See how you like it, and maybe you'll see why everyone wants to live in Europe and America, rather than Africa and Mexico.

  11. Everybody Photocopy MoneyMay 17, 2011 at 2:13 PM

    Photocopy money, and give to the cops, stupid!

  12. As far as Dominique Strauss Kahn goes...he was NOT set up. He's an elitist predator who thinks he's above the law. That's how many of these global elitists are. Here's a great short article about it...

  13. Nice post. Keep it up...............


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